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  1. I have sailed out of NY twice and first few hours they don't put drinks into the computor. They have a handwritten slips they use until they get into international waters then they put all the past drinks that are on the handwritten slips into computer. And then the ones you order when their in international are put into the computer the usual way. Sent from my SM-G960U using Forums mobile app
  2. We rented scooter from Oleander cycles last May. Would only rent one if your an experienced bike rider. My husband has had a Harleys for 20 years. It's very different to ride on other side of road and navigate turns. Roads are very narrow and scooter is very slow there were many times that cars would pass us and it was somewhat scary. Also we only rented one scooter so I was an extra pair of eyes to be aware of surrounding. Don't go into city's with scooters was to congested and crazy. Cars were cutting each other off and switching lanes. And as stated before being on wrong side of road and navigating a turn into a lane your not use to and watch the rest of traffic can be a little tricky. Would I rent again not sure. Besides the safety issues they are not to comfortable very low to the ground no shock absorbers that I could feel. And like a said before they have no horsepower at times I think pedaling would've been faster. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  3. So glad I found this review! A little late to the party and have some catch up reading to do. I have read many if your reviews and I'm sure this one will live up to previous ones! Hope you enjoyed the ABC's as much as we did. DH and I just got off NCL Jade February 26 where we visited the ABC's for the first time. We loved the islands. It was one of best cruises we have been on. Can't wait to visit them again.
  4. Try SAS transportation I used them very dependable with clean well kept shuttles.
  5. I have been following along love and this thread and can't wait to book the Bliss. I just got off the Jade February 26th and entertainment was great especially singers "Phil and Keisha" we listened to them nightly they were fabulous. While talking to them they stated they are going to be on the Bliss in about 5 weeks. Everyone booked needs to check them out they are great. Phil does a great Elvis impersonation and Kiesha sings a lot of music from Tina Turner. I hope their still performing when I'm on the Bliss.
  6. I call Ncl and told them they assigned me an accessible cabin. I was told by them that if someone needed that cabin I would be moved. When I called NCL to book it was last aft cabin so it was assigned to us but I actually hoped someone would need cabin and I could get a suite.
  7. I also called and booked a cruise thru NCL and their rep gave us a accessible aft balcony. After realizing this I called back and they said if they need the cabin they would contact us. Never recieve a call sailed and enjoyed extra space also.
  8. I would get flu vaccine even if it's not that effective. I'm sailing next month and plan on taking my Clorox hydrogen peroxide wipes. Going to use them on plane tray table and will wipe down surfaces in cabin and also table if I go to buffet. Also ask your PCP to write you a script for Tamaflu in case you come down with the flu while sailing it will lesson symptoms and reduce duration.
  9. I'm going from FLL to Miami next month and plan on using SAS transportation. 15 dollars per person I have never used them but have heard a lot of good things about them here on cruise critic.
  10. Just an FYI hand sanitizer or lysol does kill Noro virus. What I buy is Clorox healthcare hydrogen peroxide wipes. DH and I wash before entering buffet and dinning room and when we leave. I also wipe down cabin surfaces and take wipes to buffet and wipe down table. I'm not a germafob just a nurse that doesn't want to spend hard earned money for a cruise and spend it in my room sick!
  11. I hope you get really good results with CI. I have heard that it's a lot different from natural hearing but is some you can adjust to. Really love how up beat and positive you sound in your post. Will be praying for you and hope all works out for your CI.
  12. I'm so sorry about your hearing. I can really relate I have menerie disease and I am totally deaf in left ear and have severe hearing loss in right that I use a hearing aid. I'm so afraid of becoming totally deaf but I'm sure I will mourn the loss of all my hearing. But when I look back at when I suddenly lost all hearing in left ear I mourned but quickly realized life goes on. I'm sure in time you will accept your hearing loss also. Life goes on you just have to change and adapt. Don't cancel you cruise I'm sure you will be more confident and have adapted to your situation and all will be fine. Also would a cochlear implant help?
  13. I was on Breakaway last May 14th and got lucky weather was warm in NY and weather in Bermuda was beautiful and in the 80s
  14. Sam praying for strength for you and your family, very sorry for your loss.
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