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  1. Pretty sure all the inside cabins are in the core of the ship across the hallway from the outside balcony cabins.
  2. Has anyone experienced passable performance attending a zoom conference using the ship's wifi? Did you need the package that includes streaming?
  3. I looked at taking advantage of the buy one get one from St. Louis to Europe in October. For me the cost of first passenger plus upgrade to one day early for both paid and free passenger was about the same as two booked direct with the airline, and booking with airline allows me to choose the flights I like.
  4. If anyone (cruise lines, airlines, concerts) make the vaccine a requirement what will they do about children? My understanding is that vaccine is only approved for ages 16+.
  5. Using the 15% off Latitudes we repriced April cruise at $1500 less for same Haven cabin, June $100 less in Haven and Sept balcony for $400 less. Worth the effort, and our PCC was very glad to help.
  6. It sounds like they have not treated you well. There are certainly places in their system where something could have gone wrong. I hope they can help you. But if they don't, remember that at least your FCC for the trip can be transferred to another passenger so the points won't go to waste, maybe give them to your kids or sell to a friend who can use them.
  7. My wife and I are Platinum level Latitudes members and I see we get a free meal for two at Cagneys or Le Bitro and another at Moderno or La Cucina. Also we got two specialty meals each as part of our perks. We are traveling with our two adult grandkids in a two bedroom suite. I see that the platinum meals show as "per stateroom" on the Latitudes page. Question: can we use the specialty dining perk for us and let our grandkids use the platinum dinners, since they're "pre stateroom? That would mean all four of us can eat two specialty meals for free.
  8. With all the bad things I've read about NCLs customer interaction problems, I found at least one department that got it right. I had a Spring cruise cancelled, rescheduled to October, then that was cancelled too. Opted for FCC so I could get the 25% bonus. But I also was taking my adult grandkids in a second cabin. With the cancellation they won't be able to cruise next year so I decided to use the new TRANSFER FCC option to get theie FCC moved to my account. I sent the request to FCC TRANSFER REQ this morning, got back a request for more info about noon, and this afternoon the FCCs are in my account. Now that's the way things are SUPPOSED to work! Now if my new cruise just leaves in June I'll be delighted. Thought you'd enjoy some good news.
  9. Still get bonus 25% FCC, but no 20% discount...yet
  10. For something different try the San Francisco Love Tours. They do small groups in a hippie-decorated VW bug with plush carpet. They have a two hour regular group Love Tour or you can do a four hour private tour with up to six people, in which case you can tell them what you want to see.
  11. They always call it "Kids Sail Free", but a more accurate name would be "Third and fourth passengers sail free". There doesn't appear to be an age limit, I'm taking our 25 year old grandson.
  12. Was trying to decide whether to complete payment for October cruise, noticed they've extended the "cancel up to 48 hours before" offer. Last time I looked it was still September 30. I don't want to start a new argument about whether to pay or not, just thought the offer extension was noteworthy:
  13. I've worked in two different sales-driven companies. When we lost a sales rep the incoming rep would reach out to all the orphaned clients to let them know of their new rep and keep business from leaking away. I generally enjoy NCL, but they have a very different business model. Through the years I've lost 6 different Personal Cruise Consultants and was only notified one...that was the time my PCC was so good she was promoted, and she personally reached out to me and pointed me to my new rep. Found out yesterday my PCC left several weeks ago, and I'm still getting NCL e-mails listing him as my PCC. I only found out he was gone when I finally called the main sales number and asked for ANYBODY who could help. Sadly I had last asked him about taking advantage of what I thought was a pretty good deal. He said he'd check, then nothing. By the time I finally checked the deal was over. So I missed out on a cruise I wanted and NCL missed out on some much-needed revenue. If NCL wants to stop the bleeding they really need to clean up their processes in the PCC area so cruisers know who they have a relationship with.
  14. My wife and I each get $300 OBC as a perk. Do we need to wach our spending to carefully spend $300 on each card or can the $600 total cover all spending for the cabin, regardless of card used?
  15. We've always purchased SDP for third and fourth passengers to match the SDP first and second got as a perk. But now that perk is only good for 2 nights on most cruises or 1 on some, there's just no plan to purchase. We're left to either pay for the extra person's meal at menu prices or purchase a SDP for more days and then first and second passengers have to pay for extra meal. If the "free" packages are now 1 or 2 meals it would be helpful to have SDP we could purchase for a similar number.
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