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  1. not surprisingly the numbers continue to increase... https://www.fhi.no/en/news/2020/53-people-now-confirmed-with-covid-19-in-the-hurtigruten-cruise-outbreak2/
  2. will be interesting to see if they're allowed ashore or will it follow the others and be 'at sea' cruising only...
  3. Controversial medical practice More than 50 people are now infected with the coronavirus after being on board "Roald Amundsen". Director of Hurtigruten, Daniel Skjeldam, has always said that they have made their decisions based on the medical assessments from the medical team on board the ship. The ship had two doctors on board. The Norwegian doctor was hired on a contract, and a doctor and two nurses from the Philippines on a contract through a staffing agency, according to Hurtigruten. The Norwegian doctor was last deprived of his authorization in 2007, according to documentation NRK has obtained through access to the Norwegian Board of Health. But health personnel can apply to get the authorization back, which the doctor received in January 2008. As mentioned earlier, the doctor has also received several warnings from the Norwegian Board of Health, and last received a warning in 2015. He tells NRK that he has only been deprived of the authorization once. NRK has received information from the Norwegian Board of Health that the doctor was deprived of authorization in 1996 and in 2007. When NRK on Thursday asks the Norwegian doctor if Hurtigruten has been informed of previous loss of authorization, he says: - I have not lost the authorization twice. It has absolutely nothing to do with this. It is inappropriate to pull this in, says the ship's doctor to NRK. He repeatedly encourages contact with Hurtigruten. Key words for the background for the warnings he has previously received, and that his authorization has been withdrawn: incomplete, inadequate record keeping and indefensible medical activities. According to the Norwegian Board of Health, the Norwegian doctor has on occasion provided health assistance beyond what he is qualified for. According to the infection control plan for "Roald Amundsen", the doctor responsible for the vessel is responsible for requesting a coronal test, if someone becomes ill. On Thursday, Tromsø municipality also confirmed to NRK that the Philippine doctor on board did not have Norwegian authorization. NRK has several times tried to ask Hurtigruten which of the doctors was responsible, in line with the infection control plan, but has so far not received an answer.
  4. more bad PR for Hurtigruten....hiring a doctor with a questionable background https://www.nrk.no/tromsogfinnmark/skipslegen-meldte-aldri-om-korona-_-unn-brukte-to-minutter-pa-a-innse-alvoret-1.15111014
  5. https://www.cruisemapper.com/news/7753-crew-tests-positive-covid-19-viking-cruises-viking-star-ship
  6. nevermind, i've found it here https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23336-seadream-passenger-tests-positive-for-covid-19.html and here https://www.cruisemapper.com/news/7753-crew-tests-positive-covid-19-viking-cruises-viking-star-ship
  7. The size of the ship is irrelevant if the crew are not properly quarantined upon joining and prior to being put into general population especially if they're coming from 'high risk' countries. Common sense goes a long way which is why it is sadly uncommon...
  8. and the fallout continues....not surprisingly i'm sure https://www.nrk.no/norge/hurtigruten-stopper-all-cruisevirksomhet-1.15109225
  9. Of course they're going to say whatever they think they need to in order to get people onboard....the fact their idea of crew being in quarantine meant they could work as normal and simply not go ashore just says it all as to their so-called strict regulations. To me its akin to Viking Ocean getting rid of their Chief Security Officers in favor of an unqualified navigational officer because they didn't see the need of having someone in that role onboard as we found out during our last cruise with them prior to the world going crazy.
  10. Is anyone remotely surprised to see this happening with a common denominator being a seemingly rushed return to service? Add to the fact the perceived arrogance of perhaps believing because they're operating a smaller operation that somehow they're in a better position to avoid an outbreak because they've not got thousands of people onboard? I saw a blip on the news the other day clearly stating both Indonesia and the Philippines are the top two infected countries in SE Asia respectively, and as in the case of the idiots in the Hurtigruten offices they admit that the majority of their crew are coming from high risk countries yet they did nothing to keep them separate from the rest of the people onboard to ensure they weren't infected.
  11. https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/9vyLa9/ansatte-i-corona-karantene-jobbet-med-passasjerene-paa-hurtigruten?fbclid=IwAR0nsNUoJClgqDpHdiL7IskpEb0wp-7rTSPP_9BevO9nY8oTeSjy_1W2mcg
  12. Not the official site, but some useful info https://shipmonk.co.uk/2020/08/01/crystal-cruises-cancels-all-ocean-yacht-and-river-sailings-for-the-rest-of-2020/
  13. and it continues to get worse....29 more cases onboard....what were they thinking trying to rush back into service...so stupid! https://www.tv2.no/nyheter/11565352/?utm_source=upday&utm_medium=referral
  14. My guess is likely its one or two from Princess given they've been relatively unscathed so far as the 'loss' of the Grand and Star Princess were already planned long before the current shutdown, not to mention they're pushing hard to get more new builds online
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