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  1. We've always found the main MDR, in this case The Grand Pacific, to be open from 12-2 on embarkation day. It's on deck 6, but you need to walk aft on deck 7 and then either use the stairs or elevator to access the restaurant.
  2. Not on the cruise we just finished. The slip says,( which I have in front of me), "Laundry Service-One Full Bag-$34.00". This was on the Gem.
  3. Just got off the Gem, 4/5-4/12. Mid week laundry "special" was $34.00. We stay in CBSs and are both Platinum, so get three free bags of laundry per cruise.Which we've never used, as two bags seem to be the perfect fit. And to any newbies here, and as others have said, roll-roll-roll your clothes. Bring a three gallon trash bag ( like from the bathroom) to line the inside of the paper clothes bag. They rip very easily! Happy Cruising!
  4. A short while back, there was a flurry of activity here on CC about NCL replacing UHT coffee creamers ( such as Mini-Moos), with powdered coffee whitener, such as Coffee Mate, in the cabins. Can someone tell me what they are offering now. Thanking you in advance.
  5. If $34.00 is the price of the "midweek special", what is the price on the non midweek days?
  6. It's been a year since we last cruised. Will be on the Gem in a few weeks. Is NCL still offering either the memory foam or egg crate mattress toppers to those who request them? Will be in a club balcony if it matters. Thanking you in advance!
  7. You'll be able to get to most places you want to get to in the Dockyard. Sidewalks and walkways everywhere.Hamilton and St. George would also be doable. Pavement everywhere and accessible by ferry.
  8. On the starboard side, cabins 11002-11022 are all under the hair salon, library, card room, amd photo studio. Three of those cabins, 11006, 11012, and 11018 are family suites. The rest are club balconies. I would highly recommend any of these cabins, as there is virtually no noise from above. On the port side, 11500,11502,and 11504 are under the spa area. Recommended. Cabins 11506 to 11522 are under the fitness center. Not recommended. Someone running on a treadmill or dropping weights at six in the morning is not how I'd wish to be woken up! The rest of deck eleven is a crapshoot. Some quiet, some not so. Depends on what area your cabin is under. Being under LaCucina is usually pretty quiet. Happy Sailing! And welcome to Cruise Critic!
  9. We’re on the Gem next month in a club balcony/mini suite. The CBS still have the aforementioned tubs with the high sides and narrow, tapered end which always reminds us of a sarcophagus. Out last two cruises were on the Pearl.The tubs have been removed in the clubs and replaced with walk in showers. So much better!
  10. As @kitkat343 just posted, just decline the drinks package. Then add the soda package (Coca-Cola products). It is $9.99 per day plus 20% gratuity. $83.89 for the week.
  11. Check your roll call to see if there is a meet and greet already scheduled. If not, it is far too late to set one up for a cruise that leaves in two days.( I assume you did mean 1/17/2024).
  12. If you let people know where you're cruising out of, someone may know the answer!
  13. Sorry, @BirdTravels. Evidently, we were both typing basically the same answer at the same time!
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