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  1. Me too. I want an aft balcony as close the middle as possible and I book stupid early so I can get it. I never accept move overs. If I wanted a cheaper room I would have accepted it. For cruisers who aren't so picky though, it can be lucrative. I have a friend who ended up with 3 sailings for the price of one because she was willing to downgrade to an inside cabin.
  2. You just have to wonder why you would spend so much energy organizing and tracking quiz answers just to feel superior to a bunch of people on vacation. Surely they could be sunbathing or something
  3. As a Star Wars Fanatic I was so disappointed when I found out that Skywalker was just named that because the windows make you feel like you are walking in the sky. I was hoping for light sabers.
  4. Between y Between you and I, I'm always grateful when my travelers book direct with the airline. Unless you are bundling with a cruise the price is usually better.
  5. Actually, the airlines DO NOT give TA's commission. In fact, we are charged up to $39 per ticket to make the reservation for you. (charged by the booking system) If you are not being charged by your TA for making those airline reservations it is because they want to do a great service for you. They are paying $39 out of pocket to keep you happy. You might be paying the fee without knowing it, because your agent might just be quoting you the Centrav price that includes the fee. I waive the Centrav fee when I am booking for a good client because I want them feel well taken care of. In answer to the original question, yes, the first TA would lose the commission. My personal opinion is that it is incredibly unethical and frankly crappy behavior to try and steal a booking from another TA. We don't actually get paid giant commissions. After overheads like insurance, paying for our website, rent, a phone line, gifts for our travelers etc. last year I netted 5% of my sales. If someone convinced one of my travelers to book with them I would be gutted. Not just because I would lose the commission I was counting on, but because I work hard for my travelers and I want them to be happy. This whole thread has been kinda rough on TA's. We love planning travel for you and we are passionate about you having the time of your lives. Our success literally depends on you being thrilled with your experience so we go out of our way to make sure you are having fun and not worrying about the details.
  6. Not on purpose, but often while watching the ocean with a good glass of whiskey. I don't recommend it
  7. You don't have to "present" it really. It is RF. It has a signal. It doesn't have to be scanned like a card. It can be read right through your clothes. My husband almost never took his out of his pocket. I think you may have to physically tap it for the shops, I only bought one thing, the jewelry for the medallion, and I can't remember if there was a way to scan it without taping it.
  8. That is what she was using, yes. I ordered them for my family but I can't say yet whether they fit because I haven't received my medallions. It worked for her
  9. And then I arrived to a fully stocked mini bar and had them take it away! I cant believe I did that!! I'm so glad this thread came up!
  10. But the answer wouldnt provide him with what princess means and frankly Princess" version and the internet's version are not the same. Can you imagine the poor op's disappointment if they thought they were getting a heavenly sandwich and they got a cold game and cheese? I dont agree that Google should be a persons first go to. I think community is awesome and it provides a wealth of information Google never could. You are under no obligation to read any post. If you think it's a silly question, you dont have to answer it. You just decided to shame someone for not doing it your way. Why? What weird superiority complex do you that you think you have to tell the OP they are wrong for asking the question and the rest of us are wrong for enjoying this post. A lot of us are super glad they asked!
  11. I just have to ask, if they didn't give you a note would you have even known the water was off between midnight and 3, possibly 6 am? Why? Why are you complaining about them fixing something? Should they have left it broken? Maybe done it smack dab in the middle of the day? What? What on earth could have made you happy in this situation
  12. Cruisetheworld67 is trying to derail the conversation by talking about a confusing industry rating system. On order to better match travelers to the best vacation cruiseline are divided in to economy/contemporary, premium (which Holland is sorted in to) and Luxury. Cruisetheworld is hoping to make me look incompetent by saying that I am sorting Holland in to the luxury cruise category. I'm pretty sure all he did was confuse people who arent aware of that category system. I think it's pretty clear I think that Holland is affordable and luxurious, on account of that is what I actually said.
  13. I didnt say it was luxury class. I said it had classic luxury. I sleep on "luxury cotton" sheets. That doesn't mean my bed is a cruise ship. I have a 100% return client record, so I dont think I have misled any of my clients. I didn't say I sold my clients Holland as a "luxury" ship. Holland isnt right for everyone. After experiencing all the cruiselines including Paul Gauguin, Cunard, Crystal and other Luxury brands, my go to is Holland. It is MY favorite cruise line It could be that Holland is a terrible cruiseline and really going down hill. It also could be that somehow this board attracts the crankiest of individuals on all of Cruise Critic.
  14. My daughter in-love uses a wheelchair and tendering is super difficult for her. I would LOVE for her to have easier access. I hope they do build a pier.
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