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  1. And my words that you just quoted are factual. All of the lines are stretching out their refund policies for the most part since they currently have very little monies coming in besides those that are placing deposits on future sailings or buying drink packages or excursions on future booked sailings.
  2. Jimbo, I was referring to people that are currently booked, but have not been told by Carnival that there sailing up until the end of March more than likely will be cancelled. The longer Carnival holds onto the monies from cruisers with refundable deposits, it's just more interest free loans that Carnival gets.
  3. If things don't get back to normal till 2022, cruising for the most part will be dead. It's been less than 4 months now and with all of the turmoil that has happened already and will be happening, you really think the industry can continue on this trail for another 18 months and be solvent?
  4. No conspiracy theory with what I posted. Straight from Carnival's website and previously mentioned from two independent sellers. My post also mentioned that Radiance was able to be booked on Carnival's website for January sailings. Don't appreciate being called a conspiracy theorist. I will go back and forth with intelligent posters regarding various topics, but hate dealing with pot stirrers like yourself.
  5. I just got off of Carnival's website and made an attempt to book a cruise for January 2021 on the Mardi Gras and was not able to. The only sailings out of PC were on the Elation, Liberty and Radiance. Carnival will tell their people to tell you it's still a go so that you don't cancel and wish to get your refundable deposit back. This way they keep more money in the coffers and more cruisers in the dark as to what is really going on.
  6. I wish that Royal would open up summer of 2022. Our cancelled Oasis cruise from this coming August will be replaced with one on the Anthem out of Bayonne. Already have August of 21 reserved on the Mardi Gras.
  7. This weekend, you consumed 15 alcoholic drinks. I consumed zero. When most people vacation, they do it as a change to what they normally do. You're accustomed to alcoholic drinking steadily with the occasional uptick. Whereas I'm accustomed to a drink once in a blue moon and the imbibing process is one aspect of my two weeks of vacationing that I look forward to. When I cruise, 90% of the time it's in an inside cabin. Maybe you prefer a balcony, I don't know. Just like when some people have stated on the boards that once they cruised in a balcony, they have never gone back to an inside, it's the same with the drink packages for me. Ever since they came out, I have gotten them on my last 10+ cruises whether a la carte on Carnival and Royal or included as a package deal on other lines. Some prefer a balcony, but for me I'll take an inside and use the savings towards Cheers as well as always using 10% off gift cards, prepaying to get 10% off and looking out for the occasional sale similar to the one from a few months ago that saved me another 10% off of Cheers as well as 10% off of cruise cash.
  8. Sounds great...as with a high percentage of those who post on here, unfortunately out of my price range.
  9. Looks like Cruising_Addict is spot on. I just checked 2 different national on line cruise sellers that cannot be named here and both of them had the Mardi Gras listed as Sold Out for all types of cabins until the 3/27/21 sailing. So, if you're booked wait till Carnival cancels if you wish to use the FCC option or if you booked under ES so you don't lose your deposit. If your deposit is refundable and you're not taking the FCC, cancel now so you can get your refund and research alternative travel plans if desired.
  10. I don't buy the port excuse. If you are back on board by 430 and go to bed early at 1100, that gives you 6.5 hours to enjoy a few adult beverages. Two before dinner, 2 with dinner, 2 after dinner. Cheers is covered. Or just enjoy 5 at Alchemy, Cheers is covered. But this back and forth has been debated for years on too many numerous threads.
  11. The thing is, for 50 weeks a year, I drink substantially less than one drink per week. But, during my two weeks of vacation I do the exact opposite and I enjoy my adult beverages, whether it be on a cruise or at an all inclusive. So in general I drink a almost twice as much during my two weeks of vacation than I do the other fifty weeks during the year.
  12. What gets old fast Joe is you staying that you love to drink and then in the next sentence state that the Cheers package is a complete waste. And then the following sentence you state that it gets old fast, basically implying that drinking for 7 straight days for two people gets old fast. So, what is it, does it get old fast, or do you love to drink. Because if you truly, love to drink like you stated, then it can't get old fast. Now, if you only like to drink instead of love to drink and your wife doesn't drink, then I could see your point.
  13. Not going to take the time to go through the 30% of responses that say get it, the 60% of responses that say don't and the 10% that leave it up to you. I will tell you that ever since drink packages have become available, I have gotten them. They have been part of packages on NCL, MSC and Celebrity and purchased on Carnival and Royal. We have it already lined up via packages on our future cruises on Princess and Celebrity and will get Cheers on our 2021 Mardi Gras cruise. I am a person who likes value and I do perceive it with the Cheers package. You could only drink 1 drink every 90 minutes after 500 and still break even. You also get unlimited non alcoholic drinks including espresso based and even milkshakes. With the transition to Pepsi on board, drinks like Pure Leaf bottled iced tea are also included. And NCL has nothing like the Alchemy Bar in which to enjoy pre-dinner drinks at. Enjoy.
  14. A very small price to pay to be able to go cruising safely again and be able to breath normally instead of through a mask.
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