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  1. knot knormal

    El Floridita or Cafe Taberna for evening entertainment?

    But has anyone been to Café Taberna?
  2. knot knormal

    El Floridita or Cafe Taberna for evening entertainment?

    We enjoyed the show but it was a little long. We had dinner there so our seats were stage front. We had drinks before on the patio and that was memorable. Cool bar!
  3. We will be in Havana until 1AM and want to see some local entertainment. We have seen the show at Hotel Nacional, want something different. Thoughts?
  4. knot knormal

    Kohunlich or Dzibanche ruins with Native Choice

    Thanks for your quick response, is Dzibanche a farther drive than Chacchobben?
  5. We will be in Costa Maya for 9 hours and we can't do both sites, so my question is which is a better experience? We have been to Chacchoben twice.
  6. Thanks everyone. We want to go to Fort Rob Hill and lighthouse, that involves a transfer each way so I was thinking a daily pass. I do remember a small kiosk exchanging money on our walk to downtown so a little difference in exchanger rate for such a small denomination is OK. With 6 ships in port and only docking from 10-6, thought this was our best adventure having been there several times.
  7. We will be in Victoria Canada in less than 3 weeks and want to take the local bus to the fort. Can I use Us dollars to purchase the all day pass?
  8. knot knormal

    Will Princess use OBC to pay for daily gratuities?

    Thanks Coral and WisCruiser2
  9. We are on Ruby Princess next month and have around $250 OBC. Can this be used for the daily gratuities?
  10. knot knormal

    Space Needle Revolving Glass Floor is opening

    Do you know when it is opening and can you up for a drink without paying an entrance fee?
  11. knot knormal

    UBER in Dublin?

    Thanks all.
  12. knot knormal

    UBER in Dublin?

    Is UBER available in Dublin? Someone on a previous cruise reported that you needed to prebook a taxi from the port to town...any ideas on how to do that?
  13. More please, we are on the July 27 sailing!
  14. knot knormal

    Show times on Brilliance

    I asked about specific times, 7 and 9, etc. Thanks Ken but the 4 day cruise doesn't match our 12 night cruise and there was no consistency in showtimes (matinee, one show only, etc). If anyone has specific times they have experienced it will help us make our dinner reservations for MTD.