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  1. If anyone thinks that a CSR is going to give them all the answers to the burning questions, they will surely be sadly disappointed. As has been mentioned these people are reading a script and nothing more, they are not decision makers and have no power whatsoever to assuage your fears. I imagine that the only upside to sailing in UK waters with UK residents is that if something were to go wrong onboard (i.e. outbreak requiring people to be landed) it would mean less issues politically. Looking in comparison to the likes of RCCL planning on sailing around the Bahamas with vaccinated
  2. It's one thing to 'go their own way' but its another entirely to face the fallout when something goes sideways and they get bit in the backside. As has been referenced already, SeaDream thought they had a good plan and we know what happened there, so does Viking really think their plan is better because they have a lab onboard (has this been confirmed on Venus?) and are catering to a hopefully vaccinated passenger base? Seems more like a fingers crossed and hope for the best approach, and I can't help but think that they must be worse off financially than others if they're not willing to dra
  3. Seems Viking are a little more cash strapped perhaps, hence the reluctance in singling out a group of people over another? Add to the fact they (Viking) will no doubt tout their onboard testing plan as reason enough to not require vaccinated only pax...just a thought
  4. Sounds like one of P&O's infamous IT glitches
  5. Which part is unlikely? The fact that the Caribbean season will or will not go as currently scheduled? OP mentioned flights being full, which would make sense IF they intend on trying to salvage some semblance of a fly-cruise season with limited numbers. I don't think it's appropriate to say there is a scam afoot as some have said, especially if dealing direct with the company as compared to an otherwise unknown travel agency.
  6. Just a thought....its likely that the 2021 Xmas fly-cruise season to the Caribbean might not actually happen as currently advertised, hence the lack of included flights? 🤔 When we consider we're looking at coastal UK cruises this summer with probably one or two ships only, what are the chances that an actual fly cruise season in the Caribbean is likely to go as currently scheduled (on the website)???
  7. I stand corrected with respect to the completion of the form and receiving the refund.
  8. From the P&O website, "Those guests who would prefer a 100% cash refund should fill out this web form and refrain from calling the Customer Contact Centre. We are working to process all new and outstanding refund requests as quickly as possible"
  9. My April 2020 cruise was cancelled so I booked this years cruise at that point, hoping that the virus would be dealt with by then. - As did many others I'm sure Since about September 2020 it was obvious that the cruise would probably not go ahead, but I remained hopeful, which is why I didn't transfer the cruise. - So you knew it wasn't going to ahead, 7 months prior but still waited just in case? I have also been holding back for the possible FCC because, my cruise is already paid for in full. - So this is the actual answer to the previous point, which is fine but why not just say i
  10. The Flags of Convenience angle is only applicable with respect to corporate taxation and perhaps even labour issues; the latter of which can be argued under the variety of regulations in place through the likes of the IMO, etc. I think the reality is that P&O will only resume cruising when they've been given the nod from the gov't and not before as it would be wholly damning to their brand and the larger corporation if they were to have a Diamond Princess type incident as a result of going it alone and trying to skirt the regulations.
  11. Playing Devil's Advocate here and trying to see things from all sides, its important to remember that when it comes to FCC, no company or cruise line is obligated to give people anything shy of a refund for monies paid. The notion of a FCC is in reality a goodwill gesture for allowing the consumer to essentially provide (in this case) P&O an interest free loan whereby the FCC could be considered a return on said loan/investment. I understand that some are holding out on cancelling because they want the return in the form of the FCC for the trouble, but complaining that they've not ye
  12. Read an article recently that basically said NCL were looking at a 90 day window to begin their restart...of course they didn't specify when that 90 days would start, but if we used that as a rough guide for the industry it would make sense that P&O are maybe adopting the same approach? By not taking any future bookings prior to June, not only does this give them time to process cancellations without adding to the burden, but it also falls into that 90 day lead time concept, keeping in mind that they and every other line are working on a sliding scale dependent on local gov't regulat
  13. Quite the opposite, if given the choice between roller coasters, zip lines, climbing walls, etc and the lack of a midships staircase, i'll sooner wait for the lift 😆
  14. Interesting verbiage in the 'policy' under the guise of being some benefit to the consumer 🙄 Viking’s refund policy states: "For additional flexibility, if you are unable to use your voucher, we will automatically send you a refund equal to the original amount paid to Viking after the voucher expires." How convenient for Viking that their policy allows them to hold on to funds, essentially equating to a loan that they're not paying interest on to the lender, and the terms of this loan are such that they don't have to repay the loan until an extended time in the future?
  15. Comparing RCCL to CUK is like comparing chalk and cheese. RCCL has thrown bags of money at all of their 'new' ships over the years with a variety of technologies and gimmicks, all of which are geared toward their target demographic which is typically young to middle age couples and families. They've been churning out new ships at a frantic pace, all of which have had more bells and whistles than the last, whereas CUK (and CCL in general) have kept things pretty basic as the biggest technological marvels on the likes of Britannia as compared to Azura is the lack of a wrap around exterior
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