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  1. I'm getting married on 9/2 on the Pride. I agree with you about the Baltimore water! I was thinking of getting another, cheaper LOL, light white dress to where at one of the ports for a few pictures of him and I, taken by a family member. That way I will have atleast a few with pretty water haha
  2. I believe they have put the packages back to the way they were when you had yours. I am booked under the other 'version of packages', and after that I saw that they had changed AGAIN. A lot of people said they got money back by cancelling under the tiered package, and rebooking under the group package like you had. I chose no alcohol for mine so it didn't make a difference in cost for me. We have 27 non-sailing guest, and I didn't feel right giving alcohol & then having them drive 3+ hours home.
  3. I must have overlooked this! Congrats! How excited are you for this weekend?!?
  4. Thank you so much for this! Happy Anniversary! If you still come back to this thread, would you mind emailing me the docs? Thanks! dakotasmommy1212@gmail.com
  5. Yes, from what I'm told when I talked to the wedding department. I was going to pay for it for us, but it made it better that it's something we get to experience without us having to add it to our s&s card LOL
  6. Are you getting married on the ship? If so, in Baltimore before it leaves, or on one of the islands?
  7. Congrats to all! I will also be looking forward to your review! I will be getting married on the Pride September 2nd, I don't want to wish away summer (especially since it took sooooo long to get warm out!) but can't wait for the day, before we leave Baltimore! I would have loved to get married on one of the islands, but not all of our guest would be able to travel with us. I love that they have the option to get married before hand, and allow guest to board the ship for the wedding! I love your bags and fun times!! Do you have trail or normal size items inside it? I'm wanting to do the same thing! How many are sailing with you guys?!
  8. Where did you guys get his tux from & the cost of it, if you don't mind me asking. I went in and questioned at Men's Warehouse, I think that's the name, close to 2 weeks ago. She took my info down & said she had to talk to her boss about it, that she would call me back in 24-48 hours and I have yet to receive a call. We should look into the prices to purchase as well, compared to renting. If it's not much of a difference we might as well buy too. Are you getting married with Carnival, or another line?
  9. You said you went with the DJ for the reception. Did you have to pick out all the songs to be played? That's the way it seems on their paperwork. If so, do they play them in the order you have written down, or do they mix it up? If not, do you just tell them what 'type' of music to play and they pick the songs? Also, I'm very bad with clothing, but did you wear a Tux or suite? My fiancé wants to wear a Tux, but coming into problems with rentals being most places want it returned the day after the wedding. Any insight you could give on that? I love coming back to your post with all the questions everyone is asking you! Hope you guys are enjoying married life!! :)
  10. Hi! Would you mind sending it to me? Dakotasmommy1212@gmail.com
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