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  1. Always love finding your trip reviews. Amazing photos! Your daughter is very brave snorkeling ... how old is she? Holy yikes on your foot _ you really did a great number on it. Hope the pain is getting less and less.
  2. The Breakaway hasn’t sailed the Eastern Caribbean out of Port Canaveral yet ... her first sailing is November on that itinerary
  3. Following along ... love your reviews and all the stunning photos
  4. When signing up, does everyone in your party need to go sign up or can one person sign up everyone? A couple cabins.
  5. Lol ... hope you slapped a patch on
  6. Following along ... love the hammock idea.
  7. I am pretty sure hubby wore his shorts (cargo type)into the Manhattan on the Escape ... is this a new rule?
  8. Thanks for the spreadsheet ... hubby smokes, now I will know where to find him 😉
  9. I really like NCL, but with the prices going up and up, I will definitely be pricing others next time.
  10. Following along .... on the Breakaway next February out of PortCanaveral. Enjoying your style of writing - so fun. Can’t wait to learn more about the patches.
  11. "Saw the couple on board who were complaining on their twitter account. I’ll reserve comment about them (especially her)." I can just imagine what she is really like. Crazy how she acted with the two cuts to the gentleman - that didn't even look like they needed stitches. Some people just feel entitled. I imagine it was a tad scary - maybe a little more scary for some. But why someone would be unable to clean up a little broken glass and mess in their cabin is beyond me. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  12. Thanks for the great read. I love how adventurous you are, touring around the towns. LOVE all the drink pics too.
  13. You make travelling solo sound like a lot of fun!
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