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  1. Thankfully is was Septicemic plague and not its cousin bubonic. But you are right the idea I used "dissipated" does not mean disappeared but has greatly reduced in its spread. Fortunately SARS1 and MERS has disappeared.
  2. Dying out is not the best term but many virus have naturally disipated. SARS 1, MERS, ZIKA, and others. This one lasting so long makes me think something is not natural. FYI, the black pague was a bacterium.
  3. Where is the science that shows this as a means of covid transmission?
  4. Nothing is easy with the USA government. Europe and China have been sailing for months. Sure they had a few cases but they were handled without panic. I am beginnig to think someone is munipulating the CDC in order to buy some cheap ships after the cruise lines go under.
  5. California is lifting restricts as of June 15, so why cannot we cruise then? California plans to lift most pandemic restrictions June 15 (msn.com)
  6. Today the media reports that the CDC indicates there is almost no chance of contracting COVID-19 from surface transmission, I hope they take this into consideration with the new rules. Chance of contracting COVID-19 from surfaces nearly zero: CDC (msn.com)
  7. Is there an air port in Freeport? Pueto Rico is American territorry so we have the CDC problem. Is Cuba welcoming American travelers now?
  8. It looks like at this point Carnival has not options but to schedule some cruises from Nassau, Cozumel, and other ports that will allow them.
  9. Right, I was trying to be a little politically correct.
  10. Refusing to allow cruise ships to dock last spring was a big mistake that many governments made- it probally cost lives.
  11. DeSantis called for a restart to cruising: Governor Ron DeSantis Highlights Florida’s Vital Cruise Industry, Calls on CDC to Rescind No-Sail Order (flgov.com)
  12. I have a cruise for June 22, I am still hoping it will sail. I know I could reschedule it but I am willing to hold on. The cruise only cost $1800 and will will drive to the port on cruise day so we do not really have that much at risk.
  13. With the environmental lawsuits there is no chance of bring back plastic anything.
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