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  1. This coronavirus is really scary stuff. I wouldn't buy and if you already have stock, I would get out now! Just trying to drive the price down so I can buy :-). I'll give you a heads up when it's a good time to buy (shortly after I do). And, for the record I am not independently wealthy so my advice is most likely the complete opposite of what you should do.
  2. Hey Jennifer, don't give up so quickly. Two years ago I was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease. My kidneys had also shut down and I was on dialysis three days a week for 4 hours each day (like yourself). During one of my treatments, I had talked to a lady that did dialysis at sea and she said it went well. Of course, that doesn't help with the cost. That's not what I came to tell you though. A little over a year ago I was given a liver transplant and, as a result, my kidneys recovered. I went on a cruise about 6 months after my transplant and have another one booked the end of this year. It has completely changed my life (for the better of course) Have you looked into a kidney transplant? It is a similar process to a liver transplant both pre and post operation. I would be happy to discuss it with you if you have any questions. It can really give you a much better quality of life and get you back to cruising. I know how dialysis is and wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
  3. I have a strong allergy to shellfish and, in particular, shrimp. One evening we skipped the dining room and ate at the buffet. I got something that looked like chicken stir fry and I remember it was vaguely labeled. Ended up it had shrimp in it which I found out after already eating some. The good news is that I can say for sure they have Epi-pens in the infirmary. I would just be very careful with the buffets.
  4. Thanks.... this is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. We are doing a back to back cruise out of Fort Lauderdale and have a question about a back to back on the same ship. We were thinking to go ahead and get off the ship and do something in Fort Lauderdale (some type of excursion) between the cruises. I know they have a special procedure for those staying on the ship where you can get right back on but for those who want to get out and explore, how do you go about getting back on to the ship? Do you have to request a boarding time like the rest of the passengers or do they have another way for you to get back on without having to go into the main terminal? Love to hear from anyone who might have done something similar.
  6. Yeah... it was a nightmare both getting on and off the ship. For the most part it was the port employees that were the problem and not Carnival. Complete chaos. We also didn't like the long drive from the airport to the port and no good places to stay close to the port with any kind of night life. Possibly it was just bad luck on our part and not enough research since it was a pretty last minute cruise but there's no way we would go back when other ports are much prettier with better access and things to do if you go in a day or two before the cruise.
  7. I'm not so much concerned about which ship but I will never sail out of Galveston. We had the absolute worst experience with that port. No ship will ever attract us to sail out of there again.
  8. Thank you.... I knew there was had to be some logic. My friend will be happy now.
  9. OK... asking for a friend! I've seen this topic around for a looooong time and I just don't get the attraction. Now, I'm not knocking it but just trying to understand the attraction of reading other people's number of days until they cruise. At first I thought it was just a way for excited people to post something but curiosity got the better of me and I looked at a couple pages. People are actually responding to other's comments. That means that people are reading it too! I'm a newb at this posting stuff so I'm just trying to figure out what's going on... for a friend of course.
  10. Kudos on the topic!!! Beautiful pics and absolutely no bickering.
  11. I've been reading some reviews of the Money Bar which mentions good snorkeling from the beach. However, when I look up some videos of the snorkeling I don't see many fish and almost no coral. We have been to Chankanaab and have snorkeled there and know what to expect. I would greatly appreciate a comparison of the two from anyone who may have been to both. Thanks in advance! Edit: to clarify, I'm interested in just the snorkeling and not a comparison of the other amenities.
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