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  1. We left Montreal on the 1st Sept a couple of years ago and did not get any fall colors. I was asking a similar question prior to our booking and was told - go early and get potentially better weather - go later and get better chance of fall colors but more chance of not so good weather. We loved the cruise, the scenery was spectacular even without the fall colors.
  2. We have booked through SB and were offered the Peninsula or the Langham. Based on a recommendation we have chosen the Langham. The price was competitive with prices we could have gotten.
  3. Most of the crew I have sailed with were wonderful. I wish I could say the same about some of the passengers.
  4. We got a brochure the other day advertising the world cruise. The Singapore to Hong Kong section was one of the specials. It was for 12 nights, didn’t stop at Halong Bay or Da Nang which is included on our 14 day cruise on the Ovation. The world cruise segment was quite expensive, although it did have considerable air credit.
  5. Yes, I did that. Singapore Air BC, which was not direct to Hong Kong but direct from Singapore was $500 cheaper than I could book. Econ on Qantas which was direct both ways was also $500 cheaper. Because we preferred to fly direct (not through Singapore) I asked SB to quote on the BC air on Q and it came back at $3000 more than Singapore Air, and the price I could book myself. Hard to work that one out, as the economy ticket was cheaper than I could book. In the end, I booked the direct BC Qantas myself for the same price as the indirect Singapore Air through SB. The flight and departure times were much more favorable.
  6. I got a quote from SB for BNE - HKG and with their promotion of $750 air credit, the prices were cheaper than I could book. IMO it is always worthwhile getting them to quote. You don’t need to accept it.
  7. We will be in Disneyland that night. I was just looking at the crowd calendar for that day. I think I would rather be on a SB ship!!!
  8. Yes. I took photos and posted them on this thread here. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2521743&page=2
  9. We have had two cruises where the water sports have begun, only to be ceased about 30mins to 1hr later due to conditions and another where they didn’t start also due to water conditions. Although things looked quite calm from the deck, once on the water it was a different story. The sea conditions usually only get tougher but occasionally they smooth out. The captain can never win but usually they are correct.
  10. Yes, that is what we did on the Encore and Ovation, the Programs on the bikes in the gym are very good (and can be set to easy or hard depending on what you want to do). On the Odyssey and the Quest, the gym instructors (we had more confidence with them as they seemed more knowledgeable) did circuits with us, one activity was on a spin bike. We paid for 3 sessions which were separate to the free abs classes followed by Pilates which were both free 30 min sessions. The abs class was at 6:30 am which allowed time to dine and still do excursions. On the Encore and Ovation, the classes started later and were not as frequent. Each group was about 8 persons, first in first served. If full, which in my experience only happens on the first few days of a cruise, there are a couple of wait list positions. I have been to classes which have been full and others where I was the only one.
  11. I have never seen spin classes offered. For classes that are offered, there are clipboards between the spa and the gym entrance (at least they are on the Ovation and Encore). If I remember correctly, on the O class ships, the clipboards are at the spa counter. What classes are are offered and time seems to depend on the personnel who runs them (or the gym manager, not sure) but on our O class cruises we could do the classes before a tour and loved them. On the Ovation and Encore, the classes were later and so we rarely did them. The PM classes we did not do as we prefer to exercise in the AM and go to the TK bar in the PM.
  12. We did Istanbul to Venice in the Odyssey, our first cruise of soon to be 70 days on SB and stopped at many of the ports in your SB cruise #1. Loved the ports. For Ephesus, we unfortunately docked in Izmir which is further from Ephesus than Kusadasi so we didn’t do the evening concert (a reason to return). I would certainly go for #1 While we have not traveled SS personally, several friends who were on that SB cruise with us have since traveled SS have told us they would much prefer SB to SS. Other friends who always traveled SS will not travel with them again.
  13. We cancelled several all day excursions on our last SB cruise. In all cases bar one, we were provided a full refund. The one we were not given a refund was the Bruges tour for which DW was sick at the last minute and we tried to cancel within the 24 hr period. Others were outside the 48 hrs because we had decided that all day tours we not much fun in places which we had been to before (eg. Cinqe Terre tour) and we were given a full refund.
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