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  1. I've seen many people bringing 1L sized bottles.
  2. We got ours pretty quickly. Hate it for those still waiting.
  3. On NCL it was watching a short video before the cruise and then checking into our station once onboard. It was glorious. Hopefully we never go back to huddling into rooms, waiting for people who are trying their best not to attend.
  4. I've always gotten to the port between 10:30-11:00, and have never waited in a long line (granted I have usually had FTTF). On the Dream out of NO, with no FTTF, we got there around 10:45 and were on the ship 15 minutes later. On the Victory out of Miami, my cruisemates didn't have FTTF for their rooms, but were on the ship less than 10 minutes after us and we got there slightly after 11:00. Twice on NCL, once out of Port Canaveral and the other out of Athens, and it was 15 minutes max waiting around 11:00. I didn't cruise before the advent of staggered boarding times, but I know my dad told me about how terrible the lines were when he went, but we've never seen it. Often it looks worse on the outside because of people that show up before their time and are forced to wait outside. All that said, no question that the afternoon is even quicker.
  5. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2803835-denied-boarding-when-2-weeks-is-not-≥-14-days/ TLDR version - Wife got Vaccine on Thursday 9/9/21 Sailing was on Thursday 9/23/21. Fully vaccinated is 14 days after vaccination, but apparently that means 14 days before sailing day, which wasn't clear. I too would have assumed he was ok. But the 48 hour/2 day question has been given way more attention because it effects everybody, and has been made clear to be based on the date only, so 12:00am Saturday and 11:59pm Saturday would be exactly the same.
  6. I always wear a pair of dress pants, usually with a button up shirt and jacket, but will usually wear a polo for the other formal night when there are 2 of them (simply I don't want to wear the same thing twice). Last time I did see one diner in shorts, but they generally draw the line with shorts and hats. Jeans don't seem to be a problem as long as worn with a polo or jacket, despite being against the rules. In the past I've seen people who showed up underdressed be offered their meals to go if they didn't want to change or directed to the Lido deck.
  7. Has to go in your checked luggage. I brought some back from Greece no problem with nothing but clothes protecting it. You could always bring a box or something that would be better suited at protecting it.
  8. I did the same, but when other people started getting approvals and I hadn't, I decided to answer the question for my younger son. We got an email of acceptance like an hour later for his exemption. It does let you change the answer later if needed. Downside is they will automatically cancel you if your exemption isn't approved, and I know on my Mardi Gras cruise November 20th, they sent a denial letter to somebody already saying they've filled their capacity (which seems surprising given you can still book the cruise) which said their cruise would be cancelled and refunded. No options for changing party or rescheduling mentioned. My 11 year old was vaccinated in the trial, but it doesn't qualify until Pfizer gets emergency authorization. I would have been pissed to get cancelled given the odds are highly likely that authorization will come before the cruise. Still glad I got the exemption just in case, but sucks that it might have been available for someone else.
  9. Unfortunately those won't be much help to the OP who depends on sweet frozen drinks. Same issue will exist at the Alchemy bar, but at least there you have a huge selection of ingredients with bartenders that know how to use them. They could make a skinny margarita by substituting Splenda for simple syrup/agave and skipping the triple sec. Just about everything else is being made with pre-made mixes or juices with high sugar content and it isn't like a margarita on the rocks or frozen is similar to the sweetness of a daquiri.
  10. I like the strategy, but the $5 minimum makes me not play it often. Really wish they had a video roulette with smaller limits like many casinos have. I suppose you could play corners on the inside to accomplish something similar while spending less, since you could cover 12 spots with just 3 chips.
  11. Just to be clear, you don't need an internet plan for the HUB app to work. I know some people get concerned about that. I've never tried it on Carnival, but my wifi-calling using Google Voice worked fine on the Norwegian Jade. I didn't try using my Cricket number while onboard.
  12. The social media plan works with facebook messenger. Video chat within it wasn't blocked as I recall, but wasn't usable because of the speed. Because of work, I've had premium service since then. Would have to be a server block as speeds can support video streaming. Probably due to people listening to music with a bluetooth speaker around the ship or loudly within their cabins is why they might block it.
  13. Go into your phone settings and set it to do wifi calling.
  14. I guess we've just missed it more often than not. We rarely skip the MDR and always do late dining.
  15. Every evening? I thought it was just one night of the cruise. I could do without it, but I could really do without the magic acts and photographer.
  16. People have been denied them. Traveling over Thanksgiving break figures to have more kids than usual, and they'll be limited to 5% (really below that to give them a margin for error). Have you filled out the exemption application online yet? https://www.carnival.com/vaccine-exemption-submission
  17. That is what I thought. I know I planned to do some laundry one time, only to discover there was no self-laundry on my cruise. I then planned to use the laundry service, but kept forgetting and ended up just not using the laundry (I do always back enough clothes, but normally only one swim suit and one set of nice clothes).
  18. I wish there seemed to be some logic to all of these incredible offers going around.
  19. Passports are government issued picture ids.
  20. No chips there ever. Maybe sometimes on the buffets (I know I've had them on NCL, but can't recall on CCL).
  21. Went on dream in 2017 and it was the best cruise we've ever been on. There were not USB ports, but that was the norm back then.
  22. They gave me OBC when I did it in 2020 (of course it didn't end up mattering as the cruise was eventually cancelled). It was super easy.
  23. Cloud 9 Spa Features Hours: 8:00am-10:00pm 2 Saunas (men/women) Ships: All twelve ships https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1167/~/cloud-9-spa I know Mardi Gras has the Salt Therapy Sauna that is co-ed, but Carnival definitely makes it seem like there should also be 2 regular saunas.
  24. Maybe? The locker room seems to be outside the Thermal Suite, and it says there is a his and hers sauna on all 12 ships with a Cloud 9 Spa. So to me that would indicate that a sauna is indeed in there.
  25. My drinks never make it 5 minutes.
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