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  1. CVS appointments available through June 2 in Southern NJ
  2. Since you are early set time dining people, need to give you a head's up. Chibang and Cucina del Capitano are park of the MDR as an extension on the Mardi Gras. If you have any time dining, you can go to either of those venues whenever you want. But, if you have set dining, you can't go there until 745, which of course is much later than you wish to eat.
  3. Next year you'll have the Jubilee as well as the Prima to cruise on.
  4. As they like to say south of the Mason/Dixon.......Bless Your Heart.
  5. I'm sure the bean counters and beards decided that having the entire fleet up and running and generating cash flow with a reduced capacity crew is better than having 80% of the fleet up and running with a full crew. The dollars lost because experienced cruisers are upset about temporary cutbacks will effect the bottom line less than only having 80% of the ships sailing with everybody happy. Since their marketing strategy is mainly for the blues and reds anyway, this strategy would fall in line with that thinking.
  6. Just to educate you, it's not that way on the Mardi Gras since Cucina and Chibang are closed on embarkation day for lunch.
  7. That goes without saying because the Apex is like a Lexus. The closest in the Carnival fleet would be the Mardi Gras, similar to a Toyota Avalon. The buffet on the Apex contains made to order three types of eggs Benedicts, made to order five types of creme brulee on French day and at least two types of grilled to order proteins at lunch.
  8. How about Dollar Tree of the Seas replacing Walmart of the Seas?
  9. You obviously never ate the Tomahawk Pork Chop at Cucina on the Horizon. Best value in the fleet.
  10. 983 days and counting....need the majority of the ports that the cruise lines visit to change their protocols before the cruise lines follow suit. Could be 1200 days and counting or higher for you.
  11. Was she doing a striptease at the salad station? After waving her thong, did she happen to twerk her nekkid butt? 🤣
  12. June 5, 2022 at about 100 pm I will be enjoying it for the first time on the Oasis in the Windjammer (assuming of course they have it on embarkation day)
  13. How can you possibly say it was not worth it at all? You got to spend over 2.5 hours at Disney for free. You made out better than spending 150.00+ for 5 hours.
  14. I guess I mistakenly assumed that the protocol you were against was masking since that was the hill that many decided to plant their flag on. The quarantine possibility is so slim to me I would not even think about it. I did 12 days in January with about 1100 passengers, did 14 days in February with 5000 passengers and 14 days in April with 2800 passengers. 40 days in total so far and another 40 days booked later this year. Quarantine possibility not even a concern to me.
  15. They need to make up for the billions they bled because of the pandemic.
  16. I will fully agree with you regarding the asinine decision by Carnival not to have anything available after 10:00 besides pizza. But, there are 3 menus at the pub on NCL. One is breakfast which I believe is 6 or 7 to 11. The second is lunch/dinner, which goes from 11 to 11 and the third is the late night menu, which has about 60% of the full menu and has great options like their wings, which really hit the spot about 1230 in the morning.
  17. Glad you were unselfish and got jabbed and boosted. If having to get tested and possibly wearing a mask is too much for you, that's your decision. I cruised for 14 days last month and the only time I had to wear a mask was in the terminal. Mask wearing on board was optional. Big difference from our cruises in January and February when masks were required on board at times. Restrictions are loosening up. Masks are now optional when flying. I personally hate wearing them and the only time I wear them at home is at the Dr's. But, having to wear them in the terminal is a small price to pay in order to cruise. Obviously it, or another protocol, is what is holding you back from cruising.
  18. You'll have six of them doing over 50 shows over the course of the week next January on the Celebration.
  19. Learned a long time ago that I don't make the rules, I just play the game. As long as the rules to cruise are what they are, you're relegated to land based vacations. There are many great all inclusives out there, particularly on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Your other option of course is to cross over the line in the sand and get the jab so you would be able to cruise, but we both know you're too stubborn to do that.
  20. You can't use it to prepay gratuities, but you can use to pay gratuities once you're on board.
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