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  1. Just returned from tortola I was able to book with sensations ferry for 40 bucks round trip including the ride to and from baths. The ferry was very clean workers were nice they gave free waters and ferry had wifi Virgin Gorda was absolutely beautiful and should not be missed highlight of my trip devils Bay and baths are stunning the hike wasn't horrible it was 3 bucks to get into baths they had plenty of bathrooms foot washers and bar restaurant on the top. Don't pay what the cruise ship wants for my trip it was 119 per person lol I had 5 people all in for 200 flat rather than 600 for the cruise excursion. Pro tip lol go through the booking process online don't look at daily times they setup excursions outside of those time for us cruisers it was 830 am to 130 pm more than enough time if you looked online at the dailys nothing showed those times. Hope this helps as these forums have died down alot not much current info on them
  2. Follow up PBI was the way to go car service was great ended up being picked up by brand new Lincolnon navigator dropped right at the gate. Easy tsa nice airport way way way less chaotic than Fll and Mia . PS Uber was 250 for the same exact ride not including tip I pre arranged for 175 tip included surge pricing is highway robbery so be aware that it can get pretty expensive.
  3. Ok so here is the follow up. I had car deliver to Port no need to go to airport its pretty much a waste of money just set it up with car rental agency. The anally pools were easy to get to just drive to cambria go towards guard tower they will show you where the path is I parked and made my way there so don't let the naysayers say it can't be done...it can. Just use common sense. That being said I was also able to get to point Udall which does have a very nice view but quite honestly not much going on there they took all the lettering off stating it was the Eastern most point of the USA so that was disappointing. The array is in some random area while you are making your way to point Udall again nothing there just a fenced area and the array pretty cool to see but not something I would go out of my way for. The beaches were nice I was able to stop on the road a couple of time to check them out I also was able to hit Rainbow Beach at the end of the day again a standard beach. Christestead boardwalk was basically closed as this is the off season so don't waste your time Goin unless in season parking in the lot was 1 dollar and hour but since I wasn't a local I paid 2 lol. All in all a nice place but as far as USVI goes St Thomas hands down has more going on. Also for those who are wondering verizon phone service was in network so I had cell service the whole time. Best of luck to all that go at least this info is current for 2023.
  4. I am also coming in august 15th on adventure of the seas can you share any info you might have on the annaly pools? can it be done from pier? I satrted a post but no one seems to have any info.Thank you.
  5. Has anyone done this from the pier on their own was it worth it? Not much written about it in the forums here but I have found some information.
  6. I just checked with a car service they quoted me 200 ish all in for 5 of us and luggage this maybe the way to go at this point I have found same day rentals also for around 160 but for the extra cash I may just go with car service I will continue the search thanks for the input.
  7. Hey blue water Yeah I didn't realize it was going to be so short because of the ferry service I was able to find another ferry that leaves 145 so that is an option it is cutting it close with a return by 215 but it remains an option
  8. Thank you for your response. I am looking at some ferry options I am there 7 to 3 speedy smmes to be the best option at this point awaiting email response i will look into the others you have suggested
  9. I am flying in the day before so no worries. Thank you for the heads up I will keep all this in mind since I am touching down at 630 pm on a Friday lol so we shall see.
  10. Ok thank you I am flying in from NY and it was considerable cheaper and way better times than newark,jfk,lga swf which are all close to me. Additionally the 52 min drive is not bad considering mia to fla is about 40 mins it is a viable option if you are coming from NYC area prices to fly in are nearly half. Fyi renting a car at pbi and dropping it off at fll is about 90 bucks not bad for 5 people and luggage and having the flexibility to shop before I leave the next day. I may just rent again and do reverse trip dropping car off the same day once I get back. Like I said just seeing what others may have done. For those that will read this post I will follow up and give you my outcome upon my return.
  11. Hello didnt see much about West Palm beach airport here but I got an incredible deal with perfect times so looking for some insight if anyone else has done this and what they did. I have found car services for my party of 5 with luggage so I do have something in the pipe but figured I see what else was out there. I dont see many people flying into this airprt is there something I am missing? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello All, Wondering who has done this without the ship excursion (since mine is sold out ). Any insight into how I would go about doing this on my own or any tips from others that have done it. I have checked trip advisor but prices seem very expensive for my party of five. Thanks in a advance.
  13. Hello I will do what most do not do here and that is a follow up. My ship docked with all other 8 ships I carried my own luggage walked to the customs cameras (which make the debarkation process really quick) out to taxi spot got a van taxi for 5 of us for 27 plus tip went through check in process at MIA and security and was sitting by 835 ish all in. I walked off ship at 710- 715 ish. If you are focused and just stay on task this can be achieved by anyone. Happy travels to everyone I am off to plan my next trip.
  14. Just took these today clearly says MUST be a member. Lucky you for not being a member to purchase, but for the 12 dollar buy in its not really a bad deal either way. Enjoy your cruise and your free reduced gift cards.
  15. Yeah I agree but remember I did not do this the airline did I am looking for some insight from someone else who had dealt with this type of situation and what they did to resolve it unfortunately the next flight is 7pm ish from mia
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