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  1. Very fearful, too many "characters" on Nassau near the pier. Rather stay on the ship and enjoy that.
  2. 1 jigger - 1 standard bar pour = 44.36 ml. 375 ml divided by 44.36 ml = about 8.454 jiggers in a 375 ml bottle. @$43. per bottle this comes out to about $5.09 per jigger. I'm guessing that a rum & coke at the bar is at least $ 7 - $8 per serving plus the 18% service charge.
  3. Original travel docs are your Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.
  4. Very hard to get a game going on most RCL ships. Rake is normally 10% of the pot with a max rake per hand of $25. Game is normally 2 - 5 no limit with a 200 - 500 buy in I believe. Or 1 - 2 no limit if the table agrees with a 60 - 300 buy in. Most ships from what I recall are hand dealt by a live dealer. If there is interest they also have cruise long tournament with a $100 buy in and $50 add ons, 2,000 chips for the buy in and the add on, also rebuys at $ 50 a pop when your stack is 2,000 or less and you get an additional 2,000. Final day is the final table with a cruise to the winner if there were enough entries. Top player from each daily tournament goes to the final I believe. They certainly do not announce the availability of poker table enough that is for sure, at least not on the ships I sail on.
  5. Did a NYC to VAN flight for our AK cruise back in May. Air was about 1,200 or so for 2 people including the extra roomy seats. No direct flight to VAN stopped over in PHX on way there, 2 stops on way back from Anchorage (SEA and Charlotte). Plus a 2.5 to 3 hour bus ride from Seward to Anchorage which was about $125. Hotel in VAN was about 250 CDN. Flew in the day before. Booked everything in Jan for the May cruise. Also if you fly into VAN from USA you will encounter CDN customs when you get off plane. Cabs totalled about 60 CDN from airport to hotel and hotel to cruise pier. (cabs do take credit.)
  6. We were on a ship sponsored shore excursion a long time ago that was more than a half hour late do to circumstances beyond the control of any of the passengers. The only time we've ever been late but we weren't as seasoned as we are now and we thought for sure the ship was going to be long gone by the time we got back. Thankfully it was still there. Ever since then we only take ship sponsored excursions so in case we are late the ship will wait for us.
  7. Smokers by and far are the absolute rudest people on the planet, not all of them just most of them. I'd call and take a picture of the offending smoke, not the people just the smoke.
  8. And the guarantee that you'll get one of those stand by flights. All the more reason to leave a little later.
  9. Snore............................................................... Also op is so worried about a 7 hour wait at the airport yet I just looked at orbitz and there are at least 3 or 4 flights after 9 40 and less than 7 hours out. So there are ALWAYS options.
  10. What about the big accident on the freeway is that unavoidable? Or the cab/uber vehicle breaking down? Sure maybe slim that it occurs but it could happen
  11. Try for the early flight and arrive at the airport tired, sweaty, grumpy, hungry from getting up really early to be the 1st ones off, having no breakfast(no room service on departure day) racing through the customs,taxi and airport to make that flight. OR leave later and arrive home nice and relaxed from being on vacation. Of course the choice is yours.
  12. We did a north bound Vancouver to Seward and the build up to the glaciers made the trip. But the flight home from Anchorage to NY JFK was about 24 hours including the bus ride from Seward to Anchorage which is about 2.5 - 3 hours. Had 2 stopovers however going home only one going there. Also had a balcony only way to go on an Alaska cruise.
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