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  1. I have never seen a soda fountain on a Carnival ship that I have sailed. It has always been can soda.
  2. On our last trip to Grand Canyon, the ship's crew made folk dump out the contents of the cups before leaving the ship.
  3. Yoou can buy a bottle on the ship. Of course, I am on the cheap side so if I were buying Cheers, I would go to a bar and get me a drink and then go back to the cabin. But that is me. Enjoy yourself .
  4. It depends on the bartender some will not refill a customers glass but I never had them refuse to fill my Carnival cup. Generally juice is served in an 8oz glass- soda a 12 to 16 oz glass.
  5. The founder of Carnival cruise line was Jewish, born in Israel, severed in the British Jewish Brigade in WWII and then in the Israeli military before coming to the US to found NCL and then CCL.
  6. We sailed on the Dream with a balcony cabin on deck 11 right above the Lido deck pool area. I was worried it would be too noisy but from the cabin we could not hear even the parties on the Lido deck. It was great to be able to walk a few steps to be at the pool.
  7. I have cruised out of Mobile several times and it seems they do not honor the check-in time. We also had a early time but many people boarding ahead of us had the later times. If the passengers are elderly they may qualify for special assistance getting on board so I would call about this. I hope they enjoy.
  8. you purchase a Cabana, you will be allowed on the first tender.
  9. I have never encountered a pushy porter. Once back when you could carry water on, when I pulled up to the baggage stand. the porter took our luggage but also took our water and soda-put a tag on them. I told him we had to carry those on, He told us he would take care of them and them were at our cabin door a few hours later.
  10. I also use discounted gift cards but used $200.00 to buy cruise cash so I would not have to stand in line on the first day to add them to my account. During the cruise, we had to add some more to the account and had so money left over so we had Carnival send us another gift card after the cruise. (This only took two days after the cruise ended.)
  11. We have always paid the standard service gratuities and most of the time since we got great service give the room steward an extra $20.OO or so..
  12. Right, Cruise Cash is a marketing program designed to make sure people spend a certain amount of money on the ship. (Although I plan some as a convenient way to partially fund our sail and sail account and giving a gift to my family since Carnival sends to note telling them they have a gift.)
  13. I usually buy $200 cruise cash a few weeks before the cruise to partially fund my ship board account. Once I had to cancel a cruise three days prior to sailing due to a medical emergency. All pre-purchased items were automatically refunded.
  14. God bless the people of Freeport.
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