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  1. We have free gratuities, free wifi, free premium beverage package and $300 onboard credit. The current promotion takes away the onboard credit and only included the classic drink package.
  2. I have a booking on Reflection for November. It was a Lift and Shift from last Nov so we have really awesome perks Celebrity is not offering now. However, I don't love our cabin and would like to upgrade to a better one. I have asked two different Celebrity agents about upgrading but have been told both times I will lose my perks if I change rooms and will have to receive the current promotions. I would get this if I was being refunded money but I am trying to give them more! LOL So is this just the standard or has anyone been able to upgrade and not lose their perks?
  3. We are booked on Reflection at the end of Nov and have one of the angled balconies on deck 6. Excited for the extra space but worried about the lifeboats. For those who have sailed on this deck, is the obstruction really that bad and worth paying more for another balcony or did you like this deck? Thank you!
  4. This is what I am confused about. I thought that it said what you are stating. Our sailing was April 18th so I figured we would get our fare back plus 50%. When I sent it to my SO, he read it differently-that we would get our fare back plus 150% FCC. I went to relook at the email and I can see why there would be that confusion. Still not 100% sure which is correct.
  5. Just curious when you order a double of whiskey-do they charge you for two drinks off your package?
  6. The drink package works on disembarkation morning for alcohol? I have used it on other lines (never been on Princess) for coffees and waters but was always told alcohol was off limits in the morning. This is the first time my SO can have a leisurely morning when we disembark versus having to travel so we may have to utilize this!
  7. I keep seeing conflicting info. We are going to be in D735 if that helps and I believe there is a pullman bed in there but I can'f find out if these cabins have the beds in the ceiling or on the wall. Thanks!
  8. I don't think you are still on the ship but I was wondering about drink prices of scotches/bourbons/gins/etc. What was available on the rocks and how much?
  9. Very nice!!! We just had our first aft balcony on the NCL Breakaway in December and we are hooked!
  10. I appreciate the information. Totally new to Princess so I am still trying to learn everything. Even more excited now that we seemed to have picked out a great room!
  11. Thanks! assuming the ships are the same layout and if so, this will be fantastic!
  12. Just booked D735 on CB. First time on Princess so I don't know much about their cabins. Love aft views so I am hoping this was a good choice and hoping some on here might have photos of this cabin!
  13. Hey Jamie, Just wanted to say I see a lot of your posts on the NCL page as that is my SO and I's favorite line. Ironically, like you, we just put down a deposit for a Princess cruise in April because we couldn't find any good deals with NCL. It's our first time on Princess so it should be a fun experience for us both trying something new!
  14. Since I started this thread, I wanted to make sure that I came back and reported how the Priority Access went for me. Boarded the Breakaway in Port Canaveral last Saturday. We got everything that was promised. Designated line at check in; we were the only ones in it. Checked in within three minutes. We literally sat for less than five minutes before they called us (this was around 10:30-10:45ish). Not sure if Haven already got on as I did not hear them called, but we were called before anyone else on the loud speaker. Boarded with anyone with disabilities/wheelchairs. The staff on board said we were the first ones they saw board the ship that day. We had a letter in our stateroom with all of the benefits on the first day. Got our canapes on Day 2 (nothing exciting but they remembered) Got another letter in our stateroom about Priority Tendering. They had a conference room set up for us to wait in if we chose to be on the first tender. After the process started, we could go down whenever and get on the first available tender. Had room service (hot food included) for breakfast three days and was never charged. They left luggage tags in our room without us asking for priority disembarkation. We chose to walk off with our luggage but had we used the tags, we had the 8AM time slot. Hope this helps!
  15. Can you use the shore credit to rent umbrellas?? How do you go about doing this? Thank you!
  16. Thank you 😊. And thank you very much for the recommendations! Very excited for those martinis!!
  17. Surprising my SO with the upgraded drink package because he has really gotten into craft cocktails and good liquors this year. What should we put on our "must order" list??
  18. Ironically, as the thread starter hoping to learn more about this, it seems I am the one who will be boarding first and seeing how it all works out! I am on the Breakaway in 9 days 🙂
  19. I actually was lucky and heard about it at the $99 price and thought it was worth a shot. We have a tender port so I am hoping it will make that process a bit easier. $179 is too rich for my blood!
  20. I took a gamble and booked it for my cruise in two weeks but haven't heard much about it and if it worked for those who bought it.
  21. First, thank you for your review! I loved seeing the new ship and following along. Also, this commentary on the Breakaway was refreshing to see. My SO and I will be on her for the first time in three weeks (and his first time on a large ship) and with all the negative reviews, I was a little worried that we may not have made the right choice. It is nice to hear you and your whole family loved it so much!
  22. This is my cruise too and I am hoping for the same (my SO and I are traveling). We went the week of Thanksgiving the last two years and it was surprisingly not overrun with kids that week either, but we were traveling on a smaller ship.
  23. Very rarely and only when we try to order something they don't know how to make. We love French 75s and try to make it our first drink onboard but after getting blank stares at the Atrium bars upon boarding every cruise we have given up and just order champagne! LOL
  24. I'll be following this; I purchased it for the first week of Dec for the Breakaway and I am interested to see if anyone has received the benefits as promised
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