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  1. Its all in a semi-organized panic mode. Elevator buttons light erratic like a Christmas tree lighting with the Griswold's although nobody pushed them. They stop where they should not, doors do not close.... Crew is tired and finished- all hands in deck, musicians serve WJ food, concierges serve cutlery, . WJ is a mad house. All b2b get a free turn around water tour in Venice as the ship will be broken up and completely rebuild with the latest anti-N virus technology.....but---- after tomorrow' s boarding all back to normal-sigh
  2. Thanks Mr Bob No no, better pack your walking shoes. Almost every elevator is broken or erratic. Why? Some smart employees desinfected the buttoms with tank sprayers and that is what the electronic certainly does not like..... The RH electricians gear up for the highest RCCL medal of honor......
  3. I am on the Rh and can tell you that we have a severe outbreak of N. No self-serve of food , drinks etc anymore, desinfection all over and at turn- around day massive desinfection. That is why the boarding will be delayed. RCCL tries everything to contain the Virus. Employees are working hard, very hard.
  4. Andy, if you don't like Royal Caribbean's appreciation for Pins who have invested 6 digit number $$ in fares to get there, vs the occasional suite guest traveler - why don't you just book a balcony or junior suite and- puff you have no problems with suite lounge anymore. I am sure your kids like prime window seating in the WJ much better.
  5. Declare all suite guests temporary Pinnacles. Problem solved the Millie way😎
  6. Does not sound to be fair and personnel friendly: What about those in the US militaries who serve i.e. in the special forces. They are on a 365 alert scheme. So they never are able to book in advance? Even an insurance is not granted by the administration? That makes holidays a gamble and expensive specially for enlisted men and women…..a very influential person in the US would twitter "not fair"....
  7. Should I be lucky to have served 38 years in another NATO-Armed Forces, my Air Force? Yes you "belong" to the Armed Forces as an active duty soldier. But my Armed Forces by law, has to reimburse all booking expenses and related expenses when calling me unexpected. Happened only once with me, but all booking fees etc were 100% reimbursed. No insurance needed! Check your administration for a similar program in your US military environment -can't be so different?!
  8. Thanx for the information-we are very flexible. With lazy and C&A hostile Olin on Serenade- just stopped my booking process for Serenade in time. Have to wait for Robert.....
  9. Brits are not so demanding Sent from my SM-G950F using Forums mobile app
  10. A "befriended" officer from the financial dept onboard recently confirmed that 2 $ pp/day is kept by RCCL for "handling" purposes. Please do your own math basing your calculations on an average utilized capacity for ..how many ships?.. You may claim it is based on rumour but as long as RCCL lacks 100% transparency…..
  11. Please Keep Your Dishes Inside But how will I get a proper satellite TV signal with my dish inside please?
  12. Not true with highest Pins first. We were on the 2 day April inaugural and they invited low Pins with just 700 points and high Pins with no obvious systematics. A lot of high Pins with 1000+ were indeed pi$$.. Also at first they only invited Brits. After massive complaints they later hesitantly invited other European continental Pins as well The ship was not sailing at full capacity many staterooms , mostly insides and ocean view left empty. They mostly invited international bloggers ( a lot from the yuppie bloggers later criticized RCCL for commissioning an environmental harmful ship; as could be read in the press/www here) and European TAs. Another sample for Marketing at its best.....
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