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  1. Exactly! When Walmart offered it... nightmare!
  2. Oh lord from the amount of 😪 going on the FB pages.... don't let them see this! We will never be able to get thru the line at passenger service of complainers.
  3. Heck... at least I finally could grab it from the app store. It looks like I'll be waiting on the tech wizards... it loads.... accepts me.... but won't accept my bookings. So, fingers crossed they hire a new tech crew!
  4. Thank you Thrak! I had almost given up trying to find it!!
  5. It's official..... cruising has resumed! The tipping, crew incentive, change of status posts, and I heard from a good source posts are back. I for one am pleasantly surprised that the "crew incentive" daily rate did not increase with everything considered during the last year+.
  6. We have 6 AK on Princess.... 5 docked in Juneau and 1 took me by surprise and tendered. Another Princess ship was already at the new dock space. Not a big deal for us... but I can totally see the issue for anybody with a mobility issue.
  7. The "new" fares this past year or so are causing a lot of confusion. Some fare sales had non-refundable deposits voiding your right to get back the Future Cruise Deposits. Princess is following the trend of Celebrity and RCCL having refundable fare, non-refundable fare, refundable deposits, and non refundable deposits. If it was under a non-refundable deposit sale...the odds are good you won't get it back because it was the deposit.
  8. Hopefully you will never need to use the insurance! Just pay close attention to the fare you book under and all is well. Also, remember if you believe the claim is excluded under the regular portion of the insurance(like this lovely virus).... look for the cancel for any reason box and it skips the submit paperwork and the sometimes few weeks wait for review.
  9. CFAR that I completed did not have any FCC attached. I am aware of some people having issues in the last couple months with using their FCC when booking under the non-refundable deposit sales. The claim I did had a $100 pp non-refundable deposit, so the cruise credits are being applied for the full fare minus the 100 pp. The taxes and port charges are already in process to be applied back onto the credit card used at time of booking. Honestly a lose of $200 plus cost of insurance wasn't horrible considering they could have lost all of the fare.
  10. As you surely can see SOME is underlined .....companies other than Princess Platinum insurance offer cancel for any reason with different terms and conditions that apply to how and when the purchase needs to be made to guarantee full coverage.
  11. Sorry no idea what CFAR's are available for UK. Believe it or not.... you may want to check out David Abel's you-tube page to ask which policy he gets in the UK. I believe he gets a lengthy term policy. Just and FYI to others....read your CFAR policies and pre-existing condition policies! Some require you to purchase within a short time frame after initial booking not final payment to receive full coverage and require the entire trip....hotels, flights, and cruise be included. Every trip we pre-check all our options before booking ..... policy and plans change often when you are not in a yearly plan. Depending on our trip and what company we are cruising with depends for us on what plan we use and sometimes means taking two plans for different payout options.
  12. Chase Sapphire has awesome medical and med transport.....but if you try placing a claim based on pandemic....not covered. This really is an issue for you and your dissatisfaction with your credit card insurance terms. Let's put this in a little bit of perspective: IF I were to catch this virus while at home and required hospitalization my family out of pocket of 13k would apply. So, should I expect my local hospital to have a heart and give me a pass on the bill. It's called things happen and you are not the only person taking a financial hit or in the lifeboat. This situation sucks for all of us! I personally live in the highest tourist area in the US....so yeah in theory going to my grocery store in the next couple weeks could be way worse percentages of risk. It's called life
  13. Cancel for any reason with Princess is allowing it...... did it 2 days ago for friends traveling in April. It does not cover if you booked one of the non-refundable sales or one that had non-refundable deposit.
  14. I understand your predicament .....however when we sail Princess we pay for the cancel for any reason and when we cruise Celebrity and Royal we buy private insurance with the added cfar. We pay the extra cost for this option and you are wanting the cruise line to give it to you for free basically. Then wouldn't it only be fare to refund all of us the money we spend for the coverage. As you see it's a catch 22 and at what point does the cruise line say enough. Yes, it was unexpected but this is a business that is trying their hardest to navigate this difficult situation.
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