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  1. Actually the question should perhaps be " Who would even consider boarding a ship at any time in the future with this virus present"? I for one will probably never again set sail on a cruise ship. Too much risk of contracting a deadly disease.
  2. Exactly my point. Why tell the OP that a dark jacket and pants was not "formal" enough?
  3. Really? I was on the QV last July, in Queens Grill. Here we were with our gown and tux, and there was a man coming to dinner in black jeans and a bomber jacket. EVERY NIGHT IN QUEENS GRILL. Yes he was elderly, but nobody said anything. He was taken care of, shown to his table and served. The tone of the responses here is atrocious. Yes your husband will be just fine in a dark jacket and pants. What you will have to protect yourself from are the sanctimonious people who have decided that it is their Cunard and will abide nothing else but what they want. We saw many people out and about who wer
  4. On QV in July we ordered all of the interesting offers. Duck al 'Orange, Rack of Lamb, Beef Wellington, Chateaubriand etc. On our last evening, we requested that the chef cook us a traditional Indian meal. He was brought up in India, so we thought it would be good. It was fabulous! He made two starters, samosas and an interesting ground meat kabob. For the main course he made shrimp curry and chicken curry accompanied by a wonderful fragrant rice. He even made a special desert. Indian ice cream! It was mango and served with clear noodles and a mango sauce. Everything was so good!
  5. I have asthma, and when I travel I always bring a course of antibiotics and prednisone just in case I get really sick. I have been seeing the same doctor for years, so he understands that I may need to self medicate on vacation. He makes sure I have plenty of what I may need, and reminds me to call him should I get badly ill. Perhaps doing this would allow you to travel easier.
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