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  1. We just booked a Oct, 2019 cruise out of Boston. I would love suggestion for a hotel to stay the night before the cruise and the cost of Uber to the ship. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. I can’t see LLP’s postings, can someone please direct me. thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hi John, Thank you for the great review and pictures. We live on the Space Coast and are thinking of taking our Prime Cruise on the Harmony. Would you suggest this, or another ship. You didn’t seem too excited about the Oasis class. I have been on the Oasis and agree, the views aren’t that great. How is the Diamond Club without the view? Than you for your help.
  4. Another cruise day, I will be keeping track of you all week. We board the day you leave, so keep the ship in good shape, please. Thank you for the quick reply on the MDR breakfast times. I need my special coffee. I know you will have fun and a good sail whatever the weather. 😀
  5. Hi Twangster Thank you for all the great pics and review of your cruise. We are sailing on the Empress Aug 18 and love going back. A quick question, is the MDR open every morning for breakfast? They don’t have a Diamond Lounge and I need my special coffee. Thanks and have a good cruise.
  6. Jim-Iain It was so nice to meet both of you as you were exiting The Retreat. I do hope your second cruise is as smooth as the first one. I forgot to mention a “Happy Anniversary” to both of you, that is really special. I will always follow you on CC, and hope to sail with you again.
  7. Hi Jim -iain We are sailing on the Summit with you on June 5. Really excited to get on the ship and see what is new. We sailed with Captain Kate two years ago, and love Bermuda. I met my husband and got married over fifty years ago in Newport, so that that will be a fun day. Would love to meet both of you, as I enjoy all your reviews. Have a safe trip, and don’t forget the passport.
  8. I have been to Cuba on both of the ships, and am going back again in Sept on the Majesty. Agreed,they are older ships and don’t have all the extras the larger ships have. The crews on both ships are outstanding, and truly care that you enjoy the ship. They are always cleaning and polishing with big smiles. We have found the food and service as good, or better than the larger ships. You are going to Cuba, keep an open mind and enjoy the island history, you will be fine.
  9. Has anyone received any mailers, since the Summer Sizzler? It maybe me, but I was getting a BOGO once a month.
  10. Jim-Iain, I am so sorry about my spelling. I hope you still would like to meet and chat. I lived in Foster City for a few years and often was in your area. I will keep my eyes open for you on the Summit.
  11. Jim—Lain, so excited you will be on my, our cruise. I have followed all your postings, and really loved all of them. I will keep an eye out for you walking.
  12. We sailed in Jan, 2019, Paul Deen and her husband were on the ship. Paula was very friendly and appeared to enjoy the cruise. I did feel sorry for her at dinner. She could not enjoy a quiet meal without women surrounding her table asking for pictures and talking. I am a fan, but not to be that intrusive.
  13. Has anyone had contact with the Summit? The water must be rocky and not a good ride. We are booked for the eleven day cruise on June 5, just curious how she is doing and if they made a port call.
  14. Check cruise planner, it may be listed. Click the blue for other details, that is how I found my cabin.
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