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  1. We have an overnight in Quebec City. What is within a short WALKING distance to do around town for a few hours?
  2. They have a "sundrenched sale" that started yesterday. They prices are exactly the same as they were days before the so called sale started and there are no perks anyway. So why bother advertising it? Just IMO
  3. If I purchase the gift cards and I add them towards my balance. my final payment isn't due until August... what happens if a sale comes up or the price goes down? Will the amount that I put down interfere with a price that needs to be lowered and refared?
  4. Thank you for the pic. I check twice a day, every day on my Amex Ascend card. No luck
  5. I am confused ....why does buying a gift card at a supermarket considered being a promo? Looking for something like the Mothers Day gift card that Princess was selling last month. I do not have a Krugers. Seems like that is the only store that has a perk? Hoping they had one for Fathers Day to get the $50 perk. Help??!!
  6. Since there was a Mothers Day gift card promo. does anyone remember if there was a Fathers Day gift card promo last year?
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