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  1. We have taken 4 cruises with my youngest ranging from 19 months until just before 3 ( a week shy). When he was 19 months we used the pack and play and the last cruise when he was almost 3 we let him sleep in between us. The nursery was always great for him and I was happy he wasn't 3 yet b/c we were on the new navigator and he would of been in with all ages. The diaper only pool areas are really a pain, I mean I get why they do it but it is really hard to keep a stubborn toddler in the little areas when his older siblings are having fun elsewhere....I am so happy to say he is fully potty trained for our upcoming cruise in 45 days!!!!!
  2. Well this stinks bc we don’t have a very long port of call and they aren’t giving us a discount but does anyone know of resorts in another area of Cozumel we can change to thanks!
  3. We are 6 day Western on Adventure on 12/1 and our menus are on the app!
  4. if you are talking about the VP suites..go for it we stayed on one on Freedom and it was AMAZING...Full Suite benefits!!
  5. looks awesome and i would snag it in a HB for 299...have fun!
  6. The VPs are the two Ocean Panoramic Suite...1804 and 1854....full suites and sleep up to 6 with 1.5 baths...THEY ARE AMAZING!!!
  7. We are in the sailing with you and we wanted a VP for this sailing b/c we had one on Freedom last year and it was AMAZING!! When we booked all the way in August of last year the 2 VPS were gone ( so you got one:)). We are in one of the new JS so I am sure it will be ok too. My friend is doing the 8 day after us and I am jealous b/c I love the Southern ABC...I wish we could get more time off work so we could of done a B2B with her. I am really looking forward to this cruise and the ports too!
  8. Did you sign up for this martini class before you were onboard..I just went on my cruise planner for my adventure sailing in December and I don't see it. Thanks!
  9. I honestly like the freedom classes better than Oasis ( that is the only one I have been on)...I felt so crowded on Oasis like everywhere we went there was just so many people. Freedom was awesome for our kids but let me tell Navigator is my kid's favorite one!! ( I guess b/c of the slides and laser tag!)
  10. We are going to snorkel with the turtles in Georgetown. We are so looking forward to it too...but our flights have changed so we have to fly down on US Thanksgiving night which is a little bit of a bummer but makes the vacation longer!
  11. Im on the adventure sailing with you and I am nervous about this too...I am just going to give us extra time to get back to the port...but hopefully it won't be too bad...only 77 days until we set sail:)
  12. We were on Navigator in April and there were tons of kids at playmakers at night playing with the fuzz ball tables and pool tables. It was 100% family oriented with games and tons of sports on the TV..I wouldn't worry about it!
  13. Never had an emergency situation but I am sure they will get ahold of you if they need to....in the nursery you get a portable phone...with AO you don't get anything...I haven't used AO with my youngest b/c he just turned 3 since our last cruise and was just potty trained so can't help there but older kids no issue...you just have to get them out before 10pm to not incur payment...my older two LOVE AO..its one of their favorite things about cruising!!
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