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  1. Was this tour through the Cruise line or independent?? Have this port next June.... thanks for any information Michele
  2. yes..I have have to wait one time on a GTY until we got to the pier ( different cruise line)... but ended up with a suite , so worth the anxiety of it all...LOL
  3. wow....you grabbed it at great pricing..
  4. okay... good to know... price today is $52
  5. reading all the drink package comments and pricing.... i'm more confused...Sailed many cruises, but never purchased a drink package... however with my upcoming Trans cruise, so many more sea days I think it's time.... Question I have is: I am D+... and think package is available on ship at what seems to be a better discount than what is offered currently.... from you who know .. please give me some advice.... thanks in advance.. Michele
  6. Hello everyone..... I have a B2B cruise out of Sydney... ( and keeping same cabin ).... will it be any problem to get off the ship and spend some time in Sydney that day in between the two?,,, FIrst time there ...so have to ask Thank you for any help and tips... Spending a few days prior to the cruises.., but was thinking to save the Sydney zoo for that in between day.... Michele
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