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  1. I didn't give enough detail on the matter, the pieces where stolen and the bag returned to me without the lock. I have also traveled on cruises and land vacations without incident I guess it is the luck of the draw. I have been able to carryon my luggage at port Miami, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale so hopefully I don't run into any issues. Clarea are the scanners the same size as those ports?
  2. Hello everyone I was just wondering for those of you who have traveled on Freedom of the seas recently do you recall if you were required to give them your luggage upon arrival to the port or where you able to keep it with you? Reason I am asking is because on a previous cruise some new clothing items were taken from my locked luggage.
  3. sds

    Carnival in Barbados

    I wonder what the heck they are talking about then they also adjusted those cruising on July 22 which makes sense but not my sailing
  4. sds

    Carnival in Barbados

    Hello Thanks for the info I am from New York and have experience simalair events, couldn't agree with you more. The weird thing is I will be there August 22nd so I don't know if this type of party goes on through out the month or if it is a special event. It says something about a night market but to be honest I think that to me is asking for trouble.
  5. Hello has anyone been to carnival in Barbados. I was just sent an email stating that my itinerary has changed for my August trip next month. Is there something that must do while there for the festivities?
  6. Hello everyone I know this is the Florida departure boards but looking for some guidance on departures from Puerto Rico and places to stay before
  7. Typically they remit payment post cruise which was the scenario the last 3 that I booked through them. The usual time frame is 3 months post cruise. My advice is to keep all information about booking and a copy of reservation so if they don't automatically send it to you can submit it. I had it happen once before sent them the documents they sent me my check a couple weeks later very easy process.
  8. Krisco There is no car rental at crown bay. I was told that there wasn't one at havensight just the off site one near crown bay where I was. I would call to confirm with them on both the jeep and location considering I was given a different car sat pick up as well as another couple the was there. Have a great trip and remember STAY to the LEFT LOL .
  9. Well I am doing what most don't do on this forum and that is a follow up. Budget rent a car no longer has a port site at Havensight from what I understand or that's what I was told. I was taken to the Crown bay port because the Harmony of the sea is just to large for the Havensight port. Budget picked me up at Crown bay and brought me to their office which was a 5 to 10 min walk now looking back on it, the cars were in decent shape the service people were very helpful but seemed a bit disorganized they didn't have the car I reserved initially but gave me another and charged me less money so it is what it is. The overall experience was painless and they did go out of their way to make sure I had what I needed and that they got me and my family to and from the office. The cost for a midsize car was 42.60 all in I was able to find my way around with the help of the locals (which were all very helpful I spoke with a total of 15 lol) and a map that Budget gave me. Be aware there is very little signage if any hence me chatting with everyone I saw lol but once I figured it out it made the adventure that much more fun and memorable. also note that Budget does not rent GPS. FYI I was able to hit all my targets (e.g. Drakes, Moutaintop and beach) St Thomas is absolutely beautiful.
  10. I was there on Wednesday we used a company called Calypso tours that I found while walking off the ship they were negotiable cost was 20 bucks for me and my wife and 15 for my daughter they took us all around the island including the rainforest, timothy point and carambola beach and even picked us up at the beach 2 hrs later they also supplied water, soda, fruit punch and rum. Tour was about 3hrs not including beach time worth every cent. ( Just an FYI when he dropped us off at the beach we gave him payment in full I told him when he comes back he can get his tip he came and found me right on time his name was Stevenson he was and honest and professional let me take a pic of his ID so there was no nonsense)
  11. Just an FYI I was there on Wednesday on the Harmony I was NOT charged a fee they gave me 3 wrist bands when I went up to the bar so that my family and I could use the bathroom. The beach is absolutely stunning nice sand superb blue green clear waters and a beautiful view. Another family was with our group of (towles) lol was also there and not charged so I guess its hit or miss. On a side note I would agree just go there on your own and call ahead for seats. Just my experience so take it for what its worth. (my band was neon green)
  12. Hello everyone I need some insight about car rentals in St Thomas. I currently have a car reserved with Budget at the port when I visit next month. I have read multiple reviews about this rental area being a PITA to deal with at times. I am just wondering how the experience went and is there any caveats I should be aware of. Additionally, if anyone has any tips on driving here they would be greatly appreciated. I have read they drive on the left side which I think I should be able to handle. and that refueling could be expensive. I guess that is relative since I want the flexibility to go to Drakes seat, Mountain top, and the overlook of Charlotte Amalie then hop over to Sapphire bay or Magens bay for a quick dip and some additional photo ops of this beautiful island. I did the pricing of taxis going from each destination and it seemed exorbitant hence the reason for the rental. If anyone has more areas they think I should check out by all means let me know. Thank you.
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