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  1. I did enjoy it. I ran into some issues due to the size of it (or more specifically the number of passengers it carries) but I would absolutely sail on Symphony again. My favorite part was probably going on the Ultimate Abyss because I'm a scaredy cat and typically don't do scary things but I went on the Ultimate Abyss twice and loved it.
  2. Hi neighbor! I'm also in my 30s living in the DC area. My mom and I just got off Symphony and our plans for the ports were very similar to yours. I haven't done my review yet but if you have any last minute questions before you board I'll try to answer them for you. Enjoy Symphony!
  3. cruiser82

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    I see the circle or star when I'm on the main Royal Caribbean page but I don't see it when I go to my 'Manage Followed Content' page. Even though I'm following this thread I go to the main page to access it since I can go to the last unread post from there.
  4. cruiser82

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    Loving your review, and thank you for taking the time to post the Compasses!
  5. cruiser82

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    I'm on the 12/1 sailing too, and also from Virginia!
  6. cruiser82

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    My mom and I will be on the sailing after yours, so excited! We had an L2 on Allure and loved it, we actually really enjoyed overlooking the sports deck and we booked a Central Park balcony on Symphony because we like overlooking something besides the ocean. I'm tempted to call and see if we can upgrade but I think Suites are sold out for our cruise. Will you be able to post the Compasses? Looking forward to your review, and enjoy your cruise 🙂
  7. Great, thank you! We should have time to stop by there after our tour next month. 🙂
  8. Really enjoying your review! Do you remember where the 'I love SJ' sign is in San Juan?
  9. Hi neighbor! I used to live in Alexandria, VA but now live in Loudoun County (or as my mom would say, the middle of nowhere). Looking forward to reading the rest of the review and seeing more pictures of pizza!
  10. cruiser82

    A Symphony of thoughts

    Rebecca Minkoff maybe? The retail price of her bags is usually around that price point.
  11. cruiser82

    A Symphony of thoughts

    Thank you!
  12. cruiser82

    A Symphony of thoughts

    Great review so far! Is there a charge for the Escape Room?
  13. cruiser82

    Labadee - new Furious Flier zipline?

    So I told my mom about the new one and she doesn't want to do it lol. Apparently she's not a fan of the 'on your stomach' position. It's probably not good for my back either so we're going to do Dragon's Breath again. On the plus side, Dragon's Breath is included in the Cruise Planner sale so we'll save some money going with that one.
  14. cruiser82

    Labadee - new Furious Flier zipline?

    I just noticed this too! My mom and I have done Dragon's Breath before and were going to do it again in December, but if there is a new one we'd probably prefer to try that one. Also, my mom is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I think she'd like that this one goes headfirst (me, not so much lol).
  15. If anyone is interested, I finally got around to posting the compasses on my website and they can be found here.