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  1. I am really wanting to book a day here while our ship is in port. There will be 8-12 of us. Our ship is in port from 8:00am until 4:00pm. My first question is - is this enough time? What would be a good/safe time to leave / grab a taxi back to port - I am think 2:00pm? will we be able to get one taxi/van or will we have to take two? Any hints / steps to follow to make this easy?
  2. Just finished reading ... another great trip report 🙂
  3. LOL .... it's 2020, anything can happen! .... OK .... March 2022
  4. Please tell me there isn’t going to be a go cart track .... there is so little outside space on the ships already. We just booked the Escape again for March 2020 ... one of the main reasons we chose to sail on her again is because my boys love the sports deck (that Bliss and Encore don’t have). Also not keen on all the new added items (karts and laser tag) that have an up charge.
  5. I do like coffee ... and water would be a bonus. Do you know if you can take a couple of bottles of water off with you in port?
  6. I am new to Carnival and really trying to decide if the drink package is the way to go or if we should pay out of pocket. We do like our frozen beverages and rum, vodka, tequila and beer. ... pretty much everything but wine. Having always been on the ‘free’ package with NCL, I don’t remember how much I drank in a day. We like to drink, and always seemed to have one in our hand, but we don’t drink to get drunk. I think I would like the easy ness of buying the package but ... will we save money paying out of pocket? so drinkers .... what do you do?
  7. Another great report ... can’t wait for your next one
  8. Our ship is only in port from 8:00am until 2:00pm (all aboard at 1:30) To save our family of four some money, I am not booking an excursion here. Looking for relatively cheap things to do in such a short time. Thought of taking a taxi to Sapphire Beach but even that is $80 for the four of us and I worry about time. Any thoughts?
  9. Please tell me about your experiences - did you park at a hotel for the week? Off-Site? At the parking garage right at the port? Good and bad? Worth the extra money to park directly at the port?
  10. That would be great - thank you.
  11. Yes this is what I was thinking ... one drink per bar so that it is easy (shot or whatever). I am thinking group size to be no bigger than 30 and I will definitely speak to the bar manager before hand. Thank you.
  12. I am running the pub crawl on our Breakaway cruise. I am making it a poker pub crawl. Would love to hear any suggestions from anyone who has done this before. Thanks
  13. Merry Christmas ... following along on what will be another amazing Trip report
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