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  1. Nice selections there, Cruisegirl6. For some reason the barkeep on Celebrity Reflection gave me a Pina colada made with Zacapa 23 Rum rather than the well brand and it was divine. With the shots poured on the bottom and the top of the glass it was quite distinct as opposed mixed right through the drink which would have been a waste.
  2. We had connecting balcony cabins on Miracle - worked fine for us and 3 kids. Their room had two singles and the sofa made up as a bed. Note that there is no way to lock the interconnecting door so your "time together" can get interrupted!
  3. When we did this tour my wife was happy enough in the passenger seat even when I was drifting some corners, and she is a bit of a nervous passenger when we are driving on roads in our car! She also had a couple of drives when we were stopped at the various locations so didn't totally miss out. You just gotta do this tour. I think your wife will be OK if she doesn't have to drive. Hopefully you get Leroy as your guide - he was great fun.
  4. Learn something every day! If you are an adventurous thrill seeker I highly recommend AGW Tours in Aruba. Their ATV tour is amazing. But be warned - the driving is too fast & furious for some, and the natural rockpool swim was kinda dangerous when we were there with ocean swells crashing over the rocks into the pool!
  5. There's nothing in the Cheers! package that excludes any particular top shelf brand or drink other than the $20 limit. from Carnival: https://www.carnival.com/FunShops/item/SUM/cheers CHEERS! INCLUDES: All spirits (including cocktails), as well as beer and wine by the glass with a $20.00 or lower menu price Sodas, Zero-Proof frozen cocktails, energy drinks, specialty coffee, hot tea, 500ml bottled water and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages Large format water bottles in the Dining Room and Specialty Restaurants 25% discount off the menu price for any spirit or wine by the glass above $20.00 25% discount off the menu price for wine and champagne by the bottle 25% discount off beverage seminars and classes CHEERS! EXCLUDES: Beverages promoted and sold in souvenir glasses Bottles of liquor Beverages offered at gangway Beverages offered through room service, mini bars and/or in-stateroom beverage programs Sharing cocktails, floaters, pitchers, tubes and buckets Beverages offered through enomatic wine machines All other beverage-related programs including merchandise, cigars and cigarettes Food items
  6. Hey, it's not like you have to take the roof down!!!
  7. I have to admit that does look like about half the cars that are currently driving around in New Zealand!
  8. I am also interested to hear about this. AFAIK it covers any coffee/water/juice/smoothie/wine/beer/cocktail etc up to $20/glass. For bottles of wine it gets a discount.
  9. Yeah - what I meant was that only alcohol drinks count towards the Carnival 15 a day limit but non alcohol drinks are still "free". IOW you can drink a soda every 5 minutes and never breach the 15 drink daily limit.
  10. And there was smoked salmon in the buffet every day too.
  11. I don't know if they were sold or not, but on our recent cruise the lawn cabanas never seemed to be occupied. To my mind they are too far away from the pools.
  12. I wonder if Carnival have considered this: folk who elect not to purchase a Havana cabin are likely to actively avoid ships that have them. This definitely applies to me. Don't get me wrong: I would consider a HC if I was cruising without the kids. But if with them, or if not wanting to pay the extra $, I would avoid these ships. By having a restricted area, the company are actively and intentionally reducing space and increasing crowding for the rest of their patrons.
  13. Ah yes I'm pretty sure I remember you guys on Woodwind - we were the pack of 8 kiwis and 2 adopted Americans (assuming your Scottish name and Scottish accents match up?) So glad you at least didn't get sick on the cruise.
  14. Never managed to exceed the 15 a day limit myself when we were on Carnival. I'm pretty sure the 15 limit applies to alcoholic drinks only - your coffees and water bottles do not count. Also there is a significant upside to Cheers vs the Celebrity bev pkgs: Cheers has a drink price limit of $20 whereas Classic/Premium on Celeb has a limit of $9 and $15 respectively. So if on Classic and buying $13 top shelf martinis, you have to sign for the $4 + tip upcharge. Cheers also cheaper $50 vs $59/$69 on Celebrity.
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