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  1. I would not do it 4 adults..we book these rooms all the time for our family of 5 and they are prefect b/c its an immediate family with small kids..book two cabins near each other!
  2. ugh we are cruising out of Baltimore so this doesn't bode well for us either....
  3. I’m going to try later today..but my loft and shift is normally a ksf date when the promo is out in the beginning of December so not sure it will help you!
  4. ok so I am booked on 7 day Eastern/Perfect Day on Independence so I could switch to Symphony..if so I will get a steal!
  5. Can you lift and shift from a Kids Sail Free sailing this fall to one that isn't KSF yet but would be under normal KSF promo (the 2021 sailing isn't usually a blackout date).
  6. I am in the same boat! We have a 8 day Southeast Coast in VO scheduled on Grandeur in November. We will most likely keep it b/c it is still 6 months away but given what is going on I wanted to look at our options for Lift & Shift...well we are out of luck b/c Grandeur is being sold and Enchantment is taking her place so EOS is the only ship doing SouthEast Coast in 2021. Well we are in a VO on Grandeur and there is no VO on Enchantment (same class ship but EOS doesn't have a VO but all other's do!). It is annoying but oh well...they are really strict with Lift & Shift!
  7. Thanks that is just frustrating b/c it is the exact same room and for some reason they didn't give that room the VO distinction on Enchantment but did on every other ship in the same class!!
  8. I have looked through his post and I haven't seen this issue come up...we are sailing on grandeur in the VO this year and we are thinking about possibly lifting and shifting but the only ship that has the same itinerary is Enchantment in 2021. I would be ok on that ship no issue but the problem being is the VO on Grandeur is considered a full suite and for some reason on Enchantment it is not (on Radiance it is). I am paying a pretty steep price for it b/c we have it over Thanksgiving this year and I don't want to loose the suite benefits..before I bother my TA I wanted to see if any of you know or had the same issue! Thanks
  9. My inlaws are in Ireland ( imported my husband to the states) and they once visited us in Philly in August and they will never ever come during the summer again!!! They have cruised with us too and December is beautiful down in the Caribbean for them but I couldn't imagine them being able to handle the heat during the summer. I think Harmony will be your best bet in the Med. Good luck!!!!
  10. We are loyal to royal and have traveled in JS, VPs, VOs and Ultra Spacious OV with our family of 5 (2 adults and three kids (they are currently 10,8,4). The Ultra Spacious OV will be your cheapest bet and they are great! They have a bunk area with two bids, some even have their own little bedroom, usually a pull out sofa that can fit another 2 and then the Royal King. We also have a ultra spacious OV booked for Brilliance next year.
  11. I hope they open other ports...we are scheduled on Grandeur in November so here is hoping!
  12. We stayed in one of the UltraSpacious rooms on Deck 11 on Oasis no issues with noise!
  13. Yes, we are doing Perfect Day in 11/2020 too!!! Can't wait for it:)
  14. Thanks everyone! We are so torn. We have only done Oasis and to be honest we didn't really love the Mega ships. We love the Freedom Class ships and (Adventure/Navigator Size). I am leaning towards Allure b/c I love that it goes to both Labadee and Perfect Day. We also have thrown in Oasis which is a 4 day going to Cozumel that week...have them all on hold with our TA for the next few days while we think it through. The pluses for Freedom is we love her (one of our fave ships) and Cape Liberty is a 90 minute drive home so with three kids that is a bonus but an over night in Bermuda seems pretty lame with the kids.
  15. For may 2021...allure 6 day going to labadee, Falmouth, and perfect day. Freedom repositioning..from San Jaun to New York with a night stay over in Bermuda. both ships will be amplified. Both are within 50 dollars of each other... flights both way for allure only one way for freedom. The sailing is for me my hubby and 3 kids...11, 9, and 5 at time of sailing! thanks:)
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