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  1. The Cape Liberty web site has nothing noted to the effect of what the OP posted. And as far as "social distancing" on the subway, buses and LIRR, metro north, and other commuter rails once a regular work force returns that will be impossible, everyone wearing masks would have to be the only option. And adding cars, trains to what already exists in the rush hours will be difficult as they run to almost 100% of capacity already. Not to mention the times during the rush when they remove trains and combine trains due to unforseen circumstances like broken rails then it can be a sardine factory on
  2. I remember when I was working two years ago and the prime time (9AM, Noon-2PM, 5PM) backups. Cars crowded nose to nose almost. Main lobby jam packed waiting for the next car. Even worse when a car was under repair. Cruise elevators only come close to that at the end of muster and when a show lets out of the theater.
  3. So we are supposed to live like this forever cause of the virus? With all due respect to your experiences working in a hospital I didn't expect to not be able to vacation, eat out and play poker in my well earned retirement so the left could exploit this pandemic to get Trump out of office.
  4. Used the link that Royal provided for the cancellation, also called and e-mailed the travel agent we use asking for them to process the cash refund as well.
  5. Got our full refund one week after Royal canceled and we applied (same day) for the cash refund. No problems, no hassles.
  6. Got ALL my refunds in six separate but correct amounts for the total that I spent originally. Credit appeared exactly one week after I applied for it as "pending" and hit the card the next day reducing my overall balance. I applied for the refund the day RCL canceled all cruises through mid June for our 5/17/20 Oasis cruise.
  7. I'll still take cruises, I'll use the hand sanitizer a lot more, still will play in the casino, still eat in the MDR most of the time, wear a mask at least in the early going, still frequent the bars. Of course this is after a shot is available and I have gotten it.
  8. So are they STILL accepting money for the cruises canceled through what is it June 12th I believe? And on the other side how do they "know" a future cruise "will" be canceled (beyond 6/12.) Also if YOU were the CEO of RCL how far out would YOU have already canceled cruises and hoped then to not be voted out by the stockholders?
  9. We got ALL our money back within a week after Royal canceled our 5/17 cruise, so please explain the "racket?"
  10. This link shows what benefits are for each level. Review and decide for yourself if the additions at the D+ level are worth the extra dollars. https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CAS_Member_Benefits_Grid_APRIL-2019.pdf
  11. Every time this kind of thread comes out I say January of 2021. I should and will revise that to say three months after a vaccine is produced. In other words I really don't know an exact time.
  12. Not crazy at all for any of these ideas. We love getting to the ship really early and having a nice lunch with not a lot of people in the WJ. Then exploring the ship and landing at a bar for our first drink. What a total waste of the first day if boarding is so late and departure even later. With muster normally occuring in the hour before departure when would dinner be the first night.
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