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  1. I was going to suggest this too. Depending on which terminal you are in there are other stores and restaurants on the departure level outside of security. If your luggage is not too onerous to carry up a level and you don't care for what is on the baggage claim level you should be able to find something and sit down for a few. Enjoy your trip.
  2. I was thinking the comment was directed at common area furniture, i.e. seats in bars, etc. I assume that gets changed out in a long drydock. Subsequent comments seem to lessen this issue, if there was one.
  3. Adventure just went through a drydock and refurb in early 2018, so your comment about worn furniture and carpet is a little concerning . . . Glad you had a good time and thanks for the review.
  4. Thanks for the review. I’ve been away from CC for a while due to other obligations but I finally had time to go through this entire thread. I’m sorry you had bad luck at the JW, I usually refer anybody who is coming here for business there if they want a Miami hotel. They really dropped the ball w/you. Hope you survive the next month.
  5. I apologize if this has already been mentioned as I did not read every single post in this thread. For all who are discussing the new Deck 11 JS staterooms, CL Rick stayed in one on Adventure shortly after it came out of drydock and posted some videos of the room. Maybe someone w/more time and some tech savvy can find them and link them here. The rooms looked really nice.
  6. I did not watch the video and have not read how long the ride actually is, but let's assume the ride time averages 5 minutes for entry, safety check, zip around the track and exit. So the car can run an average of 12 times in an hour, times two people is 24 people, times 4 cars running at once is 96 people an hour. if it runs for an average of 10 hours a day that's 960 riders a day, and I think 10 hours a day might be low. The ship holds 5,200 passengers, if 60% of them want to ride that's a little over 3,000 so in theory everybody should be able to go once in a little over 3 days. My bigger issue is how they will set up times for riding, will they just have a line like an amusement park or will they give you a ticket to come at a certain time and tell the passengers you will ride within an hour or so of your arrival time, something like that.
  7. Have you heard if the casino setup will be the same as it is on the Bliss re separating the smokers and nonsmokers? Thanks. Looking at a March 2020 trip and trying to talk some friends who are gamblers & who love Celebrity b/c of the smoke free casinos into coming w/us.
  8. In addition to email or the website I believe you can send him messages through the social media site that I cannot mention on here but is not the kind of book you need to face the ocean. That’s how I communicated with Steve.
  9. Your plan is fine. There are lots of places in southern Palm Beach/north Broward where you could stay Thurs. and Friday night on the beach then drive to Miami on Sat. Or you could stay at one of those places and drive to Miami on Sunday morning. There are lots of options. Find something that looks good to you and go with it. Someone above mentioned driving on I-95. If you were going to drive to Miami on Friday I’d suggest doing so between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to avoid traffic. Rush hour in South Fla. can be soul-crushing. But if you go midday or on a weekend you’ll be fine. The PBI airport is nice. Not too big and easy access.
  10. As noted above there are private companies that will fly you from Cozumel so you have a lot more time at the ruins. I thought I saw $350 or so a person. Or, if you are REALLY into seeing Chitzen Itza . . .there is an excursion on Royal's web page where they take you from Mahaual to C.I. the day before, you spend the night there, go to the ruins the next morning so you get a lot more time there and then go back to the ship at Cozumel. I think its $650 or so a person. Not my way to spend a cruise vacation but to each his own . . . Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  11. I was afraid he was making you walk the plank. Keep up the good work. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  12. Last NYE on Nav there were no packages and specialties were $79 PP on NYE. Rest of the cruise they were back to normal but no deals. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  13. Did you put the pineapple in your grocery cart upside down? Inquiring minds want to know . . .
  14. I have not but it’s on the short list. I’m a recent arrival to the rum game. I was out of town for the Rum Renaissance Festival but am going to try to go next year.
  15. As you can see I am a So. Fla. resident too (technically Davie but work downtown Lauderdale) and I have 10 pineapple plants in some stage of growth, plus two more suckers that need to be broken off and planted. I totally agree that homegrown are much better. I think it’s b/c the longer they stay on the plant the sweeter they are, which is difficult to do w/store bought b/c they need time to get them from the fields to the store w/o getting too ripe. The one in the picture was absolutely delicious. I see in your signature that you are going on the Serenade rum tour. I’m very jealous. Unfortunately this time I can’t, um, swing it . . .
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