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  1. You are extremely naive if you think there wasn't a possibility of port stops changing post Covid. It doesn't matter if you were on Carnival or Royal, the cruise lines can't control if certain ports are temporarily not allowing ships to visit. It would have been nice if you mentioned which ports you were going to originally and which ports that Carnival switched your sailing to. I will infer that since you mentioned that none are in the Caribbean now, it could be Nassau, Freeport and Bimini, all Bahamian ports. If you provided that information, then maybe your rant would be heard by a more
  2. Thanks for the info. Our flight out of FLL is not until 530, so that would do the trick.
  3. Just to educate you. Go to the Alchemy one night during happy hour. You don't have to order a drink from the menu. That is why this bar is so great. The mixologists there can go off menu, unlike the bartenders at all of the other bars on board. Tell them that you like fruity. Tell them what your top two liquor choices are. Tell them whether you like it spicy or not. They will concoct a drink to your specifications using fresh ingredients.
  4. It's not Carnivals fault that the ports do not have the vaccine yet. It's the call of the port to not allow any ship to stop. Grand Cayman is banning ships through the end of January. Grand Turk, Ocho Rios and other ports are in the same situation. If you think by going back to Royal, all of a sudden things will change, you're mistaken.
  5. I had a feeling it would be a game changer for Carnival. Currently have Halloween booked, a B2B next Aug/Sep and January of 2023 on the Celebration.
  6. Restricted areas? Loft 19 and Havana, two sections on a 180,000 ton ship. If you want to see classes on a ship, go on one of the newer builds on MSC. They have 4 classes there. Yacht Club, Aurea, Fantastica and Bella.
  7. You still have over 20 ships in the fleet to choose from. You will not like the MG. You are already poisoning your mind with your preconceived notions regarding nitpicking of things you're seeing on a YouTube video. Hopefully your opinion will change next March when you're on board.
  8. Blerk, which hotel was it and what all was included?
  9. Can't do a name swap. It's the couples honeymoon. It's either cancel or push it back to 2023 or 2024.
  10. It's the October 30 sailing on the MG. Have not heard anything about ship only excursions. I have a reservation for 30.00 pp and already have confirmation that their van can take my wife's scooter. If the stipulation is that vaccinated have to go on ship only excursions, we will just stay on board. Went to Daniels a few years ago and enjoyed it.
  11. It's been reported recently that it will be on January 27. We were supposed to stop there on January 13 on the Apex
  12. Those that have the suites get access to Loft 19 for 7 days, under your scenario, you get access with cabanafor 1 day.
  13. They are usually placed in your mailbox outside your cabin door.
  14. Traffic...ship delayed coming into port. Stuff happens, it's the same reason I always fly in the day before. Unforeseen circumstances can crop up and bite you in the butt.
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