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  1. Hi we have a royal up offer for a GS on Explorer for Nov 7th. Are the perks for booking a GS this way matched to a direct booking of a GS Many thanks.
  2. Thanks for this information. on one of the three B2Bs this is the OTA breakdown. RCI Resevation No. XXXXXXXXXXX $202.00 Govt charges and fees $173.16 NCF $380.00 $50 OBC RCI $ 0.00 $50 OBC OTA $ 0.00 $50 OBC Loyalty credit $ 0.00 Total paid $755.16 Am I right in thinking that NCF charges are the Port fees. and the FCC would be for $202 Thanks to all
  3. Thanks for the replies. Does this mean the port taxes are refunded as a FCC but can't be used towards port taxes on a new cruise.
  4. We were across from an Effy building. Effy that's the one. I couldn't remember the name of the duty free shop..
  5. Its the first building to the left after the Duyt free shop and ATMs as you exit the shuttle boats at Main Square. It's temporarily closed. Address 65 Front St The Boardwalk Z/N, Philipsburg
  6. Sorry for another FCC question. I have read many threads on this topic but have not found the info I am looking for. I have a feeling we will not be on the Expolrer Nov 7- 14 -21 cruises due to either RCCL cancel the cruises or been denied entry to the US from UK. How does the FCV work for this booking I can't remember what type of offer was on at the time to make the price difference between the guests, we are both D+ Guest 1 $727 plus taxes and fees $99.04 Guest 2 $245 plus taxes and fees of $99.04 for a hump balcony (2D). (great price we think) My questions are Will we get 1 voucher or 2. I understand that the taxes and fees are returned to credit card do the port taxes come back as a FCV or to the credit card. Also if the next cruise has no offer eg BOGO, 50 or 60 off can the voucher be used to reduce the total cruise cost of 2 guests regardless of the offers. Sorry for the confusing post.
  7. Nov 07th 14th and 21st on Explorer, no available check in as yet
  8. Received an email today from Royal part of it read Dear Sean, Please take a moment to read the polite payment reminder we have attached to this email. The attachment gives the date of payment as. Balance due no later than: 25 September 2021 43 days to due date and a reminder sent. Hope this isn't a sign of an upcoming cancellation
  9. Recent RCI 4 nighter out of Southampton £80 ($111) per person per day for the drinks package.
  10. I had the displeasure of an encounter with him one day. He was sat on two stacked chairs with another chair next to him with his bag on it. I asked him nicely if he could move his bag so I could take the chair. He looked at me said no then turned his head away. I picked up his bag put it on the table and removed the chair. He did the DYKWIA rant. I had no idea who this rude person was and told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of him and his arrogant ways. I have seen him on many cruises since, he always recognises me and stares at the floor as I pass.
  11. Really https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9342522/pregnant-mum-forgives-womb-raiding-attacker-ellie-wilkins/
  12. I think I may have solved this. Rccl cancelled my Empress cruise for November this year which was a L&S from last November I asked the TA to enquire if this L&S could be reapplied to Explorer. This was not an option and I didn't get round to trying to cancel until today. When I submitted the online form it was rejected as an error, I am thinking this may have been converted to a FCC as it's a while since I received the cancellation email. I will check with TA in the morning. Can a FCC be swopped for a refund. Thanks.
  13. I have just received an email from RCCL saying my FCC has been extended. I have never requested a FCC I have cancelled cruises but have always picked a cash refund. There is no reference number, no TA mentioned. I have no idea where this came from. Is there anywhere online I can check to try get to the bottom of this. Thanks.
  14. It's not everyone. its the 25mil people over 55 and the vulnerable. End of year at the earliest for EVERYONE to get the jabs.
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