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  1. And now with the push for everyone to buy a drink package waiters on the pool deck are beginning to be almost non-existent too!!
  2. On one of our Disney cruises a number of years ago we watched the pool deck attendant. He would take a towel and fold it a certain way and place a sticker on it with a time. A little later if the towel and note was still there he would remove all items. Sure some complained but a lot stop leaving their chairs unattended. Never saw that method again. Guess they got too many complaints...🙄🙄
  3. Our favorites are Aruba and Curaçao! Both are just beautiful!!
  4. Check Cortrans Shuttle. They do pick up at the airport and certain hotels. $20 per person... Excellent company with many positive reviews...
  5. Your muster station number is listed on your Set Sail Pass. Then just Google muster station locations and Allure and I bet you will be able to find it..
  6. We ate there in November and enjoyed it very much. We really like the Hampton Inn Brickell too...nice area!!
  7. A number of years back we were on the Carnival Dream hanging out on the balcony watching them load luggage for our sailing. They had the bins stacked way over full. Just as they were about to lift it onto the ship three suitcases fell off the top and right into the water!!! They just laughed, got a big hook and fished them out and put them on the ship. I sure was glad they weren’t mine because water was pouring out of them!!
  8. I am always amazed at people who will pay hundreds of dollars for a nice cruise and then have a problem giving a few bucks to the last person that will touch your luggage before it enters the terminal. 😳😳 Makes no difference to me how much they make a year. I am blessed to be able to take a nice vacation, so the $5 I just gave for my one big and heavy piece of luggage is money well spent!! Have a wonderful cruise everyone!!!
  9. On our last cruise we got up very, very early to be downstairs and in line by 5:45am to do self assist off the ship. At that time there were only about 10 people ahead of us. While standing there a couple of people joined others at the front of the line and we thought they probably went to restroom, etc and were joining their party so we paid no attention. A few minutes later the elevator opened and about 10 people joined the people ahead of us. We were about to come unglued when another elevator opened and at least 10-15 more joined them!!! So now there are at least 20-25 people who went to the front of the line!! A lady who was standing behind them lost it. She explained to them if they wanted to be all together they better get to the back of the line because they sure as heck wasn’t staying there!!! All the ones who broke in line then had to do the “walk of shame” to the end of the line. It was priceless!!
  10. We are about to take our first Journey cruise in November. We have eight ports and I am having a hard time trying to do decide what to do. I don’t think I want to do excursions on every single one. So...from the list below.....which ports would you take an excursion.....just explore on your own....or are there any you would just stay on the ship? St Croix Aruba Curacao Barbados St Lucia St Kitts San Juan Amber Cove Thanks in advance!!
  11. We sailed for the first time out of Miami in November. We had a 12:30 flight but could have easily made a 10:30 flight...
  12. The four closest to the port are Country Inn & Suites, Residence Inn, Homewood Suites and Radisson At The Port. I have stayed at all four....they all have the park and cruise option. The first three have breakfast included....the Radisson does not but has a restaurant on site or there is a family restaurant next door and a McDonalds across the street. Any of these is a great option...
  13. I appreciate the link but it does not answer my question..... On Royal from Terminal 1 you enter the parking garage, pay $136 for the week. At the end of your cruise whether it is 7 days or 14 days you get off the ship and drive away. They have no attendants there to collect any more money from you. It is my understanding that at the Carnival terminal you get a “ticket” upon entering and then pay the attendant upon leaving. I will have no problem paying them for the 14 days I am there but someone on another board said upon leaving she was only charged by the attendant for the first 7 days. I was just curious what their policy is for more than a 7 day cruise...
  14. Scroll down on this board to the Transportation from Port Canaveral to Orlando post. (good info for airport to the port too) Steerage Joe who is one of the knowledgeable posters has responded to them with some good links and info....
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