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  1. Your response is obviously dripping with sarcasm, but compared to the 3 Vista Class ships, the Havana location according to the schematics that have been posted will be totally different on the Mardi Gras as was posted by Jimbo. The Vista class ships have a pool, two hot tubs, a connected bar and a great aft view on deck 5. The Nardi Gras will have a substantially smaller pool with no hot tubs, no connected bar, and be relegated to a small strip of turf on the starboard side. This area was an afterthought.
  2. And the worst was what they decided to do with the Havana area on the Mardi Gras.
  3. Last time you'll be able to do that on NCL since they have now banned door decorations.
  4. There's a video on YouTube about the area on deck 14. On our sailaway out of NYC last August, there were about 10 people there.
  5. There was a promotion that started on the Horizon and I do not know if it has expanded to include the Vista or not. If you reserved an evening in the Steakhouse, Jiji's and Cucina del Capitano, instead of paying 68 pp, you saved 8 and only paid 60. I personally think the latter two are a better value at 15 each than the 38 they charge at the Steakhouse. The tomahawk pork chop at Cucina is really good.
  6. Possibly the bartenders that make margaritas?
  7. That's why they make collapsible coolers so you put your unopened beers that you tipped various bartenders for and then take them to HMC with you. So if you're at 11 drinks, get 4 more unopened beers at the end of the evening for when you go to HMC.
  8. Correct on all three, except I believe the small Perrier's were in bottles. The San Pellegrino in large format is included with Cheers but only in the MDR and specialty restaurants. If you get it anywhere else like the coffee shop or at the table on the way out to go ashore, you will be charged for it.
  9. Check out the East Coast Departures section of the board and they can make recommendations regarding hotels depending upon which airport you fly into.
  10. Since you're wearing jeans and bring a nice top in your carry on, you're set for first night dinner wherever you choose to dine. But, if the OP is wearing shorts like the vast majority of people on a Caribbean cruise when boarding, then they will need a change of clothes since shorts will not cut it in the Steakhouse.
  11. I don't look at things through rose colored glasses these days. Sixteen out of my first twenty cruises were on Carnival, but only three of my last thirteen have been. The thank you perks that other lines give you for reaching a certain status blow the nonsense that you get on Carnival out the window. Later this month will be my 20th on Carnival. I first cruised with them in 1986 and I have been Platinum for 10 years. I always take advantage of priority boarding and the only other perk worth anything to me is the roped off area at guest services. Gave up on the free laundry done in hot water years ago. What amazes me is that people are willing to pay 119.95 for FTTF on my Horizon cruise in a few weeks.
  12. It's a tough call, Havana area for 8 days or 14 days on a ship that is much older and 50,000 tons smaller. I would do a B2B on the Horizon in a Havana inside for probably not much more.
  13. And there is always a rebellious fish swimming the other way.....NCL even has a drink named after it.
  14. In addition.....the major problem is that you need to touch the button once for each member of your party, so if there are 4 of you, you need to hit the button four times so the system knows how many people will be getting on. This is not explained and families were hitting the button once, four people get on and then on the next floor, the system thinks only only person got on when in fact it was four and there is a possible full elevator if a few people were already on there. And someone in an electric wheelchair needs to hit the button 3 times since they take up that much space on an elevator.
  15. I believe that the Pig Patty is just a regular Guy's Burger with an additional topping of bacon that is circular in nature. It's not an actual hamburger made up of ground up bacon.
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