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  1. I wondered about this too. I have looked at all the videos and pictures I could find online of Horizon balcony rooms, rooms meant for 2 as well as those for 3 or 4. The couches appear to all look the same. (And the rooms are all the same size, so I rationalized that the sofas should all be the same size, too?). They have the same striped bolsters on the back that appear removable and they seem to all be the same length. Fingers crossed that this will work because, unlike Fantasy class OV rooms, I don’t think there is room in this balcony room to put a third mattress from our friend’s cabin (we
  2. Thank you. I have been on 9 cruises but exclusively on Fantasy class and Sunshine so I don’t have much experience with the sofa beds.
  3. I have a cruise where we booked my daughter in a cabin with a friend because the friend is sailing solo. She will be sleeping in our room. Our balcony room is only for 2 people and has a sofa. Do the back cushions come off the sofa just like on the sofa bed so she can sleep there? TIA
  4. I found this with a google search, but it is 10 years old. I couldn’t find anything else on the web or Carnival’s website. Can someone tell me the fax number to send in the info for shareholder OBC? Thanks!
  5. A friend recently bought shares of Carnival stock. He didn’t even know about the OBC. I don’t own stock so I don’t know how to go about doing it. Can someone tell me how to apply for the OBC? It looks like you fax your stock statement to a fax number. Can someone provide the fax number and any other details? Thanks so much.
  6. Not sure if the sofa cushions are removable or not. Sorry.
  7. Take the mattress off the 3rd bed and put in on the floor of the other cabin. I have taken the mattress off the bunk before and done this.
  8. I just checked and I did receive an email stating what I said above for my June cruise.
  9. I think they did modify the cancellation policy, didn’t they? A lot has happened since then, but last week they said that for summer cruises, you can cancel up to 30 days in advance and receive your penalty in FCC to be used in one year. Without this revised policy, you would simply lose that penalty. I think there is also a $50 or $100 OBC if you sail as scheduled. I have a June cruise booked and that is what I have been going on. Hopefully I am not mistaken.
  10. Everything I have seen about the revised cancellation policies say they are for bookings made before March 6 (or 10, can’t remember).
  11. That is awesome. Thank you. I have called and emailed a PVP (not sure if I can call him MY PVP but he has helped me before) but have gotten no response. I guess I will keep calling him back. Thanks again.
  12. How did you get a full refund for April11? Carnival cancellations are only through April 10. For my April 13 cruise I canceled, I think I just have FCC that must be used within one year (although I don’t know anything for sure because I have not received any emails about it, only info from this board and John Healds posts). I would love to get full refund because I don’t know that I can use the FCC within one year. Appreciate any info you can give. Thanks.
  13. Yes, thank you. I previously canceled an April 13 cruise and not sure I can use the FCC. If they end up extending the suspension, I was hoping they would consider providing this option to those who had canceled. Way to go, Carnival!
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