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  1. I see what you did there lol yes we are taking about popcorn. Life is returning to normal.
  2. I honestly can't remember what we had on our 2/20 sailing on the Breeze. My 3 year old son was being a terror so I think I pushed it out of my memory lol 😆 I do remember the food being excellent but service lacking a little. But a great value at 15pp and we will be going back 8/1 horizon cruise.
  3. Yeah think don't folks are missing the point. People are willing to pay but not for a product that is lacking. Compare it to paying a premium in the specialty restaurant for a product that is worse then buffet. Pro tip order something similar to help the popcorn be editable. https://www.amazon.com/Kernel-Seasons-Popcorn-Seasoning-Variety/dp/B00H727M6O/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=popcorn+seasoning&qid=1627013093&rdc=1&sprefix=pop+corn+ses&sr=8-3
  4. With the reviews of the new menus and reports of them still gong to find their groove in mdr we are going to take advantage of this. 1 night in the steakhouse, jijis, Italian and one night BBQ with the other 2 nights being formal nights In the mdr. Even with the package will have to pay out for the 4th meal at guys. Not a huge savings but hey anything helps.
  5. Agreed we have gotten the lobster roll a few times on different ships and always been disappointed.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Well said. Honestly if your are really concerned that you will contradict Covid at this point cruising or traveling at all for that matter probably isn't the best choice.
  7. As mentioned before this is pretty much a mute point on Carnival. Not sure for all the speculation and a solution to something that is not a problem. Like said, if you see a child they are not vaccinated. The amount of un vaccinated adults is going to be very very low to the point it will be doubtful you will even run into them.
  8. Learn something new everyday. Look forward to checking this out.
  9. Lots and lots of salt made it tolerable lol
  10. I could say that is petty but whatever we're just happy to be cruising.
  11. So in our humble opinion nothing beats sitting under the Caribbean sky with drink in hand enjoying a movie under the stars. So I hear they are charging for popcorn now. Eh.... not ideal but oh well it is what it is. With that being said it's pretty crappy popcorn but beats a blank lol. I read that it read $3. The servings in the past were pretty small, especially with $3 price point? Any recent cruisers that can confirm the size? Price? Free refills? Thanks
  12. How was the mid level internet? We get it so we can FaceTime/Facebook messenger call home. 2018 on the horizon was great but have heard it's been slow. Glad to hear dinning service was good. How were crowds for the shows/ comedian? Have to show up very early?
  13. We booked our August 1st cruise middle of May. Would this apply to us as well?
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