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  1. Since we now have the answer to my tip question, let's hear some of your favorite drinks to indulge in. When on the Reflection last year we used to stop at the Martini bar while we were waiting for our table to be ready at dinner time. I can't remember which one I used to get....but it was real good. Maybe the Peartini??? We also take full advantage of the drink package getting bottled water and hitting the coffee shop for coffee and tea. And of course wine with dinner.
  2. I remember that and I thought they did away with it again. That's why I was surprised to see the statement about the charge. Surprising that there are so many websites that do not have the correct information
  3. Below is the paragraph from one of the sites where is mentioning the $14 charge for the beverage package. It never says anything about if you purchase it as an add on. Where it is placed does make it seem like it is added on to beverage packages. I'm glad that the person from Celebrity and all of you have confirmed what I thought and that there is no added charge. 5 Day Sale: 3 Free Perks for ALL Guests (Including Drinks & More) For a limited time only receive 3 free perks when you book an Inside - AquaClass category on select Celebrity cruises departi
  4. Thank you all....that was what we thought. I was looking on a major cruise site (for all cruise lines, am I allowed to mention it here?) and it specified a $14 a day charge. Right on Celebrities website the statement below was taken from today and it also says that if you choose a beverage package as a perk you will have a price increase. It's kind of misleading. I know that the perks cost money. This made me think that I had to pay more on top of the cost of the perk. I did just chat with someone from Celebrity and he confirmed that there is no additional charge......
  5. Sorry to be beating a dead horse.... I know this has probably been discussed at length already, but I've been off the boards for a while. We're looking to book a cruise and they are "giving" us Classic Drink package. It says that they are going to add a $14 a day charge for gratuities. I didn't realize they were still doing this. What I'm really annoyed about is the Classic package is $59.99 a day, the Premium is $69.99 a day. So they are applying gratuities based on the Premium package even though we are only receiving the Classic. Any thoughts or information on th
  6. With that many people in a cabin with only one bathroom, I highly recommend taking a bottle of Poo-pourri with you. Even with only 2 people in a cabin it has been a lifesaver!!!
  7. We're paying around $300 less than that for a 10 day Caribbean cruise the end of November.
  8. Contigo. It will keep your coffee warm for a while. Not super hot, but it will still be warm several hours later. https://www.amazon.com/Contigo-SnapSeal-Vacuum-Insulated-Stainless-Weather/dp/B01BD0R8F0 Make sure you get the one with the snap lid. Some of them have a push button to drink. It's possible to have the button pushed while in a tote. It's a cool mug, you can tip it upside down and it won't leak.
  9. Never, but I have been know to wear my pajamas up on deck for movies under the stars. My pajamas are completely modest though. The pants are long with a short sleeve shirt. If the shirt is one that is a little thin them the bra stays on.
  10. ule

    Aqua Class

    Wow, thank you for your kindness. I always thought these boards were for people to ask questions and to learn. Not for people to be rude and sarcastic. Obviously you were never taught "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"
  11. ule

    Aqua Class

    Yes, I am looking at something I captured on my phone from the Celebrity website. I captured it a few months ago, probably March of 2019. Unfortunately I did a copy and paste of the info instead of a screen shot. I had no idea I might actually need the info later otherwise I would have taken a screen shot. I appreciate everyone's input on the issue as this is our first time sailing with Celebrity. We are surprised to learn that BLU might be very crowded. The other couple traveling with us is not in Aqua so we might be eating in the MDR several nights anyway to spend time wit
  12. ule

    Aqua Class

    I'm sure you all are correct. It just sucks that that was the information that was listed on the Celebrity website when we booked our cruise......
  13. ule

    Aqua Class

    I pulled that right off Celebrity's website when I booked 2 months ago.
  14. ule

    Aqua Class

    see below.....it is a copy of all the amenities listed for Aqua Class. I still had it on my cell phone from when I was trying to convince someone to sail with us. Come to think of it, a few of the other perks have changed as well it looks like...... Aqua Class Suite+ CATEGORY When you stay in a roomy AquaClass® Suite, you'll enjoy the ultimate in spa pampering with Hansgrohe® shower panels, aroma scent selections, a bed pillow menu, daily deliveries of bottled water and teas. Plus priority dining in the Blu specialty restaurant featuring flavorful and health
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