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  1. Congrats! Hiring a wedding coordinator was smart! Right now I am kind of wishing I had gone that route. So far carnival has been very helpful, I have not done much with their vendor (The Wedding Experience) so remains to be seen if they will be difficult. I am going to force myself to start reviewing that paperwork today after I put together the printed wedding invitations I just got in the mail yesterday : )
  2. Hi & Congratulations! How did it go? I am getting married on the Liberty on 5/17/19. Any advice to pass along? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, We are getting married on the Carnival Liberty May 17th, 2019 in Port Canaveral! We booked back in October and now that my countdown is below 3 months I am trying to actually get all of the details together. We send out a virtual save the date in October and it looks like we will actually have 30 or more friends and family sailing with us. Now that the wedding is under 3 months away I am trying to kick it into high gear and figure out all of the details. Finally ordered actual paper invitations, need to figure out who does make up and hair in the Port Canaveral area. Trying not to stress. I have such a small list I know it shouldn't stress me out much! I cannot imagine how anyone manages to plan a big in town wedding : )
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