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  1. We have 2 reservations and I just realized my husband forgot to complete the check-in for his cabin with my sons and now that it is only 3 days out the app won't let him complete it. Is that going to be any sort of problem at the port? Leaving from Cape Canaveral.
  2. So just to clarify, we CAN'T text each other on iphones for free? I thought I had read you could even text people back at home on an Iphone for free.
  3. My kids are actually 21, 20, and 16 but I just refer to them as "teens" as its just easier. That being said, based on the bathroom situation on the Epic, we've decided to to Mom/daughter in one room and Dad/sons in the other.
  4. We are sailing the Caribbean on the Epic next week and had a couple of quick questions as this is our first NCL cruise. Travelling with teens and we have an inside cabin and a balcony cabin nowhere near each other. 1) Is there shampoo, conditioner and/or body wash available? Hand soap? 2) Do the rooms have phones so we can call room to room? 3) We all have iPhones- can we just communicate by texting each other? We just have the free internet plan. Also, do we just keep our phones on airplane mode for the duration of the cruise even if we are at a port that has wi-fi? 4) Is there a fridge in the rooms? 5) Can you choose when to have your cabin cleaned or is it always in the morning? 6) How do we get our beds separated into two twins vs a king? Can the cabin steward do that or do we need to request in advance? Thanks!!
  5. What specific tour did you do at the Blue Hole? It seems like there are multiple companies but they all seem to show pictures at the same spot. I think I saw a video on Youtube showing that some companies only have access to certain parts of the river.
  6. Thank you so much! This is super helpful. We just booked with him yesterday. Did you just pay when you arrived? He didn’t ask for a deposit or anything.
  7. Great review and perfect timing as I had just reached out to him for our Christmas cruise. So glad to hear good things! Interesting about Scotchies as the recent reviews on Tripadvisor are pretty bad. Wonder if there is more than one. Can I ask what your picky eaters ate as my 16-year-old is ridiculously picky. Was debating asking him to stop somewhere else instead. Also, did you need water shoes for this activity? Thanks!
  8. Any idea what you paid? Wondering if it’s any cheaper to do it at the port.
  9. Yeah, 3 kids in a cabin that sleeps 2 might end in a death match with my kids! Husband & I just got off an RCL cruise and I think I walked out on the balcony once to check the weather. I don't really care where I sleep, we're never in the room anyways.
  10. Two more questions- This is a surprise trip for my kids. Based on the odd bathroom layout, I booked mom & daughter together and dad & boys together. If the kids all decide they want to stay in one room, should I call and switch that (will they even allow me to do that) or can they just stay in one room without notifying anyone? They would take the balcony room that sleeps 3. We did the GTY rooms as that was all that was left. We have one interior and one balcony. Just got our room numbers and we are on opposite ends of the ship, 3 floors apart. Anyone ever have luck getting them to change their rooms with a GTY room? Not really a big deal and I was well aware when I booked that we probably would not be near each other, but it would be nice to be a little closer.
  11. I did look at the NCL FAQ's and am in fact looking at the printout of it right now that I printed out and read before I posted. Sorry, I was still confused. And I've now learned a lot of new information by posting. Things that I hadn't even thought about. If you don't want to answer, you are welcome to scroll on by. That's what I do when I don't want to answer someone's questions.
  12. Two of my kids are great at this,my 20 year old, not so much. He loves to spend $$. If there's a free steak and an upcharge one, he'll choose the upcharge one even if they're identical. And since he's a broke college kid, he's never going to pay me back.
  13. Just thinking about this again, so if we go to a specialty restaurant only 4 of will be covered for meals. Is that correct? So we'd have to pay for one meal? Starting to feel like I should just drop this "perk" so I'm not paying gratuities on a meal we may never use.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. Just to be clear, I was not planning on allowing the 17 year old to drink, was just wondering if they could be together at night. Hoping he meets some kids his own age as well but he may just want to hang with his siblings.
  15. Thanks so much for the replies. So if he wants to go into the nightclubs, I have to sign some sort of waiver, is that correct? Do I just do it at guest services or can I do it ahead of time? Are there bars where all 3 of them could be together at night? Our RCL cruise had kids/teens in all the bars. Is there any way to put a limit on how much your kids can charge on their card? Not only for beer, but for everything?
  16. We just booked a Christmas Caribbean cruise on the Epic. We have 3 kids, ages 21, 20 and 17. We have one inside GTY cabin for me (mom) & 21 year old daughter and one balcony GTY cabin for Dad, and 2 sons (20 & 17). We just got off a couple's cruise to Europe on RCL but have never cruised on NCL. Very confused about the Free at Sea promotions. 1) Drink package. Understand it covers everything up to $15 for our 21 year old and us parents but does it include soft drinks and/or any specialty drinks for those under 21? 2) Internet package -is it 150 minutes for the entire cruise or per day? It says it applies to the 1st and 2nd person in a stateroom. Does that mean that one of my sons gets no free internet? Can only one person in the stateroom be on at a time? Does it tell you how many minutes you have left? Do you keep your phone in airplane mode to use it? 3) Dining package & reservations- Looks like inside cabin just gets 1 specialty dining and the balcony gets 2. Could we (the parents) use the second meal one night even though one of us is technically in the interior cabin? Wondering if my husband could just show his sea pass for the 2 of us? Also, can you wait in line for a specialty restaurant or are they all reservations? Do any reservations open up once on board? As you can imagine, not much left on the app at this point beside 9:30 pm. 4) When do people typically get their GTY room assignments? 5)Shore excursion credit. Is the $50 just for one person in the room or is it $50 per person? 5) What does the NCL cruise consultant do? Booked two days ago and they've called me about 5 times already. Thanks so much!
  17. We will be in Rome in 2 weeks on the Symphony of the Seas. Our port hours are 7am till 8pm. We have never been to Rome and are embarking and disembarking from Barcelona so this is our only chance on this trip to see Rome. The issue is that most tours seem to start at either 9/9:30 or around 3. We are particularly interested in a golf car tour but again, most start around 9. We did find one that starts at 10 and it's about a 5-minute walk from the train station. Any idea if this might be doable? We are in port on a Thursday if that makes a difference. If not, does anyone have any suggestions of other tours we could do that might start a bit later? We have no interest in a Royal Carribean tour and I feel like I've looked at everything on Viator. We don't want to do a Vatican tour, maybe would like to do a Colleseum Tour, but mostly just want to get an overview of the sights and then have a nice lunch and wander around a bit. Or should we just do a Rick Steves audio tour and walk around on our own?
  18. Our cruise (RC Symphony) is in port from 7am-8pm on a Thursday in October. Is it reasonable to book a golf cart tour at 10am? It's a 5 minute walk from Termini Central Station.
  19. Our cruise ship arrive at 8am and leaves at 4 on a Monday in October. Is that enough time to take the train to Soller and take the tram to Pt Soller and get back in time? Would prefer not to take a cab back due to costs. Or would we be better off just going into Palma or to a beach club if the weather is nice? It's our first cruise stop and first time in Spain so don't want to spend the whole day worried about missing the ship. Thanks!
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