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  1. I would suggest rehab or a trip to the Betty Ford Clinic...kidding; sailed Royal and Carnival and always wondered how Carnival came up with 15 drinks? Would have loved to be in the pitch meeting - I would have suggested 20, someone else 10; 15 it is! Royal is like who the heck cares most people pass out after 5 or 6....heck, raise the price of a beer to 10 bucks (which they have) and they will all get the unlimited drink package! But you get (mediocre) specialty coffee and Mountain Dew, Orange Crush all ya can swallow too....makes my head hurt just thinking about it...cheers.
  2. Do not listen to any of this drivel; you need a B1/ B2 visa period....
  3. ESTA is basically a "visa waiver"; if you overstay it you risk getting flagged/banned for an extended period of time for future USA entry. Get a regular tourist visa which can easily be good for 6 months at least (date will be on the I-94 form).
  4. Great review. We were on 4 night Mariner a week and a half ago and echo many of your points. The "pay" low cost food venues were empty; never saw anyone in Johnny Rockets (the last time I was in a Johnny Rockets was in Dublin, Ireland in 2002; the concept is tired to say the least), Playmakers was a nice bar with great service but I never saw anyone ordering food ($); always had three bartenders there at your disposal. Mariner has the free hot dog/brats on pool deck; actually was pretty good. Same thing at Port Canaveral no lines at check in just find a rep (they will find you actually) with a wireless tablet and keep walking; car to room in 15 minutes (we arrived at 1245 on purpose). CoCo Cay as you said is the new standard and best private island of any line, finally a decent burger at the Snack Shack; Royal got this right on the money. Cheers....
  5. We were there last Thursday; it is likely the best private island by far of any line. The place has everything you could want and more than enough chairs/umbrellas/drinks everywhere/food everywhere; pay for the water park and other stuff or not, makes no difference, Your nuts if you stay on the ship. As far as cabanas who cares? Buy it or not it's your money and the market will dictate price. Just wait until December when the new beach club opens (saw the construction equipment/fences). Can't wait for people to howl about those prices and then immediately pay to go...
  6. Always wonderful reviews best of CC. I too have done the gas hose step-over move; never again. One of my Harley riding friends had the same ankle injury you have (about ten years ago); here's how he did his: He decided it would be a good idea (do not do this past 40) to roller blade with his kids and put one roller blade on his right foot and then stood up and lifted his left foot in the air to attempt to put on the left one; bad idea. Well his right foot collapsed and separated his ankle from his leg just like yours. I had never heard of this injury before this you have my sympathy. Be patient it is a long recovery but you will be as good as new!
  7. Correct, if you have an outstanding warrant you will likely not get flagged until you return; so enjoy your vacation and then get handcuffed upon return.....A little technical but if where you are wanted will not extradite (pay to get you back to their jurisdiction) they will let you go!
  8. Check Youtube some very recent visitors have posted great videos and really give a wonderful tour of the island, to include food, maps, activities, etc....
  9. Park N' Fly lets you lock your car and take your keys something I like; great service that will drop you off and pick you up right in front of terminal (plus the shuttle pulls right up to your trunk). Park N' Go sometimes makes you leave your keys because they get busy and need to move cars around, but they still are a good value/great company. At Port Everglades you may leave from one terminal and come back to another which means you will have to park at the Mid Port garage and take a shuttle (yuck). There is a free app at the app store for Port Everglades (Cruise Schedule Port Everglades; unofficial app for Port) that lists all ships/embarks/debarks/locations....
  10. Just cancel and get your $$ back trip is not until next March...find another itinerary you like
  11. Self carry off you can easily make it; MCO is 45-50 minutes from the port. You can be off the ship by 730-800 am and at the airport by 9 am. Why sit around all day!
  12. Very nice write up and review! Agree with you takes on the Cheers package and I like your style flying in day of cruise...BTW you were fine with 3 bottles of liquor, the limits on what you can bring in can be claimed/spread out among several adults in your party/family.
  13. Sounds to me like free advertising for Carnival. All their going to pay for is the base fare and maybe port charges, taxes, likely inside cabin; big deal! For two people, 4 day cruise that's a what, 500-750 value? The audience was mostly women; I picture dozens of husbands that night adding up the thousands this "free cruise", likely on one of Carnival's 20 plus year old rust buckets, is going to cost me! No thanks....
  14. Yup "free" 4 day cruise. Which will be considered income in the eyes of the IRS and has to be reported; just ask the folks that got the "free" cars from "The Oprah" years ago - they had to pay income tax on the value, tax to the State to register it etc. Guessing not paying for the airfare (only 4 day Carnival cruises from Florida ports, right? plus usually on the older ships); taxis, hotels, excursions, bar tab, tips et al.......ain't no such thing as a free lunch!
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