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  1. 23 minutes ago, Mimiya11 said:

    Lucky you. 

    Move up from what level to what level?  

    From a reg Veranda cabin to Concierge cabin..... just bid minimum.... This will be my first Celebrity cruise...  many on RCCL and never put a bid in for a move up,  But I got this  cruise for a great price so thought I'd try, as  I wouldnt have paid regular price for the Concierge



  2. 9 minutes ago, phabric said:

    I have taken the same Stavanger boat tour 2x.  Both times for our waffle stop we had a small restaurant and ate inside..  I had sunny weather both times and stayed on the upper deck the whole time.

    Was this tour  through the  Cruise line  or independent??   Have this port next June.... thanks for any information



  3. 2 minutes ago, boscobeans said:

    Got the Deluxe on 8/26 for $48.00 / day (plus gratuity)

    Replenish (non-alcohol) for $18.00 / day (plus Gratuity)

    And VOOM for $8 dollars a day.


    12  night Grandeur OTS (03/07/2020)


    Price went right back up the next day or so.


    I have heard that the PRE cruise price is LOWER than whea is offered on the cruise

    wow....you grabbed it at great pricing..


  4. reading all the drink package comments and pricing....  i'm more confused...Sailed many cruises, but never purchased a drink package... however with my upcoming Trans cruise, so many more sea days I think it's time....


    Question I have is: I am D+...  and think package is available on ship at what seems to be a better discount than what is offered currently....   from you who know .. please give me some advice....  thanks in advance..



  5. 51 minutes ago, OzKiwiJJ said:


    You should have no problems. You'll be docked at the cruise terminal at Circular Quay, just a short walk to the ferry to the zoo. As a B2B passenger you'll get instructions in your cabin before you arrive in Sydney for the changeover. You may get a new seapass for the second cruise and possibly something that identifies you as a transit passenger. Then you just go ashore when ready (but may have to be off the ship by a certain time regardless), go to the zoo, then reboard in the afternoon. I think there is a short-cut through the terminal for transit passengers - I can recall seeing signs when boarding cruises there.

    thank you for that information...

  6. Hello everyone..... I have a B2B cruise out of Sydney... ( and keeping same cabin ).... will it  be any problem  to get off the  ship and spend some time in Sydney that day in between the two?,,,  FIrst time there ...so have to ask  Thank you for any help and tips...  Spending a few days prior to the cruises.., but  was thinking to save the  Sydney zoo for that in between day....



  7. was on an Alaska cruise the first week of September... had excellent weather (only a little rain in one port).. the ports were having great end of year sales... saw the whales, even bears hiking one day in Juneau... would book again that time of year..

  8. At the end of the whale watch with Harv & Marv. The called me a taxi to take me Mendenhall. (Actually called in on way back in so was waiting for me ) then just caught the shuttle bus back to town from Mendenhall that runs all the time



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  9. We just departed today. Sad. We had the most wonderful time on the Allure celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.


    I thought I would share a little info and some pictures in the event there were others that booked this room or were contemplating booking this room. DO IT!!!


    I don't have a comparison but I feel it was the best balcony room. It provided us with a perfect view of the aqua theatre and access to the "secret balcony" at the back of the ship on this floor. In addition it was a great view of the Boardwalk for people watching.






    Our view in Nassau.



    Our view in St Thomas









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    thanks for posting have this exact room book January 2015….. after your posts and pics….can't wait

  10. We are cruising on 2/10 on Liberty of the Seas, getting in the night before. I hate waiting in lines, how early or late should we get there to avoid lines or hassles.


    I heard somewhere that getting there at 10:30am they were on the boat by 11:30, but I wasn't sure if this is normal or not.





    cruised on LOS in Dec.... left on hotel shuttle @ 11:30, and was sitting on the ship by 12... line was moving very quickly

  11. Congratulations. And Liberty has a nice DL


    I see you were on Vison last year. We are sailing on her in May. A big change for us--much smaller ship--think we will like it


    was on the redone Vision in Nov.....its beautiful... enjoy!

  12. I have my first B2B on Liberty in 2 weeks...second week was added just a month ago so had aft cabins on deck 9 and 10 instead of same cabin.... kept watching and another deck 10 aft opened up this week...hopefully making it alittle easier to move between...


    not sure why the thumbs down either....but can't wait for first back to back !!!!

  13. a 10 night cruise out of Baltimore for Nov 2014, Grandeur of the Seas! I am so very excited! We have never cruised RCI before (or for this long), and are looking forward to the first time! Anything tips/tricks, that I need to know about RCI, or more specific GOS? I will be traveling with DH, and our 3 kiddos (ages 4, 6, and 8).


    I'd like to ask, is it common for the price to drop between now and final payment? Just want to figure out how closely I should monitor cruise prices between now and then.


    there are websites that will monitor the price and alert you for drops at a VERY minimal fee... cruise fish dot net

  14. This is making me nervous.. I scheduled a 10:35 am flight out of FLL. I've seen several reports of long lines to disembark from Liberty. I guess I need to figure out if DD (age 10) and I can do carry our bags out and do the self-disembark early to make sure we make our flight.


    Do you know what time the people carrying their own luggage were able to leave?


    was on LOS in DEC... did carry off my bags...and we started departure at 8am..

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