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  1. It is available to book on my April cruise on the Panorama.
  2. We will have about 20 in our group. I'm sure not everyone will want to do the same excursions.
  3. Gayle, I am also a single female traveling on this cruise. There will be several other singles from a singles group that are on this cruise as well. Fingers crossed that everything goes as planned.
  4. I rebooked with my PVP and the FCC showed up within 30 minutes of finalizing the booking.
  5. I've been waiting for the same thing. I asked John Heald last week, but was told they don't have that information yet. When I was talking to my PVP today, I asked him the same thing and he thought by September there would be some updates.
  6. I cancelled my July Alaska cruise in mid-April. Everything that was charged to a credit card was refunded this week. I am still waiting replacement gift cards for the remainder of the money paid. I called today and was advised that they didn't have my address, so that is why the gift cards haven't been sent yet. He fixed that and advised the cards should be sent soon.
  7. Can you only get a price reduction if you booked Early Saver? I always book the Past Guest rate and previously, have been able to price match on that. However, now I see that the form specifically says Early Saver only.
  8. I was on a recent 15 day cruise on the Legend. They offered about 5 Creativity at Sea sessions, but I don't think it was Michael's. The crafts were geared more toward adults.
  9. I would prefer to not go through the extra work of picking up soda in one of the ports, and won't know until I am a few days into my 15 day cruise if I will want an additional 6 pack of say Ginger Ale. Can I purchase a 6 pack while on board at the same $10 price that I can buy before departure?
  10. Is there anyone else with additional information?
  11. I will be on the Legend in a few weeks and could use some misc. information: 1. Can you order room service from your cabin television? 2. Are the daily dining room menus listed on the cabin television? 3. I read about Carnival upgrading the cakes at the buffet. Does the Legend have these new cakes? 4. What movies have recently been playing and in what room are they shown, since there is no outdoor Dive-in movie on the Legend? 5. What is the most recent Platinum/Diamond gift? 6. Is there a "Farewell" party on the last sea day? 7. Is there a Mongolian Wok on the Legend? 8. Is there a Chocolate Extravaganza or Chocolate Lovers Feast at the buffet?
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