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  1. Besides what was already explained, in case you did not realize, the 10% discounted cards can be used for everything cost related to your cruise. From initial deposit, balance payment and sail & sign charges. So if your cruise is about 3000, you just saved 300.00 by using the cards.
  2. The fact that everything is hand written on the island and then keyed into the on board computer system once back on the ship is the built in excuse why Cheers is not accepted. Since there is no computer to verify things, basically any male could use the card and ring up drinks all day long. With the 15 drink limit on Cheers, the number of drinks left can't be verified with no on island computer system. Don't know if things are hand written or computer verified on Labadee, but I know from first hand experience that Royal and Celebrity both allow their drink programs to be utilized on Labadee. Even if everything is hand written, it's allowed since neither of those lines have a 15 drink limit.
  3. You're comparing apples and oranges if you're comparing full regalia dress of an American Indian versus a formal Scotsman's kilt. I've seen the formal kilts as well as military dress whites on a groom in the MDR on Carnival during the older "formal nights", which have been replaced with "cruise elegant" nights, which slightly dumbs down the clothing requirements. I would have to respectfully disagree with you if you feel that it's not appropriate for the MDR.
  4. Are the "Irish male skirts" you're referring to Scottish kilts? A true Scotsman wearing full dress garb is dressier IMHO than the majority of what most men wear in the MDR in any mainstream cruise line.
  5. I figured that was what it was. At the Alchemy on the Horizon, I tried it "up" and was charged 17.00. When mixed with other ingredients, they charged me 20.00, but of course it was covered by Cheers.
  6. First of all, from what I have read, traffic after 700 is not a problem and neither is noise from the Havana Bar. There is no reserved seating by the pool. The pool could be swum in if you're by yourself. The only time seating could not be found on my Horizon sailing was sea day one about 11:00 am. If you are going to be relaxing in the Havana area more than on your Lanai, then save money and go for an inside. The two sideways insides (5205 & 5208) are great because the back of the bed is against the long wall so you have greater mobility on both sides of the bed and you don't have to shimmy sideways getting in and out.
  7. If you are doing self disembark, don't use the Carnival shuttle to the airport. Carnival's shuttle is a large bus and will not take off till it's full. Instead, use Uber, Lyft or a shared shuttle.
  8. Hands down....Southern. Will be there end of August for 8 days on the Horizon staying in the Havana area.
  9. You can get away with it on the first night because you can always use the "we have not yet received our luggage" excuse. You also get a free bottle of generic house white or red or 50% off a better bottle of wine on night one as well.
  10. Fully aware of the fact that not everyone likes kids around on their vacation. There is a difference between well behaved children and unruly rug rats. But it is overkill and stating the obvious that there are more kids on a cruise during June. it would be the equivalent of saying that there will be kids at Disney World.
  11. We did not go to bed until after they were done with the live music in the Havana Bar area. But we did stay in sideways inside 5205 and will be back in the same cabin on the Horizon this August. The area during the day was nice and quiet and you had plenty of room in the two giant hot tubs and pool. Far away from the human soup at the other pools as well as the unruly rug rats in the hot tubs. Well worth the extra cost.
  12. A Kung Fu reference with David Carradine. You're showing your age now Jimbo
  13. You're harmless kid....but it's 10:37 EST, shouldn't you be in school?
  14. Keep throwing salt in an open wound Jimbo...
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