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  1. Most enjoyable! Love that red hat!! The Intercontinental at Miami is where we stayed before our first ever cruise on our honeymoon in 1993 on the Carnival Ecstasy. Thanks for the memories. Cheers 🍹🥂🍻
  2. Australia’s CMO just announced that it will be highly unlikely that international travellers will be allowed into the country until a vaccine becomes available (excluding New Zealand & Pacific Islands). The governments priority is to protect the countries most vulnerable residents. CMO is increasingly optimistic a vaccine will be available in the near future...... if not, the government will have to re-evaluate the situation. The Prime Minister & Cabinet have today made it compulsory for returning travellers to have a Covid 19 test at the start of & on the 14th day of the hotel quarantine. Interestingly, social distancing reduced to 1 person per 2 square metres for indoor venues.
  3. I’m hoping for a circumnavigation of Australia cruise. All we need is a company to send a ship down under!
  4. Qantas Australia’s largest airline has just sacked 6,000 workers & announced significant international travel most likely not going to start until after July 2021. Unlikely to see international cruises starting before the airlines.
  5. Sorry GM1999, but, your money has been used to pay for someone else’s refund. Not mine as I’m still waiting for refunds & FCC’s about 50 days now & counting. The sooner Royal gives me my refunds & FCC’s the quicker I can get off this RC CC board as it is very depressing. Unfortunately, the FCC ties me into Royal, so I feel compelled to book one more cruise with them.
  6. Under the circumstances it’s inevitable that ships will be scrapped. How much? I don’t know. But, dumping an old ship for say 10 million plus the savings on outgoings etc. is much better than spending 10 million a month & not cruising with paying passengers. Royal has 28 ships, at the earliest it’ll be 2 years before all 28 are cruising with paying passengers. Royal should get in first before the market is flooded with ships to be scrapped.
  7. I did notice Rhapsody also got shifted from Barcelona to Tarragona.
  8. Dumb decision by Royal. This will cost them plenty of customers. Venice is a key port.
  9. What you’ve forgotten is 99% of people who staff the ship come from 100 other countries from around the world. I honestly don’t think too many would want to sign up a 9 month contract & hope the virus doesn’t surface on their ship. Also, CC is biased in my opinion, at least half the people on here have a vested interest in cruise lines, work for them or are in the industry, & those people most likely represent less than 0.1% of the cruising market. Hence, why they’d die to go cruising tomorrow. It makes no sense to me. I’m sure that most of the families of the 123,000 Americans that have died from the virus to date, would’ve wanted to spend the last few days with their loved ones, not looking on from behind a window. 16,000 Americans are currently in a critical condition & most of them without their loved ones by their side. This virus is novel & deadly! The approach taken by the CDC is the only sensible way to go. As for cruising........ it ain’t going to happen any time soon unless the silver bullet arrives. However, the cruise lines still need die hard cruisers money from final payments at 90 days to finance their refunds. Simply, if the cruise lines were serious about their customers they would make the final payment due 7 days before cruising. Free loans from die hard cruisers will keep them afloat for another 6 months at best before Chapter 11. Honestly, who really wants to be a guinea pig on the first dozen or so cruises? Anxiety plus, don’t forget to pack the Xanax. Who wants to wear a mask on a cruise? Die hard cruisers. Who wants to social distance on a cruise? Die hard cruisers. To me a cruise is a holiday either relaxing & or full of site seeing, & most of all enjoying peoples company & having a good time & participating in activities. I can’t see that happening on a cruise ship for a long time.
  10. I’d be quite happy right now to do a circumnavigation cruise around Australia with all aussie/kiwi staff/crew.
  11. You’ve got the lovely Canadians who don’t pose a problem & Trumps wall keeps out the Mexicans so closing off the USA is not difficult at all. Country sizes are similar & if you pro rata the data say 13 times (25 million to 330 million) the USA is really struggling to contain the virus. Europe & Australia have proven that social distancing works. Australia is not demanding the return of citizens, but, for health reasons believe it is safer to be in Australia than any other country. Maybe our Government is thinking of NO international travel to & from high risk areas for possibly up to 2 years.?
  12. Australian citizens currently overseas will be given a deadline (a date in the near future) when to return to Australia & to go into Government paid hotel quarantine for 14 days. If they fail to return by that date they’ll be forced to pay the 14 day hotel quarantine cost out of their own pocket whenever they return. Also, travel to & from the USA NOT likely until the middle of 2021. Americans not taking social distancing seriously, hence, the continued rampant spreading of the virus. At the current rate it will be another 12 months before the USA is in the same position as Australia. A daily handful of cases & no deaths.
  13. That data to date is quite conclusive. Every outbreak of Covid 19 on a cruise ship has led to deaths. The same situation as Nursing homes.
  14. The Australia - New Zealand cruising market is currently the only market in the world with next to zero Covid 19 cases. Yet I don’t see one cruise company trying to send any ships into this market. Why? The cruise companies know it’s not the passengers where the risk is. It’s the staff! How do you staff a ship with 500-1000 people from all over the world & guarantee they don’t bring Covid 19 with them. It can be done, but, it takes a lot of time & money to do so. So...... there in lies the major stumbling block to cruises resuming...........
  15. If Australia is closed until January 2021 using our current virus stats & data, it would be equivalent to the USA having less than 400 new cases per day & no new daily deaths. The USA is a long way from those numbers! I doubt cruising out of the USA will happen anytime this year. Remember..... the biggest issue facing the cruise lines is not the passengers..... it’s the staff. How to get the staff back on to ships & guarantee absolutely no virus. That will be a long process & one that won’t happen until the USA’s stats & data become similar to Australia, & their “active cases” graph has flattened out with less than 10% of all positive cases still active. Currently 2.2m positive & 1.2m active. Or the silver bullet arrives! Currently in the USA in every group of 2,760 people 1 person is dying. Currently in Australia in every group of 250,000 people 1 person is dying. (25% of deaths in Australia came off cruise ships!) The USA population is 13 times greater than Australia, hence, based on the stats & data the virus is running rampant in the USA. The USA needs to be further locked down to stop the spread & not opened up. Would you really want to be hoping to go on a cruise out of the USA anytime soon?
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