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  1. Hubby bought new car a few weeks ago, before the tighter border restrictions came into place. Our cruise refund will no doubt go towards any accommodation necessary when we can set off.I n the meantime, it is coffee and cake for us, and a few more $$ towards care flight and rural fire services appeals.
  2. Faith is restored...our money has been deposited back into our account, what a sigh of relief in this house this morning. I am sure it would have taken much longer if it had not been for the help of this forum in particular ,jland, who were prepared to share their information so again a big THANK YOU.
  3. A glimmer of hope. No phone call just the email... Finally a response at close of business on Friday to say within 72 hrs our monies would be processed back into our account....still waiting, but we are further than we were before and for your help I again say "Thank you".... But we are being cautious and certainly not out spending it yet. I shall post when we are successful. (hope I am not being too optimistic).
  4. Maybe we were too polite, or our money involved not significant enough for them to think we would make a fuss. Pleased you had a good outcome....
  5. Thank you, shall try try this avenue , starting to get more than annoyed now, and yes it was Carl I emailed, the only good thng was that at least his email address was still current as I didn't have it returned to me/
  6. Update folks, no reply for us yet from 1st to cruise, ...also spoke to "Megan" last week, who again checked our bank details and said she would again send them thru to the finance department.....I shall keep at it, I certainly have the time. The fact that you have both received positive outcomes is a glimmer of hope.
  7. Thank you so much...yes I shall keep you in the loop, pleased you got your refund, I think there will be more tears before all of this is over.
  8. Would you be able to share with me the address you used for this TA managing director please as I too have a very similar scenario and have not heard a word.
  9. We also booked our cruise with the above group, which was due to have sailed yesterday...and yes we received the same answer from them as you...we opted for the refund rather than FCC, very quick to take our money and painfully slow in giving it back it would seem.
  10. A Beautiful day In Sydney today, and what a sail away on QE we could have had, all but for the pandemic. But not to worry, I shall open a good bottle of bubbly later this afternoon, sit on our balcony and thank our lucky stars that we are still healthy, and that I hadn't booked more than the cruise to Vancouver... Here's to better times in the not too distant future.
  11. He might be related to that certain North American.
  12. Us as well. If we receive anything back from our cruise TA, it will most likely come in the form of vouchers...Just thanking my lucky stars we didn't book flights hotels etc etc.
  13. According to the Tasmania Dept of health, a passenger from the Sun Princess which docked in Sydney last week has tested positive for the virus. All passengers from Tasmania who were on the ship have been instructed to self isolate until April 2nd. As reported in the Guardian today.
  14. I don't need the cruise excuse for putting on weight anymore. I am rediscovering old cooking skills, a cake a day, and its only the 2 of us.. rock cakes, banana cake, semolina halva etc etc...and a great pizza base recipe using yoghurt and flour.
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