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  1. Ok, I hope you are right but it seems boarding will take along time. Some perts do not really have a lot of room outside the terminal to spread testing areas out.
  2. I doubt the cruise lines will be testing anyone for COVID at the terminal since if they do anyone that person had contact with could be subject to quarantine.
  3. In my state a non-driving teenager can purchase an official state picture ID. I would go this route rather than a school ID since the country you are visiting my not accept this. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. If you become infected with COVID after buying Travel Guard and Berkshire Hathaway insurance, they will cover a person denied boarding or ship board medical care for the virus.
  5. Right, my PVP provides excellent service and is never hard to reach. He has given me his personal number but thankfully I have never needed to use it.
  6. If have never seen a pier runner on any of my more than a dozen cruises. Maybe one day soon!
  7. I would hope the resorts would make a deal with the cruise lines to make their resorts ship board excursions. In any case I doubt these rules will last more than a few months. We do not cruise until June 2021 and I pray the crisis will be do by then. But if anyone want to cruise they will be flexible. If cruising resumes before the summer I would enjoy a cruise to nowhere with reduced capacity.
  8. We have never had a problem taking a ship board excursion. I suspect the will arrange port tours especially in places like Cozumel, Costa Maya, Grand Turk, and places like that where the cruises lines have built up a lot businesses at the dock areas so that passengers can walk around those areas. In any case for us the ship board experience is the main draw for cruising.
  9. I agree this is sad, but how could Carnival do any differ with no revenue. I am afraid it will be a long time before the cruise industry recovers, if ever. My family has enjoyed many affordable cruises but I think our future cruises will be more expensive and many of the smaller home ports that we like may lose their ships.
  10. I have three cruises booked starting in June 2021. I booked at the current low prices and deposits. I will not pay on them until the payments are due just in case Carnival flounders.
  11. Matt's announcement indicated he was not leaving the cruise industry but "retiring as a cruise director" so it seems he will be in another position.
  12. The article is actually several months old- similar machines are in use in many places. I hope they rollout a cheap reliable salvia based test.
  13. I agree that those prices are high for this ship. When we sailed a few years ago, we paid a a little more than $500 for three people. But maybe they think a lot of people are wanting to cruise and will pay the price.
  14. Cunard has a different cliental and different business model. Many of their clients book years out. Carnival and the other mass market cruise lines work with a shorter time span and can start sooner but I would look to January rather than November as the restart date.
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