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  1. Seems a bunch of cruises were taken down including quite of few Horizon sailings and a price increase. I was pretty confident that cruises in August was going to happen with how quick things have been opening up over the last month but now not so much
  2. A whole lot of relaxing in he Havana area and taking advantage of cheers!
  3. I'm with you we have been to just about every island numerous times. Going to pull the trigger on an August cruise, if we can't port will make the best of it. We had an 8 day on horizon with only 2 ports. It was the most relaxing cruise ever.
  4. Alright screw it! I'm going to book it. Little price drop again and a round trip tickets to Fl for $240 make it so I cant pass it up. At this price we are willing to deal with any changes. Looking at the room availability it really does look like the our limiting the amount of passengers.
  5. Things have started to progress pretty rapidly over the last month in a positive way. In my state and most states it seems like something is implemented and then assessed for a two week period. Then onto the next stage. I feel like if things keep trending this way, there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to put there plan in place to sail in August. But this isnt a debate about when cruises will be sailing we have enough of those already.
  6. So little update. We decided not to pull the trigger. Not right now anyway. I will say since I posted this a lot more rooms have opened up and the price has dropped a little over $100.
  7. Horizon is an awesome ship and on another level then the previous two you mentioned. Havana is a must though with the crowding issue........BUT if the ship is sailing at half full that is a huge win!
  8. You know I am of the same belief that any cruise is better then no cruise. I feel like this might be pushing the boundaries for us though.
  9. Glad you brought this up I knew I read it somewhere. I just assumed everybody jumped on board. Sad to see Carnival has not followed suit
  10. So there was talks of this in the mask thread, If these restrictions are put in place do you believe carnival will give you the option to cancel and book at a latter date?
  11. Never mind must have been a glitch in the system they are back up on the website now
  12. So the booking I was referencing to is no longer listed on Carnivals site. It seems a lot of the early August bookings have disappeared . Wonder if they decided to push things back a couple weeks.
  13. I work in a jail and those are normal daily circumstances for me, so cant say I am scared.
  14. Pretty cool you have a PvP you developed a relationship with. The pvp I spoke to yesterday was clueless lol I do have a travel agent i have been using the past 5 years I'm very happy with. 50% capacity would be awesome. But can they honestly make money like that. I have been all over the Caribbean and we never sail based on itinerary so private islands are fine with us
  15. One of the things that could impact everything the most, are they going to limit bookings and sail less then full? If this is the case limiting capacity at shows and restraunts wouldn't be that big of a concern. We don't eat at the buffet or gamble so we wouldn't be affected by those things. But yeah big roll of the dice but at the price point.....hmmm
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