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  1. He was unvaccinated and that was the reason he was being tested in the first place….
  2. We always buy trip insurance but never from the cruise line. We find much better coverage and rates through www.insuremytrip.com Because we are older we want to make sure the medical and medical evacuation coverage is good enough. We had a friend who became sick onboard and had to be taken off in Cozumel. He had the cruise ship insurance and quickly found out that the scant $10,000 in medical coverage wasn’t nearly enough!! The policy we get usually has anywhere from $100,000-$500,000 in medical and $500,000-$1,000,000 in medical evacuation. Big difference if you ev
  3. thanks for the info on Cortrans….hopefully they will start back up soon as they are a great company too. So glad Cruise Control was able to help you out….😁
  4. Try contacting: Cortrans Shuttle Cruise Control Transportation
  5. You made a good choice. Over the years we have stayed at most all the hotels that are in that general area and while we have always enjoyed the staff and pool at the Radisson it is in need of some renovations. Would we stay there again….probably if the rates were good…..but since we were able to get a decent rate at the new Hampton (in the same building at the Home2Suites) we opted for a newer and nicer hotel.
  6. We are booked there for Oct, Jan and March. All of the reviews on Trip Advisor are very good. It is a brand new hotel…
  7. Please forgive me if this has been asked but has anyone had a problem receiving their refund from an Alaska cruise cancelled last year? I have a friend who doesn’t do Cruise Critic and she is still waiting for her refund. She went through a travel agent….
  8. Unless you have a persistent daily cough do NOT check yes. An occasional cough due once day is not what they mean. Checking yes will most definitely get you scrutinized!!
  9. Right now all cruise lines have you select a pier arrival time when you do your online check in. It is my understanding they are strictly enforcing these arrival times and will not let you into the terminal until your assigned time. We just checked in for our October cruise and the earliest arrival time we could choose was 1:00-1:30. I would wait until you do your check in so you can determine what time you will be allowed into the terminal. If you arrive too early you could possibly be sitting out in the sun until you are allowed into the terminal.
  10. Whew you scared me there….😜😜 I do hope you have a wonderful cruise!!!
  11. Are you planning on flying from Sweden and arriving the day of sailing??? There is no way in the world we would fly in the day of and ours would be a direct 1.5 hour flight from Atlanta!! In my opinion stop listening to people who fly in the day of and plan on coming at least one day early, otherwise you risk missing your cruise entirely!!
  12. Check out Rusty’s Seafood. It’s just down from Grills at the port. It has a pretty big kids menu. Friends of ours ate there last week and really enjoyed it.
  13. Our children insist we enjoy what we have earned. They repeatedly say to go, travel and enjoy our lives because we worked so hard for it. We have great kids!! 😘
  14. There sure are a lot of articles about this when you Google it. Not saying it was incorrect but these cruises lines are doing all they can to stay safe and keep the ports they visit safe. There is no way I would push the limit and walk around with unvaccinated people in a port that had such limited access to a vaccine…. IMO….If people cannot follow the rules they need to be put off the ship. There is too much at stake!!
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