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  1. Yep. Guess they may have been aware of the announcement that was subsequently made or were anticipating it at least. Time will tell. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. I’ve just been on the phone to a well know cruise TA to cancel my cruise at the end of August as my balance is due this week and we have decided that whatever the situation at the time that we won’t want to travel. We were more than happy to accept the FCC for the deposit we had paid but want to cancel before the balance is due as we didn’t want to commit to paying the full balance knowing that we wont be travelling regardless of the incentives if we cancel at a later stage. As the TA balance is due a week before the ‘official’ balance due date from P&O they asked me if I wanted to wait another week to see if there are anymore announcements from P&O next week before making a final decision. I maybe over thinking this but I’m wondering if they know something that we don’t and that another announcement from P&O is due within the next week.
  3. Selbourne I am one of the people who 'stupidly' sit at the end of the row. I am a fit and healthy looking 43 year old and yet I have a health problem that means I have to sometimes urgently get back to the cabin. I will always happily move aside to let people get to seats in the row but by sitting on the end of the row it means that if and when I need to get out I can do so easily, quickly and without disturbing anyone. Might be worth taking a few moments to consider why people choose to do certain things before labelling them in such a way.
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