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  1. I saw this post after I’m home, and I agree! Here it is:
  2. We, too were on the Spirit, but only to Bermuda. Work (and college for my daughter), prevented us from staying on. Unfortunately the constant rocking got to both my daughter and myself, so we spent an hour in the spa, as side-by-side pin cushions (acupuncture). It worked better than the Meclizine, but I now know that I don’t have the constitution for a crossing. Still, I miss the ship and friends we met. If you see a lovely couple named Kit and Harry, tell them I said hello. It’s nice to be able to follow you for the rest of the journey. Looking forward to more posts. P.S. if you have dinner in Sieshein, make sure you have the signature cocktail, served in the “Medusa” martini glass. — Anne
  3. JP, I meant to reply to you in my previous post! Last year’s cruise was my first cruise in 30 something years and I was so excited that I kept coming back to the SS boards. The week long Caribbean cruise on the Wind was amazing and we signed up for a Mediterranean cruise for this coming May to celebrate our daughter’s 21st birthday. Unfortunately Silversea cancelled the cruise. They offered an additional percentage off as a consolation if we booked another cruise but there was nothing that fit our schedules. I was about to give up when I saw that we could take the first leg of this TA crossing and spend a few days in Bermuda before having to get back (school for her, work for us). None of of us had been particularly excited since we were all looking forward to the Mediterranean for a much longer cruise. Hence not being on the boards much. But yesterday when we were out getting cruisewear the excitement hit us!
  4. Oh my gosh thank you everyone! I LOVE the photos! She loves macarons too. Terry, one of those desserts looks like is has a macaron as an element to it. Yesterday we went shopping for cruisewear for her. I saw our trip has a tea at a hotel in Hamilton and she bought a very pretty Victorian style dress to wear. We’re re getting very excited!
  5. My soon-to-be 21 year old daughter is embarking with us on the Spirit in a couple of days and asked me if there is cheesecake or gelato available on the cruise. This girl loves her desserts. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen reviews that mentioned both desserts but can anyone confirm? It doesn’t really matter one way or another, but we’re getting excited about this cruise and visualizing sitting after dinner and enjoying a piece of cheesecake or bowl of gelato will contribute to the excitement.
  6. I’m so glad you took the stroll to Shell Beach. We meant to go last April while we were there, but got caught up poking into the shops in town and forgot! Love all the pics. And what a sweet little boy! You all seem to be really enjoying yourselves. Nothing but smiles on every face in your pictures. It’s getting me excited for our trip!
  7. I’m so looking forward to hearing/seeing more! We’ll be on our 2nd Silversea cruise first week of April on the Spirit with our 20 year old daughter. We enjoyed our first cruise on the Wind so much last April that we booked this one. It’ll be her first cruise (way to spoil a kid, huh?) Happy Birthday! Wishing you nothing but happiness and wonderful memories in the making!
  8. Thank you for all the answers. I only just filled out the My Silversea forms about a week or two ago. Is it possible that we missed... er... the boat? (sorry for the pun!) We’re about 80 days out from sailing.
  9. I’ve forgotten about when our Silver box arrived before our previous trip. We’re using a different TA now and I want to make sure we get it. Would someone be so kind as to remind me how much time before the cruise it’s generally sent, please? Also, we’re wondering if our favorite waiter from the last trip might be on the Spirit in April when we sail. Has anyone seen Murat? Thanks!
  10. My husband and I were watching YouTube in anticipation of our first Silversea trip when we came upon a couple of videos highlighting Silversea’s New Zealand sub Antarctic trip. I’ve looked, but don’t see this trip offered on Silversea’s website. Does anyone know what happened with this trip? Have they stopped offering it? It looked like an amazing cruise.
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