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  1. Lots of info here https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Manage-Your-Booking/All-Inclusive-Packages.aspx
  2. Thanks for these comments, sailing in April with Easy...been thinking Premium is my sweet spot...for the Bride and I, sounds perfect...now to call and upgrade...
  3. Give it a shot, cooked properly, melts in your mouth. Lots of good choices at Food Republic though.
  4. Whoever mentioned picky eaters hit the nail on the head....some let one missing item ruin a meal. Substitute something else... I especially like cruise buffets for al the different choices I may not have ever heard of...
  5. Pork belly is bacon....just better. 🙂
  6. My favorite place to eat on my last Escape cruise...
  7. Agree, plus my SMALL LED flashlight blows away any phone or tablet flashlight...they have come a long way...I have a small rechargeable LED light, it’s great, holds charge a long time. Anker makes some great flashlights....among others
  8. I doubt they had the two play in games last night on...maybe some starting Thursday...
  9. It's back on Safari....I was trying to check some Airfare through Celebrity earlier..it still thinks my destination airport is wrong...cruise is definitely embarking from FLL....oh well, I'll check it next week.
  10. And just like that, Debbie Downer shows up. 😞
  11. Mine is showing no bookings too...only 1, but it's important to me. 🙂. ...so it appears the site is undergoing some construction...
  12. I am sure it’s the same...prep/cooking it makes the difference...and sometimes, steaks just vary..not an exact science.
  13. My last cruise on Escape...I had the filet in LeBistro, it was much better than the ribeye I had in Cagneys, and I usually like ribeye's much better...I think the only steak on the Bistro menu is the filet..keep that in mind. Also had some type of puff pastry seafood appetizer in LeBistro..much recommended. YMMV
  14. I rarely eat at chains...but I’ve never thought the food was outstanding on any line. I’ve had great meals, don’t get me wrong...never gone hungry either. Mainly, I’m not planning, cooking nor cleaning...that is what I enjoy. LeBistro stands on NCL to me, I will say that.
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