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  1. Which RavPower router do you have? I'm thinking about getting one, but there are multiple options. Thank you!
  2. I just sent it for a trip in January 2020 and one in May 2020 and both were credited to the bookings. I just do it so I don't have to worry about it.
  3. Just got a letter saying they were giving $50 pp on board credit for the problems today.
  4. Captains noon update said we will still be to Ft. Lauderdale on time. Working on getting the fourth engine going. Still running some tests. All ship services up and running. Captain apologized many times for missing the port, but said safety first. Just seems like a normal sea day on board. Guest Services said we will be reimbursed port taxes and fees.
  5. I would assume the next cruise wouldn’t leave until they have the issues resolved. I’ll post later if the captain gives us anymore updates.
  6. We are on this cruise currently. Captain said as of now we will be getting into Ft. Lauderdale on time. Running on just 2 engines, but all ship services are working as far as I know. Blackout was around 6:15am. Wondering if we should be getting any kind of credit for missing HMC due to mechanical issues?
  7. Yes. You have to take the ships shuttle to the Egan Center in downtown. The shuttles drop off and pick up from there on a regular schedule.
  8. Used Harv and Marv’s in 2017. It was great. Nothing to worry about. They sold the company several years ago but the company still operates as Harv and Marv’s. I recommend using a company like this instead of booking through the cruise ships. It’s cheaper, you get more time on the water, and the tour boats are usually smaller.
  9. The short answer is yes. You can see the glaciers from the ship and they usually spin the ship around so you can see it from both sides.
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