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  1. Yeah... it was a nightmare both getting on and off the ship. For the most part it was the port employees that were the problem and not Carnival. Complete chaos. We also didn't like the long drive from the airport to the port and no good places to stay close to the port with any kind of night life. Possibly it was just bad luck on our part and not enough research since it was a pretty last minute cruise but there's no way we would go back when other ports are much prettier with better access and things to do if you go in a day or two before the cruise.
  2. I'm not so much concerned about which ship but I will never sail out of Galveston. We had the absolute worst experience with that port. No ship will ever attract us to sail out of there again.
  3. Thank you.... I knew there was had to be some logic. My friend will be happy now.
  4. OK... asking for a friend! I've seen this topic around for a looooong time and I just don't get the attraction. Now, I'm not knocking it but just trying to understand the attraction of reading other people's number of days until they cruise. At first I thought it was just a way for excited people to post something but curiosity got the better of me and I looked at a couple pages. People are actually responding to other's comments. That means that people are reading it too! I'm a newb at this posting stuff so I'm just trying to figure out what's going on... for a friend of course.
  5. Kudos on the topic!!! Beautiful pics and absolutely no bickering.
  6. Thanks... this is pretty much what I expected. We get leery when people talk about how great the snorkeling is. Like food, everyone has a different standard it seems.
  7. ajm

    Cozumel Trikes

    About how long did the excursion take? Did it leave any time to visit a beach afterwards?
  8. I've been reading some reviews of the Money Bar which mentions good snorkeling from the beach. However, when I look up some videos of the snorkeling I don't see many fish and almost no coral. We have been to Chankanaab and have snorkeled there and know what to expect. I would greatly appreciate a comparison of the two from anyone who may have been to both. Thanks in advance! Edit: to clarify, I'm interested in just the snorkeling and not a comparison of the other amenities.
  9. Thanks... I think we will do as suggested and stay at the airport.
  10. Thanks but I should say that we are getting in around 11 pm on Friday night so I would hope there isn't any rush hour traffic.
  11. We are arriving late Friday night for a cruise on a Saturday. We were thinking to just get a hotel by the airport but weren't sure about traffic on Saturday morning. Does anyone know if it would be better to get closer to the Galveston port late Friday (thinking of taking Uber) as opposed to attempting it on Saturday morning. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you all for the information. It is very helpful. I'm especially happy to hear that cruising after transplant is indeed an option. I received my transplant the end of November and everything went great. I haven't formally brought up the topic of travel yet but informally they did say it shouldn't be a problem. I still want to give it some time to reduce my immuno-suppressants. I was warned to stay away from buffets so it is interesting to hear that you were able to go to them. Maybe that is just until the meds start to reduce. Thanks again!
  13. That's great advice. Obviously I can't "travel today" but hopefully that will change soon. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks.... I will definitely look into getting travel insurance.
  15. I am looking for general information from anyone that may have gone on a cruise after a liver transplant (or any other organ transplant). I know that after the transplant, the immune system is compromised due to the anti-rejection medications so I'm particularly interested in tips on how to be in areas with so many people and still limit exposure. I'm asking this since I am currently on the transplant list and hope to get one soon. My wife has gone through a lot in helping me with all of this and she absolutely loves cruises. I'd like to be able to take her on one as a show of my gratitude. I obviously will get support/permissions from my transplant team before doing this but I also want to hear from others who may have gone through it to understand their experience as well.
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