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  1. I think you're right! I think you're right! Seriously though, to Hladygirl: We also loved reading the reviews that people would post after their cruise.Will be back soon! In the meantime, you can always go to the top of this page, click on "Member Cruise Reviews" ,then cruise company, ship, and destination. Lots of reading! Reviews just not as long as posted here.
  2. As long as you have cruised under CAS and are in their system, you don't need cruise certificates from your local casino. Just call CAS direct. They'll be more than happy to offer you "free" cabins or a percentage off depending on your past play.
  3. Please enlighten me! Does this mean that NCL sold 40,000,000 shares at $20.80 today? The closing price today was $19.99. There would be a loss of $.81 a share right off the bat! I don't get it!!
  4. Club Balcony Suites on the Gem, for instance, are, on average 285 square feet. A balcony runs approx. 205 square feet. Like an extra 10x8 room! Also, the outside balconies run 54 sq. feet, as opposed to 38 in a balcony. You'll get a bathtub/shower and larger sink/toilet area. The couch will sleep 2 kids comfortably, and there is a curtain divider between the bed and couch.
  5. Would book our yearly Boston-Bermuda cruise based on whether Patti and Jose were on board ! When NCL moved the Dawn to New York and the Gem to Boston, they stayed with the Dawn. Boston's loss, New York's gain! Have also seen them at the Palace Theater in Manchester, NH. Happy sailing, eh!!
  6. If both of you are Platinum, you each get a free bag of laundry. With the new "freebie", you'll have three free bags.Happy cruising!!
  7. Casino is open from 9:00pm TO 5:00am while docked in Bermuda.
  8. It's because all the locals "demand" some quality time skiing in Maine, NH, and Vermont!!
  9. No.You can buy singles, but it'll cost you. Around $4.00, as I remember from our October cruise. Package runs around $55.00 plus 20% gratuity.Then your soft drinks are unlimited. Happy cruising!!
  10. My wife can not sleep on the cruise ships beds with her bad back. We go out and buy a 3"Serta queen size bed topper. I leave it in the box and put our cabin luggage tag on it.When it is delivered to the cabin, I strip the bed , put the topper on , and remake bed. It is the difference between night and day as far as comfort goes.When the cruise is over, we give it to the cabin steward for his/her bed.They're big enough that the steward can cut it in half , use one half and give the other half to someone else!
  11. Her name will be on your e-docs. They will register you all at the same time. Should be no problem staying together!
  12. We just went through a similar situation. Were told that one of the couple had to call and book a cabin in their names. While they were on the phone with NCL, the agent called us at home to verify we were giving them two cruise certificates(double promo).Sounds like you are gifting them a cabin.You'll probably run into the same thing!But I've been wrong before!!!
  13. Just off the Gem. In the specialty restaurants (we did Cagneys, Le Bistro, and LaCucina), they serve you margarine!!! .You have to ask for real butter! In an upscale restaurant!!! ($$ if you don't have the SDP.) The kicker is you can get all the butter you want at the buffet.You can do better, NCL!!!
  14. Yes, it is a specialty restaurant included in the SDP.
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