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  1. Yeah.... that's tough. Risk vs reward. I hope things work out for you.
  2. I couldn't agree more. I just could not risk my child's health so that I could resume the vacation I wanted. There are many other vacations that can be taken which are safer. I guess some people fee the risk is worth the reward.
  3. And buy some time to get a vaccination so not everyone has to get the virus.
  4. I'm immunosuppressed and I cruised only a few months after receiving an organ transplant a couple years ago. Yes, precautions have to be taken but we are not frail and can live a very full and rewarding life even though the medication suppresses our immune system. However, with COVID, we do need to be extra careful and tend to get frustrated knowing that the only true path to us enjoying any semblance or normalcy is through herd immunity. The vaccine, although approved for us and many of us have received it, is showing very questionable effectiveness. I understand people's hesitancy toward
  5. This is true for the current vaccine in patients taking immunosuppressant medications. People with arthritis and organ transplant recipients are examples. A study by Johns Hopkins showed little to no response in transplant patients taking a certain medication. Just because someone has received the vaccine and have their card does not mean they are protected. I'm sure they will find other pockets of people who do not have a strong response to the vaccine for various reasons.
  6. These posts have been an interesting read. One thing that is becoming apparent is that, given the strong exchanges I've been reading, it could be quite entertaining onboard between the two sides of the issue especially once the drinks start flowing. Grab a seat in the back and wait for the fun.
  7. I talked with a nurse at one of my dialysis appointments about it. She said that sometimes they will offer free cruises to nurses who volunteer to help run dialysis during the cruise. She said it was very well done from what she heard. I never went through with it since I received a transplant but it is definitely an option.
  8. Exactly,.... I had to re-read that paragraph since I thought I must have misunderstood who the person was. CDC says it is minimal risk but the director cautions not to do it. Crazy
  9. This has to be the best question that has ever been asked!!!
  10. This does not sound fun at all. I was considering rebooking our cancelled cruise from this past December but think I'll just get the refund now. I can see issues in trying to get reservations and even additional fees if you want to have first choice (think faster to the fun). Grabbing something to eat ad-hoc might also be an issue if they are trying to limit people in areas. Anybody know if they are considering limiting the number of passengers to make this more effective?
  11. This coronavirus is really scary stuff. I wouldn't buy and if you already have stock, I would get out now! Just trying to drive the price down so I can buy :-). I'll give you a heads up when it's a good time to buy (shortly after I do). And, for the record I am not independently wealthy so my advice is most likely the complete opposite of what you should do.
  12. Hey Jennifer, don't give up so quickly. Two years ago I was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease. My kidneys had also shut down and I was on dialysis three days a week for 4 hours each day (like yourself). During one of my treatments, I had talked to a lady that did dialysis at sea and she said it went well. Of course, that doesn't help with the cost. That's not what I came to tell you though. A little over a year ago I was given a liver transplant and, as a result, my kidneys recovered. I went on a cruise about 6 months after my transplant and have another one
  13. I have a strong allergy to shellfish and, in particular, shrimp. One evening we skipped the dining room and ate at the buffet. I got something that looked like chicken stir fry and I remember it was vaguely labeled. Ended up it had shrimp in it which I found out after already eating some. The good news is that I can say for sure they have Epi-pens in the infirmary. I would just be very careful with the buffets.
  14. Thanks.... this is exactly what I was looking for.
  15. We are doing a back to back cruise out of Fort Lauderdale and have a question about a back to back on the same ship. We were thinking to go ahead and get off the ship and do something in Fort Lauderdale (some type of excursion) between the cruises. I know they have a special procedure for those staying on the ship where you can get right back on but for those who want to get out and explore, how do you go about getting back on to the ship? Do you have to request a boarding time like the rest of the passengers or do they have another way for you to get back on without having to go into the m
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