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  1. Really! A discussion on towels, the pandemic must be over. 🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣
  2. A few reasons to "worry". 1) If I leave it I will forget to get it sorted and there won't be time before my next cruise. 2) It does change the level I'm on. 3) Why should it not be done automatically?
  3. The excuse give was "it is due to Covid" why the points had not been added. I advise anyone who has not got their points added to use the contact form and send a note.
  4. After writing a third email, this time to Paul Ludlow and today getting a response from Simon Palethorpe! I have been awarded the loyalty points and I was also told they have very large numbers of emails at the moment.
  5. They should do the same as all cruise companies for the UK cruises, 100% vaccinated and a test when boarding. That way no one should slip through the net.
  6. Thanks Pink-belle, I thought I had read those. I'm probably going mad as I have a Celebrity soon after and having massive problems getting FCCs sorted for that.
  7. First, sorry if this has been asked before but I can't spot it. One my up and coming 4 night seacation from Southampton I thought I saw somewhere it said 0 (zero) formal nights, I think that is a shame as I love them but will make packing easier. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Well said, I totally agree.
  9. Myself and my wife may well have been in that queue when someone walked up to the front and was just about to step in a lift when everyone shouted "there is a queue" He shrugged his shoulders and said oh I didn't realise. Well the lady at the front gave him what for and asked did he think we were all standing there of the good of our health. I like you Pink have a hidden disability that means even going up one flight of stairs is out the question so how would I prove this to the lift police? We are adults and should act like it.
  10. As I have stated in the opening post 🙂, I have emailed P&O but I know (that due to Covid) itwill take over a week to get a response.
  11. I have a number of future cruises booked and the totals next to the booking add up according to the nights of the future cruises booked except 40 points are missing for the 4 night staycation cruise. I hope that makes sense. It matters to me because with the 40 points added on I'm in the next tier before my next cruise.
  12. Sorry for the delay. I have been on the cruise already and I know they are not added until after. Pink-belle and others who have been on their 3 or 4 night staycation should contact P&O to push the point (excuse the pun). I guess the excuse will be, it is delayed because of Covid.
  13. Will do. I agree I don't see why they shouldn't count, as you say we paid.
  14. I have just checked my P&O account and found the 4 night staycation cruise is listed under my past cruises but the nights don't seem to count towards the points total. Has anyone else experienced this? I have written to P&O but don't expect an answer in less that about two weeks (due to Covid).
  15. I also found the drinks menu lacking and although my favourite gin was not listed on the Crows Nest menu it was available so I suspect things will return to “normal”. I think the app is a step forward but needs work. I intend to write to P&O with a list of observations, not as a complaint but as feedback to help with further returns to sailing. If they listen who knows but I will know I tried. I hope everyone sailing in the coming weeks has as much fun as we did.
  16. Pink our cabin steward wore the same as yours but our butler worn the usual smart waistcoat and white shirt. I did find it odd that the app couldn’t be used to book entertainment but you could cancel previously booked seats. The virtual queues are a great idea and work well although an audible notification when your turn has come would be a welcome addition. Further to Pink-belle’s comment on once a day service, we were advised to put out the “Make me up” sign when leaving in the evening so they know no one is in the cabin and it is “safe” to enter. This may only apply to suites b
  17. Yes we were in a suite. I personally could not fault the service although I did feel the ship was under prepared. The two tv remotes and the safe had flat batteries and the shower head was faulty although all fixed within a couple of hours of reporting it. As for cleanliness, it was second to none. We felt very safe.
  18. Just a quick catch-up, just off the ship and we seemed have a different experience to Pink-belle. We had a shower head but it was replaced within a couple of hours. We had a turn down service (apart from one day but that was our fault). More later.
  19. @Pink-belleI apologise if I got the tone of your post incorrect but non of our issues were caused by use arriving early. Several people from our hotel were advised to get a taxi at 10:15, we all thought it was odd but took the advise. On arrival at the port the Covid test was taken straight away they we were ask to wait in an area till 11:30, no problem as we were early. At 11:20 we were instructed to take our luggage to the luggage drops. Here the officials had no idea what to do! After a few radio messages things started to move. Back to the waiting area and then called upstairs at 11:30 and
  20. Yes’s do yes free drinks including a brandy to finish.
  21. Just go to muster station as soon as you board and get boarding pass scanned then go to cabin. Simples.
  22. We were asked if we had been vaccinated but no proof shown.
  23. We arrived by taxi and the only proof we had to show was the result of the LTF. We are one or two glasses of champagne, a glass of red and a glass of white wine down and a meal and feeling very relaxed and comfortable. We highly advise a P&O staycation.🤗🥂
  24. Proof of jab and insurance was “do you have insurance?” Nothing on proof of jabs.
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