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  1. They could run the muster in two shifts - odd number cabins then evens for instance. Half the people each time would be quite a bit better.
  2. Well that's your opinion and you're fully entitled to it. Mine is that if the muster area has insufficient space for people to be in a healthy and comfortable amount of personal space (in a sweltering tropical climate) i.e. not pressed shoulder to shoulder, and no room for seats for the many elderly or infirm passengers to sit... then yes, I would argue that is insufficient space.
  3. Wow, that's interesting. It could be argued that on the vessels I've had outdoor muster, that there wasn't enough room on the deck there either!
  4. The thing about elevators and shows and sales and even queues is that passengers can easily manage or avoid them. The enforced, extended close contact with others at some muster drills cannot be avoided. I've been on cruises where the musters are held in theaters and restaurants. They were fine. I've also been on some (can't remember if it was NCL or Carnival) that were held standing outside on the deck and we were packed shoulder to shoulder together. That's the thing that worries me. It carries a much greater risk of one person infecting many.
  5. Good advice. But it worries that so many people will heed it that large numbers of cruises will be cancelled, and large numbers of staff will lose their jobs.
  6. "(from all over)" I'm pretty sure they don't allow anyone who has recently been to China, Iran or Korea to board?
  7. It's USCG required - but packing a lot of people in very close proximity (sardines) for a significant period of time would seem extremely unwise at the moment.. Has anyone on a recent or current cruise noted any changes to the muster drill?
  8. "Hit" as there is one case in NZ and I think, 11, in Australia? Those have come in from "hot" places (Iran in the NZ case) no reports I've heard so far of it spreading. Still early days but I think there is an over-reaction to this event. Over the same period the number of common influenza deaths is orders or magnitude higher.
  9. Nice selections there, Cruisegirl6. For some reason the barkeep on Celebrity Reflection gave me a Pina colada made with Zacapa 23 Rum rather than the well brand and it was divine. With the shots poured on the bottom and the top of the glass it was quite distinct as opposed mixed right through the drink which would have been a waste.
  10. We had connecting balcony cabins on Miracle - worked fine for us and 3 kids. Their room had two singles and the sofa made up as a bed. Note that there is no way to lock the interconnecting door so your "time together" can get interrupted!
  11. When we did this tour my wife was happy enough in the passenger seat even when I was drifting some corners, and she is a bit of a nervous passenger when we are driving on roads in our car! She also had a couple of drives when we were stopped at the various locations so didn't totally miss out. You just gotta do this tour. I think your wife will be OK if she doesn't have to drive. Hopefully you get Leroy as your guide - he was great fun.
  12. Learn something every day! If you are an adventurous thrill seeker I highly recommend AGW Tours in Aruba. Their ATV tour is amazing. But be warned - the driving is too fast & furious for some, and the natural rockpool swim was kinda dangerous when we were there with ocean swells crashing over the rocks into the pool!
  13. There's nothing in the Cheers! package that excludes any particular top shelf brand or drink other than the $20 limit. from Carnival: https://www.carnival.com/FunShops/item/SUM/cheers CHEERS! INCLUDES: All spirits (including cocktails), as well as beer and wine by the glass with a $20.00 or lower menu price Sodas, Zero-Proof frozen cocktails, energy drinks, specialty coffee, hot tea, 500ml bottled water and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages Large format water bottles in the Dining Room and Specialty Restaurants 25% discount off the me
  14. Hey, it's not like you have to take the roof down!!!
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