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  1. Just finished a cruise on Dawn, had a great time. Following advice on this board we booked shorex reservations by phone so we could use $50 per port credit. Agent quoted prices that reflected our Gold Latitudes discount. While aboard I checked our account on TV, found all excursions at full price, no Latitudes discount. Went to guest services, they agreed it was wrong but needed to be fixed at shorex desk. Shorex rep explained that the computer didn't automatically include Latitudes discount and they had to do it manually for each guest who requested it!!! What? So if I hadn't checked I would have to pay full price? She did fix it, and the trip was great, but let this serve as a warning: If you qualify for Latitudes discount on shore excursions verify your prices and go to the shorex desk if it's wrong.
  2. I watch my credit cards carefully and two months ago I saw NCL refunded $45 to my card. No explanation, my trip showed paid in full, so I figured they had corrected an overcharge for something. Then last week they mysteriously billed the $45 back to the card again and account still shows paid in full. No explanation, and I'm paying exactly what I originally expected, so not a big deal. But this looks like just what happened to OP on a smaller scale.
  3. I cruise in 55 days. Flights were okay, though at inconvenient times. But seats were terrible, wife and I nowhere near each other. Airline said plenty of seats together available but couldn't change until tickets were issued. E-mailed air dept., no response. Called yesterday, waited in queue for two hours fifteen minutes, but when I finally spoke to an agent they issued tickets within 10 minutes and all is well now. Went online to airline and picked seats. Just seems like the whole thing could have been handled better. Why 2 hour wait? Why bad seats in the first place? Why no response to e-mail? I'd like to think a huge cruise line could be more professional.
  4. We're not big fans of wine. Has anyone been able to substitute something non-alcoholic, such as sparkling grape juice or cider?
  5. Thank You, just what I needed
  6. I am going on 11-day Canada and New England in August and chose the Specialty Dining promo. Does this include only 3 meals or do I get more on 11 day cruise? Wasn't able to find this anywhere in my cruise summary or NCL search. Thanks.
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