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  1. We were on odyssey in August and there was a good number of kids ( my kids are 11, 8 and 5). Less than normal but still a good number. We are doing a quick 2 day on Freedom at the end of this month. My kids love Adventure Ocean!
  2. You can get an idea of what the price for 5 is in a Ultra Spacious Oceanview by doing a mock booking of 4 and looking what the price is for the 3rd and 4th guest b/c the 5th guest would be the same price but then you will have to call up to get book...but I do that all the time for my family of 5 before I contact my TA.
  3. CHOP's vaccine line says Halloween is when the shots will begin so I am holding out hope for our 12/26 sailing...our daughter turns 12 on 12/1 so no way she can be fully vaccinated unless 5-11 vaccines start early!
  4. We have stayed a the holiday inn Port of Miami and it was great! Super close and with a pool and right across teh street from an open area mall with a hard rock cafe!
  5. My hubby was going to do the 10/29 Freedom cruise solo but the price dropped so we decided to make it a family cruise (one last cruise before my daughter turns 12 in the beginning of December!). Does anyone know how they handle COVID testing for the kids? I remember reading something like cruises 5 days or longer they get covid testing the day before they disembark but I don't see that anymore. (which was true on our August sailing)...it looks like the will get tested on 2 to 3 days at home before we leave, friday before they embark and then saturday before they disembark on Sunday...seems like a lot of testing!! Not sure but I am ok with whatever royal says...we were on Odyssey in August and felt so safe with Royal's protocols! Thanks!
  6. Here is a question and I hope I don't flamed for it!!! My kids get my automatic status so they will have 4 free drinks loaded to their card...I am assuming they will have to be non-alcoholic b/c they are kids or could I take their card to order something...I know normal drink packages aren't shareable but after reading the responds to this thread people say the diamond drink vouchers are. Thanks:)
  7. Too bad I cruise on black friday but I did snag the key for 16.99 so not too bad!
  8. I was on Odyssey last week at the 1450 number and it was just the perfect number! Enough people to not feel like a ghost ship but no lines anywhere and space to social distance easily!
  9. around 2/3 days before...so I knew I was getting a rejection but was surprised when I got it on the ship!
  10. we got our reject emails around 7pm the night we sailed on Odyssey last week.
  11. I have teh same issue for our NYE cruise. My daughter turns 12 on 12/1 and our cruise is 12/26...I am hoping and praying that the vaccine roll out happens at the end of September for the 5-11 age group!!! I want to cruise on NYE!! I think they should make the policy for 12 year 6 week olds...not just a blanket 12 year old. They should take in account the actual birthday and the cruise date.
  12. Just off odyssey on saturday... You must stay with your booked excursion and follow the rules. Adventure ocean gave us 15 hours upfront and then we could add from day two on. My kids went a lot...everynight from 7-10pm and 2-5 on sea days and the Costa Maya when we stayed on. Make friends with the Adventure Ocean staff...and go right to it when you first board!!! They also allowed my 5 year old to age up to the 6-12 age group which was great b/c he got to stay with his older siblings!
  13. We had connect balconies last week and had no problem with the divider being taken out
  14. Anyone who sailed out of Fort Lauderdale and had to do covid testing with their kids.. quick question..how long did the results take and do they do a nose swab or mouth? Thanks! We sail tomorrow!!!
  15. I have hard copies printed and as well I have saved the PDF that was texted to me on the files app on my iPhone. I just want to be doubly prepared for Sunday!
  16. Go to CVS like everyone else said...booked our appt 2 weeks ago. We had the rapid antigen test done yesterday...got a call in 20 min that we were negative and text messages in an hour!! No cost too!
  17. See if you can get a CVS Rapid test...we did our this morning and got the phone call in 25 min and the report in an hour!!!
  18. Were you able to still modify it before it changed???
  19. So I cruise on Sunday...I only put one royal up for the 2 bedroom GS and it still says pending but I can modify so I am assuming it doesn't mean anything. I am getting anxious!!!
  20. I think you saw my post on FB of the screen shot and Leah just posted a screenshot of Royal saying no testing at port or during cruise too!!!
  21. Jessy....more people have confirmed that no vaccinated people only need the 3 days before one!!!! This is crazy!!!
  22. We only did it on the 2 bedroom and Im not holding my breath b/c there are only 2 on the ship and i think someone on the FB page as one of them!
  23. Awesome review!! We are on next next week. 8/22 can't come soon enough!!! (praying for negative Covid results!!)
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