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  1. We are not allowed out Queensland let alone Australia at the moment and I suspect it will be that way until a vaccine is available. So far this year we have cancelled : Feb 28 - Hong Kong to Singapore on SB July - Cyprus to visit our son and family. August - Athens to Athens on SB A couple of trips to Melbourne Several trips to Sydney to visit our other son and family. So the video conferencing has been huge in our place over the past six months. If only COVID had waited a couple of months, at least we would have gotten the first cruise in.
  2. It is the same in AUS, only AUS citizens are allowed in and they must quarantine in a hotel at their expense for 14 days. QLD state border is closed, only Queenslanders are allowed in. Qatar has had flights to BNE but only to bring returning Australians home. Emirates and Etihad have announced they are about to do the same.
  3. We drove from NYC to Burlington up HWY 100 (could not take the hire car across the border, so we bused it from there). Loved it. We stayed at Shelburne Farm by Lake Champlain. There are so many great parts of the world, it’s a shame we can’t see them at the moment.
  4. Nice to here that, glad you enjoy it. Haven’t been to that side. When were did Montreal to Boston, it was a toss up as we wanted to do both, but chose New England side. So when things calm down I am sure we will get to Alaska. Thanks.
  5. That’s what we did on the East Coast in Bar Harbor for a lobster meal. My mouth is watering at the thought, and a great way to dine.
  6. That may be the case in the smaller suites (23sq m) I think, on about deck 7 or 8 (near the front of the ship) which may differ but most suits are identical and have both separately. I have not been in or even seen a penthouse suite so I can’t comment on that. I have been on both the Ovation and the Encore and apart from the decor (the marble is lighter in color) the bathrooms in most suites are virtually the same as the Odyssey and the Quest. Even though the showers are small, they are fine for us and I would rather the extra space elsewhere in the cabin rather than the showe
  7. I wish they would not keep changing the conditions all the time. It seems there is a different policy for each canceled cruise.
  8. It was late Feb and cancelled a couple of weeks earlier. ours has not changed and I refreshed the pages. ”Please allow up to 60 days for processing. Consumer must use the FCC towards a future Seabourn cruise booking(s). Consumer must use the FCC by December 31, 2020 or it will be forfeited in its entirety. FCC is only valid on cruises sailing in 2020 and 2021. The consumer must use the FCC to book a cruise(s) by December 31, 2020; such cruise(s) needs to sail by December 31, 2021. FCC may be subject to additional terms and conditions as provided by Seabourn and m
  9. Yes but we were on one of the first cruises they cancelled. And then we had to wait a while (not sure how long but it was weeks, not days)
  10. No. I have received the refunds. I have nothing from SB but the TA may have received an email and not forwarded it.
  11. That is nice to hear. My Travel Insurance refunded me also when I phoned them. I took out the policy 7 months previous. Their only concern was that I was going to try to claim from them, what I knew I could not as I had read the PDS. I also claimed airline cancellation fees from SB which they paid within a few weeks. But that was early March. I do hope you get your cruise refund soon. Personally I think SB should have employed someone to send out emails, to keep guests updated.
  12. Well said, Isklaar, that is also what I thought. I think everyone should get their refunds and I’m sure SLSD does also. However I am also sure that some want to get their refunds before SB/Carnival run out of money and that is understandable. Personally I think that Carnival won’t run out of money but that is only a guess from what I have read.
  13. I don’t think that is what is meant. I don’t think that anyone wants to lose money, I certainly don’t but I won’t be begging for my next dollar if I do. I felt so sorry for the thousands I saw at the Overseas Terminal in Sydney lined up to board the Ruby Princess on the 8th March, who were there, what appeared to me and from what I saw in news interviews, because they had saved for a long time for the “cruise of a lifetime” and could not afford to lose the money.
  14. I will tell you whether it works. I downloaded it yesterday. Because of the early shutdown, AUS has done well. I hope it continues when things open up. I think that is the purpose of the app, not for now but for when thinks open up. I think in the last 24hrs AUS only had 4 additional cases, and are testing over 20,000 test/million population which is very high. So I don’t expect the app to do much for now but from this weekend, when things open up, it may be totally different.
  15. For the moment, I think I am glad to be Australian and living in Australia. It is so sad seeing what is happening around the world.
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