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  1. I would prefer to not go through the extra work of picking up soda in one of the ports, and won't know until I am a few days into my 15 day cruise if I will want an additional 6 pack of say Ginger Ale. Can I purchase a 6 pack while on board at the same $10 price that I can buy before departure?
  2. Is there anyone else with additional information?
  3. I will be on the Legend in a few weeks and could use some misc. information: 1. Can you order room service from your cabin television? 2. Are the daily dining room menus listed on the cabin television? 3. I read about Carnival upgrading the cakes at the buffet. Does the Legend have these new cakes? 4. What movies have recently been playing and in what room are they shown, since there is no outdoor Dive-in movie on the Legend? 5. What is the most recent Platinum/Diamond gift? 6. Is there a "Farewell" party on the last sea day? 7. Is there a Mongolian Wok on the Legend? 8. Is there a Chocolate Extravaganza or Chocolate Lovers Feast at the buffet?
  4. Does anyone know firsthand if on the ships that don't have the Dive in movies, but do show movies in the showroom or another room, they use the same list above? I am inquiring specifically for the Legend.
  5. Thank you so much for this information.
  6. I don't suppose there is list of the ships scheduled for each of the locks on a specific day, much like you can find for ports of call.
  7. Is there a way to know if a particular ship will be using the old or new locks? I will be on the Carnival Legend, transiting the canal on October 21st.
  8. I use it for my electric toothbrush.
  9. What is the cost for individual classes?
  10. We are on the Carnival Legend, arriving on October 17th. We have signed up for Colonial Antigua, Jade Museum & Factory tour. I hope to have some free time in Antigua as well.
  11. I too would like to get some recent information on Antigua. I will be there in October and would love to hear what others have done while visiting.
  12. Looking forward to your review of the Legend. I'll be on her in October for the Panama Canal cruise.
  13. Do they have the daily dining room menus listed on the tv?
  14. My cruise doesn't offer "Antigua on your own", but there is a 5 1/2 tour including Antigua and a jade museum & factory. I suspect it will give some time on our own in Antigua, so maybe I'll sign up for that. If you figure out anything for Santa Marta, let me know. I'm looking at something from the cruise called "The Wild Beauty of Tayrona National Park". There isn't much else being offered that looks interesting to me.
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