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  1. I'm getting married on 9/2 on the Pride. I agree with you about the Baltimore water! I was thinking of getting another, cheaper LOL, light white dress to where at one of the ports for a few pictures of him and I, taken by a family member. That way I will have atleast a few with pretty water haha
  2. I believe they have put the packages back to the way they were when you had yours. I am booked under the other 'version of packages', and after that I saw that they had changed AGAIN. A lot of people said they got money back by cancelling under the tiered package, and rebooking under the group package like you had. I chose no alcohol for mine so it didn't make a difference in cost for me. We have 27 non-sailing guest, and I didn't feel right giving alcohol & then having them drive 3+ hours home.
  3. I must have overlooked this! Congrats! How excited are you for this weekend?!?
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