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  1. GTO-Girl

    Cruise document question

    We have traveled on a cruise several times with our granddaughters. Every time I made sure we have a signed and notarized letter from the parents giving us permission to take them out of the country and make medical decisions for them. We have been asked for the letter three different times. Once by Disney ( and their mother was with us, but not their father), once by a Royal and once by Customs. So they have been known to ask for it!! I would err on the side of caution and have the letter.
  2. There is also a Raceway gas station a block away that sells wine.
  3. GTO-Girl

    Oasis class sauna and steam room

    I would like to know this also...
  4. GTO-Girl

    Miami parking

    Blue Heron gives the best advice of all....and yet no one takes it seriously..
  5. GTO-Girl

    Miami hotels near cruise port

    We enjoyed the Hampton Inn Brickell. They had a shuttle to the port for $8pp. It worked out great!!
  6. There are also hotels at the Orlando airport where you could get a day room and relax and swim until time for your flight.
  7. GTO-Girl

    Passport after divorce

    I would do a name change on my cruise documents to match my passport...
  8. GTO-Girl

    Two days post cruise help! (FLL and MIA)

    We stayed at the Hampton Inn Brickell in Miami and enjoyed it very much. It is a safe clean area and is within walking distance to many restaurants and shops. Also it is extremely close to the Metro Mover which can take you all over.
  9. GTO-Girl

    Port Canaveral Offsite Parking

    Yes you can certainly drop everyone off at the terminal before heading to the parking lot to get the shuttle. What are your plans for getting everyone back to the cars after the cruise? If it were me and I had that many people with walkers, scooters, oxygen, etc I would park at the port for the convenience of getting quickly to my vehicles after the cruise...
  10. GTO-Girl

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    This is not a cruiseline issue or requirement.....this is a US immigration requirement that Princess has no authority to overrule... I do hope you get things worked out and are able to take your cruise!!!
  11. GTO-Girl

    St. Maarten Condition

    We were there in October. You can tell they had substantial damage but are trying very hard to get things back to normal. On the Dutch side there seems to be more repairs but walking down the boardwalk you may see a business back up and running next door to one that hasn’t been touched. That being said....the people of St Martin are happy to have the cruisers back because the only way for them to earn money to being back their economy is through tourism....so please consider spending some there.
  12. GTO-Girl

    Balcony Etiquette

    On our last cruise we had the door slammers!! Every single time they left (and they left a lot!!) it would slam so hard the pictures on our cabin wall would move!! This went on all week. On the last day I was finally able to open our door in time to see the offenders. I told them I just wanted to see who had been rudely slamming their cabin door all week! ☹️☹️☹️☹️
  13. GTO-Girl


    Yes you probably would...the surf only package is pretty basic.
  14. GTO-Girl

    Seasick ????

    I have taken 40 cruises and of those 9 have been on an Oasis size ship (6,000 passengers). Those sailings have been some of the smoothest we have ever taken and they have all been at different times of the year. Just my personal experience..?.
  15. GTO-Girl

    PCN parking options

    Parking at the port is $17 a day and they charge for the day you enter and the day you leave. We have stayed at the Radisson many times too and have used their shuttle from time to time. Also close to the port would be Residence Inn, Country Inn and Suites and Homewood Suites. All have the park and cruise option and all of these three have free breakfast. A taxi or Uber would be very cheap since you are so close (less than a mile)...but you will still have to pay to park at the hotel so using their shuttle might make sense. We have sailed out of Canaveral 25+ times now because it is our preferred port.