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  1. GTO-Girl

    Port Canaveral Hotels

    The four closest to the port are Homewood Suites, Country Inn & Suites, Residence Inn and Radisson At The Port. All offer a shuttle to the port....the first three also have free breakfast. The Radisson does not but there is a restaurant on site, a family restaurant next door and a McDonalds across the street. Personally I prefer the first three over the Radisson as it has become a bit dated.
  2. GTO-Girl

    Falmouth Advice - things to do

    Falmouth is a port that I would only venture out beyond the port area if I had a ship sponsored excursion. The immediate “cruise line built” area of shops is fine but not beyond the gate IMO. Not one of my favorite ports....sorry
  3. We just came off the Navigator on Sunday and I agree with you! It was one of the best cruises we have every taken. The ports and the crew were wonderful!! I love that class of ship and am sad that after the refurb they will do a few more 9 days and will then convert it to only 3/4 day cruises! They have done the same to the Mariner...
  4. GTO-Girl

    Lyft to the ship at Port Canaveral?

    We have always just called a taxi. I do remember seeing someone getting picked up by Uber...
  5. We just got off the Navigator on Sunday. They had to utilize the Viking Crown Lounge every night just for the cocktail hour. They had someone stationed at the entrance to make sure no one else got in and there were still times there were no seats available. It was crazy....
  6. GTO-Girl

    Miami Brickell Area - Post Cruise

    I can’t help you with directions, but just wanted to say...instead of using our GPS we rely on the free app WAZE. Much, much better and hasn’t steered us wrong yet.
  7. GTO-Girl

    Miami Brickell Area - Post Cruise

    We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel which cost us about $30 plus tip. We used the Hampton’s shuttle to the port and were very pleased with it. The cost is $8pp. After we returned we grabbed a taxi to the airport which is a flat fee of $27 plus tip. Each experience worked out very well....
  8. GTO-Girl

    Miami’s Old Terminal

    We love sailing from the PC terminal!!
  9. GTO-Girl

    Park Cafe on Oasis

    Try the Solarium Bistro for breakfast when offered. Very good variety and a lot less crazy than the Windjammer..
  10. We sailed from Terminal G (the old one). We took a shuttle from the hotel and our driver asked us which ship and took us straight there. We were also asked by the porters and people when we entered the terminal if we were sailing the Navigator. Guess they must have some people who go to the wrong terminal.
  11. We just returned today from a 9 day cruise on the Navigator. The cruise itself was great and we had a wonderful time! My complaint is Royal seems to have put all of their money into the sparkling new terminal while sorely neglecting the older one. If they are going to continue to use that terminal they need to seriously maintain it!! On the day we sailed....their computers and all of the cameras to take pictures for the ID’s went down. They were giving us paper armbands so they would know to take our picture just before we entered the ship. Needless to say the terminal was packed to the gills, with some passengers not being able to board until close to 2pm!! Some of those people were standing shoulder to shoulder, some holding babies, for several hours!! On the day we returned....thankfully we did self assist so we were okay. BUT...there was a post from another passenger who was still on the ship at 10:15 because the terminal was full and they could not leave!! The problem in the terminal was the escalators had stopped working and they were trying to get people off using two elevators!! So again my point is......IF they are going to continue to use the old terminal then FIX IT!! People who sail the smaller ships should be given as good of an experience as the ones who sail the Symphony!!!
  12. We just got off the morning too and after reading these experiences we got lucky for sure!! We did self-assist and was downstairs and in line by 6:15. There was already about 10 people ahead of us. They started letting us off about 7:20 and we breezed through Customs and was in a taxi and at the Miami airport by 8:00!!! I agree this terminal needs some serious work!!! They do not need to keep using it if they aren’t willing to keep it maintained!! So sorry some of you had a bad ending to our wonderful cruise!!
  13. GTO-Girl

    Good hotel near port of tampa?

    We loved the Marriott Waterside! Less than a mile from the port, beautiful hotel, nice safe walkable area and right on the trolley line.
  14. GTO-Girl

    Tampa pier to TPA for 9:45 flight

    We sailed Brilliance twice, did self assist both times and were never off before 7:30-8:00. That flight time is too early for my comfort level!
  15. We are onboard now and trust me, between the horrible treatment of the crew on the transatlantic and then over 1000 kids on the 5 day right after that they are pretty wiped out. Yet they are still smiling and gracious and giving us wonderful service. i hope the next cruise will be kind to them just as we have. They will be very grateful!!