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  1. To show how people can be so different, I don't wear anything like a suit on dry land but can't wait for formal nights and the chance to wear my tuxedos. I was in my element on Cunard, wearing a jacket to dinner every night.
  2. In theory no but get to know a bartender and they will give you doubles. We drink G&T before dinner and they were getting larger and larger as time went by. The same with wine at dinner, as soon as they see you drink two or more glasses then, to save time, they give you a large glass in the first place. That's my experience anyway.
  3. I'm in touch with a crew member who was on the last cruise of Britannia and he is still at home in Goa waiting for a call from the office. Maybe there will be fewer indian crew onboard. If that is so it will be a shame as our favorite waiter and bartender where from Goa.
  4. If the system works the same as Princess, you make a reservation for your first day and it asks if you want to apply that to everyday. So in your case you would only need to do it once for the cruise.
  5. in the words of Wowzz, Without wanting to sound like a mod, would it not be better if conversation about the Princess app was carried on in the Princess board?
  6. If the cruise that you "may download the app" is a Princess cruise, you will have too download the app as you can no longer check in via the website.
  7. How if booked direct or through a TA, TA will have a certain number of cabins allocated to them.
  8. Just a thought on those waiting for their state room number. When did you book? What I'm thinking is the first 1000 people have been allocated a stateroom but after that P&O are waiting to see if the 1000 passenger or 50% limit is lifted before allocating them.
  9. The expiry date has changed to the 07 December 2021 on the vaccine status on the NHS app.
  10. I don't think it will be long although it may be a case of waiting to see what, if any, restrictions are lifted on the 21st. as it seems the first cruise has about 1000 passengers.
  11. Then wait to be sued left right and centre. It seems the Moderna vaccine is being used in the lower age groups as well. My step son just had his first one.
  12. You need to check in vp, I didn't get an email. In vp go to Check in and on the first page at the top the stateroom number is there.
  13. I can picture it now, you need to change a dinner reservation but all the screens are in use by kids playing games and the app doesn't work on your phone. This is my first Princess cruise and I'm starting to think I have got this wrong, I'm not into playing games etc.
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