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  1. Thanks, we will be on carnival
  2. Thank you. Anyone attended her show. Any reviews?
  3. Anyone know who will be performing in the Piano Bar on Vista next week?
  4. What time does the terminal open and allow people to start checking in. We have FTTF and we enjoy arriving as early as possible even if it means hanging out in the terminal until boarding begins. I have heard the doors open anywhere from 9 to 11am but i'm sure there is a more exact time than that. Anyone know?
  5. I have not regretted it. On port days i may not make the 5-6 drinks to break even but i more than made up for those on sea days when i would have 10-12. If you think the cost will be "close" then get it. If you don't think you will be anywhere close, then don't. I have always taken the approach that even if i overpay by 50-100 bucks, its worth the ease of mind that i can have what i want, when i want it.
  6. Extended forecast for spring break cruise shows rain in Galveston, thunderstorms in Cozumel, and rain in Belize. Have you every had a cruise where it rained most of the time. How did it go? Did it really ruin the whole cruse? Were you able to make the best of it? Just wondering how you dealt with it. Hopefully the outlook will change but if not, looking for your previous experiences. Thanks
  7. Keep checking. Just this week I was 54 days out from our trip and all of a sudden a 3 pm some opened up
  8. I was able to get FTTF for March 17 sailing on Vista around 3:30 Central time today
  9. Any idea or rumor as to why the snorkling was canceled. We are scheduled for this excursion in March
  10. We are cruising without FTTF for the first time so we have to honor our check in time. How are check in times regulated or enforced. Galveston Terminal. Are you not allowed in building. Is there a waiting area, holding area? Is there a sign that indicates which times are ready or is it just by "the clock on the wall". If my check in time is 12:30 and i walk up there at 12:25 what happens? (generally i am habitually early but if it won't do any good then i need to be prepared for that) Since we have used FTTF in the past i never really noticed what others were doing?
  11. Cruising out of Galveston for first time coming up in march. I don't like surprises when it comes to navigation therefore my question involves exiting the terminal in the best location to get back to ParkNCruise lot. If we enter the terminal at 22nd street and drop off wife and bags, what happens after that. Is there a traffic exit at 25th street or do you proceed farther west across from 28th. IF i can exit at 25th it seems easy to simply cross harborside and make a right on new strand. If you have to go further down before exiting the terminal, its seems rather difficult to get back to ParkNCruise. It seems a left turn there would be unreasonable with the traffic. Someone give me the best route from baggage drop off to ParkNCruise on New Strand. Thanks!
  12. I am on VISTA that same week. I believe that to be a common spring break week for many states therefore my guess FTTF availability will be very limited. I have been unable to get it as well. Hopefully it will show up soon as it did for goofgal531..
  13. 3rd cruise coming up in March. Vista out of Galveston. On our prior two cruises(both on dream), we never made it to the piano bar. Tell me about the acts on Vista in the piano bar, what can I expect. What happens. Everyone says how much fun it is? fill me in
  14. 4 day cruiser out of Texas who purchase Cheers will only be charged for the price of a 3 day cruise. As was stated, Day 1 is a la carte.
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