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  1. We have met a lot of good friends in the DL....so we would miss it
  2. My last cruise was New Years Eve week .....12/29/19.....😫😫
  3. We have booked Boardwalk balconies on multiple Oasis class ships before and after the Abyss was added. We still love them....
  4. We have booked Boardwalk balconies many times! Great for people watching and even watching the Aqua show. For us the noise factor was very minimal. We love these balconies!!!
  5. Our daughter just had to renew our granddaughters passport and they told her it should be 8-10 wks....
  6. We usually book Boardwalk balconies because we enjoy all the sights and sounds of the activity below when we are out on the balcony. I do miss the clear view of the Aqua Theater but it’s not a deal breaker for us...
  7. My daughter and granddaughters are cruising with us in May. They have only one other cruise with Royal and that was in 2015. When booking the new cruise we found their first cruise was not credited and therefore their account showed zero points. A quick call to Crown and Anchor with the 2015 date, their names and date of births and it was immediately found and credited to their account.
  8. Also Country Inn & Suites and Residence Inn are across the street from those mentioned above...
  9. I have a FCC coming (haven’t received it yet)......I just booked a cruise for May 2021 and the representative let me book it for port taxes only.
  10. We never care where the ship is going as long as we are on it. There have been several cruises where we never got off the ship the whole week. 😁😁⚓️⚓️🛳🛳
  11. You are directing your anger at the wrong company. Royal is completely at the mercy of the CDC, who is going to be the one to make ALL decisions about when sailing resumes and what will be required. If any of the cruise lines want to sail they will have no choice but to follow any and all rules set in place by the CDC. As of this date nothing has been decided so Royal and all other cruise lines have no choice but to wait for instructions. But you can bet the rules and regulations in the beginning are going to be strict, so I would not be a bit surprised if everyone is required t
  12. One of the car rental agencies is right inside the Marriott Waterside (or was the last time we were there)
  13. Some may disagree so if you do please be kind.....LOL 😁😁 Since April I have: Been back to the gym, gotten my hair and nails done numerous times Been shopping been out to eat numerous times been to the beach at least three times this summer And generally continue to live my life We are both around 70yrs old. We wear our mask when required, wash our hands frequently, do not touch our faces and keep a 6ft buffer when possible. I will not be reckless but I am not giving COVID a year of my life. As I said.....we do wear masks whe
  14. I would feel more comfortable cruising if everyone onboard has been vaccinated.
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