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  1. This post is about people who have cruises coming up soon and still plan on going. PLEASE KEEP ALL POLITICAL POSTS OR POSTS DISCUSSING THE HISTORY OF DISEASES OUT OF THIS POST! Thanks to everyone who has responded so far and shared their plans!
  2. So, are my family and I the only ones still thinking about going on our cruise? We are scheduled to sail on the Meraviglia on March 22nd out of Miami going to Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Ocean Cay. Our groups will consist of my wife and I (both mid 30's) 2 children (6 and 3) and my inlaws (62 and 65). All of us are in pretty good health and we DIDN'T take out any insurance on this trip. So here's where we're at, we booked this trip 1 year out and have REALLY been looking forward to it. We could reschedule with no penalty but would most likely be out A LOT of money in airfare and hotels. Vice President Pence on Saturday stated that people should still travel and cruise unless you are elderly with underlying health issues while the Department of Travel issued an advisory of no cruise travel on Sunday.... why the difference? Sorry for the long post and it's more of a rant than anything but I'm just curious what other people are planning to do about upcoming Caribbean sailings....
  3. Without trying to start a fight or offend anyone, I think people need to stop creating excess fear or drama with this situation. In my opinion, the meeting yesterday was a step forward in making cruising safer and having the cruise industry work with the CDC to create plans to limit the impact or quarantines should a guest (or guests) become sick on a cruise. We don't have a ton of details right now on what else came out of the meetings but I did read at least one article quoting Vice President Pence stating that they still want people to enjoy traveling and cruising but elderly people (which according to google is 65 plus) WITH SERIOUS UNDERLYING HEALTH PROBLEMS should possibly avoid it. Nothing that I have read says that a healthy person in their 60's should stop traveling or have serious worries. Also, the Carnival Panorama has disembarked since the test came back negative so that was a false alarm. As far as I'm aware right now, the only current issues involve the Princess ships that have shared crew members between ships. All I'm saying is let's not create extra panic just for the sake of having something to talk about....
  4. We will hopefully be sailing on the Meraviglia in 2 weeks (Caribbean) with our 3 year old who's addicted to milk. Is milk on the ship included (we do have the easy drink package)? If so, do they have a dispenser in the buffet or where else can you get it? Thanks in advance!
  5. So, we are now under 3 weeks until are cruise and SUPER EXCITED even though this coronavirus crap is trying to damper our excitement. I've come up with a few more questions before our cruise so hopefully someone can help. 1 - We will be traveling with our 3 year old son who is ADDICTED to milk! Where on the ship are you able to get milk and can you get it 24 hours a day? Is milk free for everyone or at least included in the easy drinks package? Also, are we able to have the mini fridge emptied out so we can keep milk / snacks in it? 2 - How is the lounge chair situation on the Meraviglia? Are they pretty easy to come by or are people reserving them early in the morning? Do the crew members do anything about chairs being reserved? 3 - Does anyone happen to have an picture of the menu for the specialty coffee drinks that are included with the easy package? I know I've seen one before but I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance!
  6. That site is also saying that the Meraviglia was denied by the Canary Islands (should be Grand Cayman) so I'm not sure how much I trust it....
  7. Thanks for the information guys. I'm really disappointed to hear that the Meraviglia doesn't have an area similar to the Haven lounge on the Seaside. Now to figure out what we'll do for our evening entertainment.... So, you're also saying that the only room service that is included for Fantastica is the continental breakfast? The menu I saw had a sandwich and salad portion that didn't show any charges and i figured that was at least included....
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! We're sailing on March 22nd and can't wait although we're nervous being in such a small room with young kids. I was just hoping to see a picture with the beds to show us exactly what our layout will be and what kind of room we're dealing with. I'm assuming that it will be similar to that Seaside layout pictured above but it still amazes me that no pictures exist from the Meraviglia with pullman beds.
  9. I guess that it's possible but I can't say that I've ever seen an interior cabin on the Meraviglia that has a couch in it either.... Also, with the interior cabin being smaller, it seems like a couch would take up A LOT of room compared to pullman beds. It's so weird that no pictures seem to exist..... But I'm assuming that someone must know!
  10. My wife and I sailed on the Seaside 2 years ago and really enjoyed spending our nights in the Haven lounge listening to upbeat music and watching people dance late into the night. Does the Meraviglia have a spot similar to the Haven lounge where they play upbeat music and dance late into the night? We will be sailing with our two children for the first time and I'm wondering how the dress code works for dinners in the main dining room? My daughter is 6 and my son is 3. For my son would he be allowed to wear shorts and a nice shirt (polo or similar) even on elegant night? Are they strict as to what kind of shoes kids wear? Our flight after the cruise isn't until Sunday evening so we need to waste as much time as possible. When it's time to disembark what is our best choice for getting off as late as possible? We've only been on 1 other cruise where we lined up and carried off our own luggage so that's the only way I know how to do things. Lastly, we will be in a fantastica interior and I was wondering about room service. I saw a menu listing sandwiches and salads which i assume are included for free? The menu also listed things such as burgers and wings but it appeared that those would cost extra? Also, the menu stated that after 11pm you need to pay a delivery fee and I was wondering if that's only for Bella or everyone? Thanks, Dan
  11. My family of 4 has an interior cabin booked on the Meraviglia this coming March and need some help. So far, during all of our research we have been unable to locate ANY photos of an interior cabin on the Meraviglia that's set up to sleep 4 people. Can anyone provide a photo that shows what I'm looking for? I'm assuming that they will be Pullman beds but it blows my mind that no photos of this seem to exist.... thanks in advance!
  12. APDMOM, Thank you very much for your great review. My wife and I sailed Seaside 2 years ago for our first ever cruise and will now be going on the Meraviglia in March with our 2 children. I believe you said earlier you'd be posting pictures of some of the bar menus (I could have missed them) and I was wondering if you were still planning on doing that? Thanks a lot for the time you put into this and I'm glad you had a great cruise!
  13. Nikki, thank you for posting these menus. We will be on the Meriviglia in March 2020 with the easy package and hasn't seen sny menus yet. So am I correct in assuming that ANYTHING under $6 is included in the easy package or are there other stipulations besides price? Also, are only the drinks listed on the menu included or can you order others as well (for example rum punch)? The one thing I am happy about is seeing smoothies and fruit drinks included since my kids will really enjoy those! Thanks to anyone who can answer these questions for me.
  14. Thanks guys for the great responses! These answers help us out a lot and will go a long way with our planning. Does anyone happen to have any bar menu pictures? Information on where the music / dancing / games normally happen at night? With the fantastica package, is room service food included in the cruise price or do you have to pay extra? Thanks a lot! Dan
  15. Thanks! More replies with answers to more of the questions will be greatly appreciated!
  16. Thanks for the reply and that's what I was assuming as well for the sleeping arrangements. The part that confuses me is that I haven't seen any photos from the Meraviglia of a cabin (interior or other) that actually had Pullman beds in it. Hopefully I can get.some clarification or photos yet...
  17. Hey Everyone, My wife and I along with our two children (ages 3 and 6) will be sailing on the MSC Meraviglia in March of 2020. We have previously sailed on the Seaside so we do have knowledge of how MSC works but since this is our first time sailing with the kids and I haven't done a lot of research on the Meraviglia yet, I have LOTS of questions. 1 - How do the kids clubs work? Are they open all day or.only during certain hours? Will my 6 year old and 3 year old be able to attend the same kids club? 2 - Do I need to bring any special information with (for example immunization records) for my children to use the kids clubs? 3 - Do they have any type of kids menus or other food options in the main dining rooms for children? Like many kids, mine can be fairly picky when it comes to food. 4 - Are the main dining rooms and the buffet the only free dining options on the ship? Any kind of snack bars or anything that are included? 5 - How are the late night food options at the buffet? When we were on the Seaside after about 10 PM or so all of the food was gone and you had nothing to eat. 6 - What are the height / age restrictions for the water slides and the ropes course? I know both of my kids would enjoy it so I'm hoping they can. Also, are all of the pools deep (except for the kids pool)? 7 - Our sailing includes the "Easy" drinks package and we're trying to figure out what's included. We normally like to try a bunch of the fruity type drinks or frozen drinks. If a drink is to expensive to be included, do you have to pay full price or just the difference between what your package covers and the cost of the drink? 8 - Does anyone have any pictures of some of the bar menus to show what may be included? 9 - While we were on the Seaside we found yourself at the Haven lounge every night for music and game shows. What area would offer this same stuff on the Meraviglia? I'm sure I will come up with many more questions but this is a good start. Thanks.in advance for any answers you can provide! Dan
  18. Hey everyone, It has been a while since I've posted (Our first ever cruise was in 2018 on the Seaside) but we have another cruise booked for this March on the Meraviglia. On this cruise it will me my wife and I along with our two children in cabin #13232 which is an interior fantastica that can sleep 4. My main question is what will the sleeping configuration be? I've looked all over online looking for photos of an interior room on the Meraviglia designed to sleep 4 and haven't seen anything! Any help (photos especially) of what the layout is would be greatly appreciated! Also, my inlaws will be going with us as well on this trip and they're booked in cabin #13181 which is a balcony fantactica. Looking at the deck plans, it appears that the balcony may be different than normal and was wondering if anyone had any information on this. Does this room / balcony make it a more or less appealing cabin location? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. Dan
  19. Hey everyone, it has been a while since I posted but I'm looking to book another cruise. My wife and I sailed on the Seaside in February 2018 (our first ever cruise) and loved it. We are currently looking to book another cruise for March of 2020 with our two kids (ages 6 and 3) and my wifes parents. My in laws didn't like the itinerary for the Seaside so it looks like we will be booking the Meraviglia instead. Here are my questions: What should we expect to be different between the Seaside and the Meraviglia? We were hoping to get a family room but they're all booked. We will now be getting an interior and a balcony instead. I'm looking at 13181 (balcony) and 13232 (interior). Any information or advice on those rooms? In an interior roo. What do they have for beds for the 3rd and 4th person? I cant find any pics and am wondering if it is the bunk couch or fold downs. How is the food on the Meraviglia compared to the Seaside? I'm assuming it will be different when it moves to the Caribbean anyways but.... Ehat other information or advice can you give me? I'm just starting to do research on the ship so it's all pretty new to me. Thanks in advance and I'm sure I will be asking lots of questions along the way. Dan
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